14 Best Free Sales Activity Tracker Templates & Spreadsheets

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14 Best Free Sales Activity Tracker Templates & Spreadsheets

Calendars, planners, to-discontinue lists: these are spirited just among the tools we spend to prevent on top of our day-to-day activities.

But, how will you stop on top of your gross sales activities? Happily, there are gross sales philosophize trackers that mean you might well per chance well well presumably out.

A gross sales philosophize tracker helps salespeople tackle issues admire contacts, deals, quotas. Whereas you happen to are a gross sales leader, it be predominant to search out out the key metrics your gross sales workers will be evaluated on. From there, you might well per chance well well presumably reverse engineer your gross sales job to jam gross sales targets. Then, display screen efficiency the spend of gross sales philosophize tracking tools.

The spend of a tracking spreadsheet or template makes it easy to own all of the working out you own to determine in one enlighten. Plus, they’ll even be aged to rapid title developments and any corrections that can own to be made. And in mumble that they’ll even be aged in one-on-ones and workers meetings to determine efficiency.

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Excel Gross sales Monitoring Templates

Listed below are the one spreadsheets, templates, and tools to permit you to music your gross sales philosophize, display screen the effectiveness of your workers, and develop data-pushed choices to your industry.

1. Gross sales Lead Monitoring Spreadsheet

This template is customized in direction of product-based mostly companies. If your organization fits that bill, it gives a simplified methodology to music your gross sales targets. The spend of your gross sales funds, the spreadsheet forecasts gross sales based totally on price per unit and can also music which items develop up what share of full gross sales.

excel sales tracking template: sales lead tracker

2. Weekly Gross sales Monitoring Spreadsheet

With at hand columns that correspond to tasks and movement items, this gross sales philosophize document lets reps retain music of their activities every week — offering a reference level for them to conception whether they’re keeping bound with administration’s targets and expectations.

excel sales tracking template: weekly sales tracking

3. SLA Calculator Template

Alignment between marketing and gross sales groups is a topic, on the different hand it doesn’t can own to be. Wouldn’t or now not it be gargantuan if marketers were producing all of the honest leads, the gross sales workers closed all of them, and each groups agreed on what a suited lead was as soon as?

This template calculates and tracks targets based totally on marketing leads, displays the efficiency of assorted lead targets, and can enhance transparency between the two groups to motivate higher alignment.

excel sales tracking template: marketing sales sla template

4. Gross sales Tracker Spreadsheet

Preserve music of revenue generated from deals closed with this gross sales tracking spreadsheet. The spend of the different of products provided, this spreadsheet produces a revenue breakdown derivative in an easy-to-read graph scrutinize. At a conception, gross sales managers can rapid assess the workers’s growth in direction of revenue targets, and reps can pinpoint immense wins and areas for improvement.

excel sales tracking template: sales tracker spreadsheet

5. Leads Gross sales Monitoring Spreadsheet

If your gross sales group doesn’t spend a CRM , it will even be a topic to keep up music of your leads. Entering this data doesn’t own to make a choice a truly lengthy time if you happen to own an huge lead tracker.

One of the most key advantages of this lead tracker is that you might well per chance well well presumably retain the historical data you’ll be adding to it when your industry is prepared for a CRM. Merely export it as a CSV and import it without lengthen into the serene platform.

excel sales tracking template: leads sales tracking

6. Gross sales Funnel Spreadsheet

Whereas you happen to are a key stakeholder for your group, it helps to own a macro scrutinize of your gross sales workers’s activities, in particular with regard to what’s on the 2nd transferring during the funnel. This tracking spreadsheet breaks down the different of deals in every stage so that you might well per chance well well presumably visualize the growth and opportunities within the gross sales workers.

excel sales tracking template: sales funnel tracking

7. Gross sales Pipeline Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet can work in tandem with the gross sales trackers listed here. By tracking the gross sales pipeline, you’ll own a birds-eye-scrutinize of the smartly being, revenue, and bottlenecks that are affecting the shut price of your gross sales workers.

excel sales tracking template: sales pipeline sales tracking

8. Gross sales Forecasting Spreadsheet

Predicament obvious targets and music your growth in direction of them with a gross sales forecasting template admire this one. Not like some templates that music by quarter, this spreadsheet keeps music of your targets over the course of your complete three hundred and sixty five days.

excel sales tracking template: sales forecasting sales activity

9. Gross sales Represent Spreadsheet

Each gross sales leaders and reps can earn lots out of this template. It gives stakeholders a structured methodology to realise which customers were closed and the revenue generated by the deal. The irregular part of this template is your skill to evaluate the projected revenue to accurate revenue so you and your workers can higher forecast your gross sales.

excel sales tracking template: sales report sales tracking

10. Gross sales Data Tracker

A gross sales data tracker is a easy, yet efficient methodology to visualize your gross sales data. With a gross sales name planner you might well per chance well well presumably motivate your workers music and tackle your outreach activities and their performances. Spend this gross sales name planner digitally. It’s possible you’ll per chance well moreover reserve it to your tablet and spend it whiteboard-model by filling within the working out with a stylus sooner than every name.

excel sales tracking template: sales data tracker

11. Gross sales Process and Buyer Tracker

HubSpot created an huge gross sales lead follow-up tracker or CRM (customer relationship administration) tracker to motivate your organization retain music of how they work on the side of possibilities who elevate the products and companies or products. You’ll own a enlighten for assembly notes, names and titles, in addition to proposed alternate strategies you’ll favor to bring up for your next name.

excel sales tracking template: sales activity and customer tracker

12. Buyer Retention Tracker

You wish this template if you happen to own several client relationships to retain watch over straight away. This template also helps make enhancements and opportunities for customer retention. It’s possible you’ll per chance well without concerns add this spreadsheet as a tab in a higher workbook that tracks accounts from result in shut.

excel sales tracking template: customer retention tracker

Gross sales Monitoring Templates

1. HubSpot Gross sales Dashboard

This is now not for all time in point of fact in point of fact a spreadsheet or a template, nevertheless you might well per chance well well presumably also earn free interactive dashboards for gross sales philosophize the spend of HubSpot CRM and Gross sales Hub. With this tool, you might well per chance well well presumably music your pipeline the spend of more than just a few metrics and tackle the facts for clear deal forecasting.

excel sales tracking template: hubspot sales dashboard

2. HubSpot Gross sales Forecasting Template

This forecasting template lets you conception the stage a deal is in to calculate the chance of a successful shut. It can per chance well well also moreover spend that pick to calculate future pipeline numbers so you’re by no methodology left with an empty funnel. On top of that, this template comes with varied critical gross sales templates and checklists in a at hand gross sales productivity bundle.

excel sales tracking template: Hubspot sales forecast template

Fill Natty Resolution with a Gross sales Process Tracker

The spend of a gross sales philosophize tracker can present you with the rotund image of your gross sales workers’s efficiency with regard to productivity, shut rates, and projected revenue. Having your finger on the center beat of these numbers methodology you’ll develop more knowledgeable choices more rapid. Whether you are a gross sales obtain, a gross sales supervisor, or increased up, you’ll bag the working out you own to discontinue your only work in a gross sales philosophize tracker.

Editor’s trace: This submit was as soon as at the birth published in September 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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