How to Be in Demand Globally with Digital Skills

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How to Be in Demand Globally with Digital Skills

Would you like to be in demand globally today? There are tons of digital skills you can acquire for free that will boost your chances of getting jobs anywhere in the world.

DigiGirls training program is empowering women in Nigeria with  free digital skills you can join now. 

What is DigiGirls about?

DigiGirls is a training program organised by Cybersafe Foundation with the funding of the Foreign Development and Commonwealth Office. 

This program is set to Improve the socio-economic well-being of 2000 girls and women (15-40 years old) living in underserved communities in Nigeria, by empowering them with employable digital skills through intensive training, mentorship, internship/job placement or entrepreneurship opportunities.

During the duration of this training, you will be exposed to computing and cybersecurity fundamentals, digital entrepreneurship skills and upon choosing a desired career path, will be taken through an appropriate learning path to get hands-on skills, mentorship, and get internship/job shadowing opportunities.

How to Participate in DigiGirls Training?

These are ways to learning free digital skills through the Digigirls program:

  • Pre-recorded Videos (Google Classroom)
  • Live Interactive Sessions
  • Additional Resources

DigiGirls Learning Modules?

  • Basic digital literacy
  • Digital Skills and Entrepreneurship Skills 
  • Cybersecurity awareness
  • Specialised Intermediate digital skill

How Will the Training Benefit You?

At the end of the Training, you should expect to:

  • Acquire top digital skills in any of the 5 specializations.
  • Meet and learn from experienced industry experts 
  • Acquire completion certificates to serve as the first proof of proficiency in the learned skill
  • Develop market-relevant digital skills and able to deploy same to thrive in today’s digital economy
  • Be exposed to vital soft skills, employability, and entrepreneurship training that will combine to increase your employability and work readiness.

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