20 Best ‘Meet the Team’ Pages We’ve Ever Seen

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20 Best ‘Meet the Team’ Pages We’ve Ever Seen


To a prospect seeking out a brand fresh carrier provider, the route of will also be a little overwhelming. It’s easy to wonder: Who are the real of us within the inspire of the total smoke and mirrors?

Adding a “Meet the Crew” web page or piece to your web sites is a truly easy, nice choice to present your alternate an accessible face. As surely one of your most indispensable pages, it affords possibilities a thought of who exactly they’ll be working with, and reveals capacity workers that you are joyful with the of us in your personnel.

For some inspiration, survey how these corporations introduce company to their most indispensable ingenious resources: their of us.

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Inventive ‘Meet the Crew’ Pages

  1. Yokel Native
  2. Philly Reps
  3. Digital Marmalade
  4. CloudHorizon
  5. Bolden
  6. Rock Kitchen Harris
  7. FCINQ
  8. Zulu Alpha Kilo
  9. Stink Studios
  10. CRUX
  11. Drexler
  12. Matchstic
  13. Atlassian
  14. Heart Inventive
  15. LiveChat
  16. Etsy
  17. UWG
  18. The Correspondent
  19. Bluleadz
  20. Media Junction

Wintry ‘Meet the Crew’ Pages

1. Yokel Native

Yokel Native is a HubSpot Company Companion that positions itself as an extension of its buyers’ advertising teams. For that motive, this agency showcases its personnel to focus on the opposite folks within the inspire of the logo.

What’s aesthetic about this particular web page is the simplicity: The grid gain affords a fashioned feel, and clicking on a face opens a field with more recordsdata about the personnel member, including their bio, credentials, and social profiles.

Why this works: Yokel Native doesn’t creep overboard with its “Meet the Crew” web page, and it doesn’t desire to — all the pieces capacity buyers desire to know is offered in a orderly grid structure. This sort, it’s definite who’s within the inspire of the agency.

meet the team page: yokel local example

2. Philly Reps

As a difference to more elaborate designs we’ll survey later in this checklist, Philly Reps is one other agency that takes a cleaner, more minimal choice to its personnel web page. People are offered in grayscale photography that occupy the huge majority of show veil veil sigh for a positive consistent watch and feel.

Under photography are transient descriptions of every member. Stare how Philly Reps has made every description roughly the the same size to retain balance and alignment between grid substances. Most received’t survey this detail, but it ends up in a web page with maximum readability.

Why this works: Huge grayscale headshots of personnel participants bring character and character to the logo while affirming visible consistency.

meet the team page: philly reps example

3. Digital Marmalade

Since most worker bios read plenty tackle an inventory of stats (“10 years within the alternate … 4 years on the firm … Managed 80 web sites redesign initiatives … “) the of us at Digital Marmalade made up our minds to hold a little fun with the structure.

Each worker on the London-basically basically based advertising agency has a trading card-vogue profile detailing their real advertising accomplishments and personal facts, as effectively as their fictional superhero talents. It’s a quirky twist that affords company a colourful snapshot of the agency’s personnel, highlighting both their impressive abilities and smartly-behaved culture.

Why this works: Digital Marmalade balances its reveal of technical proficiency and fun with worker stats that checklist both talents and “superpowers.” Moreover, headshots are all similar in composition and background.

meet the team page: digital marmalade example

4. CloudHorizon

CloudHorizon is a mobile product pattern firm. On its about web page, it says, “About a of the more rewarding initiatives now we hold had the appreciate to fret with, started with straightforward solutions and grew a hit corporations from the floor up.”

With this in solutions, CloudHorizon’s “Meet our personnel” piece is a ideal capacity for instance that thought. Even as you occur to dart over an image of a personnel member, their thumbnail flips to reveal a describe from their childhood with a little caption of what they wished to be after they grew up.

Why this works: This artful thought highlights both the diversity of backgrounds that the CloudHorizon personnel brings, as effectively as the uniqueness of every member. It additionally affords a form of smartly-behaved nostalgia to fresh company.

meet the team page: cloud horizon example

5. Bolden

Bolden’s personnel bios are more primitive than about a of the others on this checklist, but what they lack in invention they compose up for fashioned.

Hovering over every personnel member’s image produces a darker various nearly tackle an image negative, revealing the worker’s name in conjunction with an outfit change. Right here’s a helpful instance of a minimal, accessible “Meet the Crew” web page that manages to hold a study cold and introduce the faces within the inspire of the agency with out going over the atomize.

Why this works: Bolden implements a refined but queer and nice dart fabricate for its personnel member playing cards for some additional visible flair. As a digital gain agency, these little moments reveal capability.

meet the team page: bolden example

6. Rock Kitchen Harris

Rock Kitchen Harris, a corpulent-carrier agency, made up our minds to skip the photos altogether and showcase the sketch versions of their workers as an various.

Each worker on the English agency had a customized cartoon drawn up, and each one has a special character. While some workers opted for representations harking inspire to LinkedIn profile photographs, others received a little ingenious with it, dressing their sketch selves up as Ewoks and other characters. Workers can additionally be with out problems filtered by arena of abilities.

Why this works: The varied to compose renderings of every worker brings relatively so much of character and character to this agency’s web sites. Plus, it affords the likelihood for workers to hold rather of additional fun as effectively.

meet the team page: rock kitchen harris example


FCINQ, a ingenious studio, introduces us to their personnel with a collage of colourful bubbles.

Hovering over an worker’s circle produces a zoomed-in fabricate, and clicking expands their headshot with their name and social profiles. The splashy setup is a stylish various to the expected rows of personnel photos and names.

Why this works: FCINQ’s personnel piece is a positive departure from the conventional grid structure while staying intuitive and informative.

meet the team page: fcinq example

8. Zulu Alpha Kilo

This Canadian agency affords its founding personnel with refreshing comedic flair. While many agency leaders purchase to signify themselves with stoic alternate portraits, the three leaders of Zulu Alpha Kilo opted for sportive photos and cheeky bios.

Right here’s an excerpt from the bio of Marcus Alpha — the agency’s “Ultra Chief Inventive Director Officer”:

Marcus has a reputation for pushing his ingenious teams additional than any other ingenious director. He makes them work expressionless nights, weekends and thru holidays in pursuit of that one if truth be told breakthrough ingenious thought. And after they’ve sooner or later cracked it after weeks of grueling and thankless work, Marcus will triumphantly stand in entrance of the client and fresh it as a thought he had within the shower that morning as an various.

Why this works: Zulu Alpha Kilo leverages humor with its portraits and textual pronounce pronounce to scheme capacity buyers seeking a accomplice on the quirky aspect.

meet the team page: zulu alpha kilo example

9. Stink Studios

We tackle this expertly coloration-coordinated slideshow of personnel participants from Stink Studios. This ingenious agency has offices in five indispensable cities all the strategy thru the enviornment — including Fresh York, Paris, and Berlin — but having a personable “Meet the Crew” piece helps give their alternate an accessible edge. They keep now no longer call themselves “a world firm with a native feel” for nothing.

Why this works: The broken grid structure of this web sites’s personnel web page is colourful, nice looking, orderly, and a splash sportive as effectively.

meet the team page: stink studios example

10. CRUX

The video experts on the agency CRUX hold crafted a if truth be told spell binding web sites that makes improbable utilize of their medium. The total web sites is offered as a “video” internal an editing program; company can “play” the video by scrolling or thru the timeline on the bottom of the show veil veil.

Even as you occur to reach the “About” piece, every personnel member drifts into level of curiosity alongside a funny description. This web sites is in difference to the leisure we’ve considered earlier than and establishes this personnel as queer, daring thinkers and creators.

Why this works: CRUX takes a one-of-a-form choice to its personnel web page (and its complete web sites) that cleverly combines visible aspects of a arena with those of a video editing program.

meet the team page: crux example

11. Drexler

As surely one of the more artsy entries in this checklist, this “Meet the Crew” piece from Drexler is proof that you do no longer desire a entire web page dedicated to introducing your workers — gorgeous a section can fabricate the trick.

This straightforward but polished personnel member marquee appears down the homepage and performs with scrolling to reveal every personnel member’s portrait. The “fingers-on” portrait dazzling is for certain queer as effectively, making a homepage that handiest this personnel might perhaps maybe perhaps well accept as true with up.

Why this works: Drexler utilizes scrolling to fresh personnel photos in a scanning pattern, full with queer but spell binding portraits.

meet the team page: drexler example

12. Matchstic

As a branding agency, Matchstic is conscious of the importance of identity, creativity, and individuality. Not handiest does its “Who We Are” piece present that identity by highlighting the human ingredient of their impress, but it additionally reveals their ingenious aspect. Even as you occur to dart over every thumbnail, a goofy illustration is overlaid onto the describe.

Apart from, the customized cursor, which handiest reveals up on the About web page, is a real callback to the Matchstic impress, implying a kinetic energy that starts with the lighting fixtures of a match.

Why this works: Matchstic applies a sketch-vogue dart fabricate to its worker portraits, implying fun, creativeness, and creativity within the inspire of the in any other case easy profiles. The customized cursor is an additional, appetizing touch.

meet the team page: matchstic example

13. Atlassian

Atlassian, a firm within the inspire of relatively so much of the utility solutions former in corporations worldwide, highlights photos of their personnel on their “of us” web page, interacting on the office and fascinating at work.

Under, they showcase their leadership personnel with colourful headshots that gain away of colourful background containers, equal to Matchstic. Even as you occur to dart over, vector graphics seem referring to to the actual person’s queer role.

Apart from, a popup appears on click on with social icons and a bio. What’s significantly attention-grabbing is the selection to download their headshot, some additional utility for media experts.

Why this works: Atlassian’s of us web page is both fantastic and quirky, with life like aspects tackle bios, social media links, and an choice to download headshots.

meet the team page: atlassian example

14. Heart Inventive

Heart Inventive affords its personnel participants on its “about us” web page, and hovering the cursor over portraits shows some additional character within the inspire of every worker. Given the agency focuses on culinary endeavors, these alternate photos are on the total food-related.

For some added navigational ease, users can form playing cards by personnel. Deciding on an option from the dropdown will reveal the relevant participants. You hold the selection to creep to every particular person’s LinkedIn profile as effectively.

Why this works: Heart Inventive lends a splash of fun to its “Meet the Crew” piece by displaying various portraits on mouseover. Each personnel member reveals off what they tackle, which puts some additional character within the inspire of the logo.

meet the team page: heart creative example

15. LiveChat

LiveChat, an AI customer carrier and chatbot resolution, approached their personnel web page in a truly different method. As a substitute of gorgeous itemizing out every personnel member’s roles and abilities, they created a describe for every personnel member that illustrates who they are in a conceptual, fun, and metaphorical method. Given the scale of the firm, this became once relatively the endeavor.

LiveChat’s method is extremely nice for showcasing the uniqueness of their personnel, and it compels the web sites customer to purchase the personnel to hold a study at every image and browse every bio. This ends up in longer time on web page, a compulsory engagement metric.

Why this works: The LiveChat personnel web page locations huge emphasis on every member’s character and interests. It’s definite that LiveChat values all americans and is conscious of the real strength of any alternate is the of us.

meet the team page: livechat example

16. Etsy

Many gargantuan corporations forgo the primitive “Meet the Crew” web page due to the there are the kind of number of personnel participants that it does no longer compose sense to shriek all of them. At Etsy, although, they acknowledge the total of us who compose the fashioned on-line market that it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well maybe also imagine with a tiled “of us board” that scrolls for days.

Why this works: While impractical to create bios of every personnel member, Etsy compromises with a collage of personnel portraits as a testament to the strength within the inspire of the firm.

meet the team page: etsy example

17. UWG

Digital pronounce specialists UWG hold created a perfect making an attempt personnel web page that’s as noteworthy about character because it’s about personnel. Crew participants are shown in filled with life portraits in opposition to real backgrounds. Most photography are squares, but the web page assuredly breaks this pattern for some visible diversity. For more recordsdata about a personnel member, it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well maybe also click on a portrait to commence a modal.

Why this works: This personnel web page is straightforward, yet daring and nice. Each portrait is filled with character, and together the pictures fabricate a shiny collage. It’s the form of “Meet the Crew” web page that makes you in actuality would favor to fulfill the personnel.

meet the team page: UWG example

18. The Correspondent

The Correspondent is a firm that affords news with out wretchedness-mongering or monetary own. In correct journalistic vogue, the positioning aspects every personnel member in a beautifully rendered sketch vogue, providing an ingenious feel to the web page.

Clicking on every thumbnail leads the web sites customer to a discipline where they’ll subscribe to that particular person writer and watch a feed of their objects. Simplest of all, the actual person’s mission is displayed all the strategy thru the atomize and talk to recordsdata within the sidebar.

Why this works: Sketch renderings of every personnel member lend to the e-newsletter dazzling of The Correspondent. Readers can with out problems obtain a particular writer’s tales as effectively by clicking a card.

meet the team page: the correspondent example

19. Bluleadz

What greater choice to bring the character of your personnel than to shriek their approved gifs on mouse dart? That is what digital advertising agency Bluleadz does. You maybe can nearly imagine these of us within the eventualities their gifs signify.

One other life like operate of this “Meet the Crew” web page is the flexibility to filter Bluleadz workers by operate. Each button on the bottom corresponds to a personnel and brings up the opposite folks who “compose the magic occur” in that sigh of the alternate.

Why this works: Yet one opposite route to add character to a personnel web page, Blueleadz comprises a approved gif for every personnel member. It’s fun, fascinating, and doubtlessly converting.

meet the team page: blueleadz example

20. Media Junction

Plucky blocky pops of coloration? Yes, please. HubSpot Elite Company Companion Media Junction shows their personnel thumbnails on real backgrounds with vector shadows. Each describe is a little silly, and relatively so much of them bring their furry chums into the image with them.

Apart from, their leadership personnel’s thumbnails are clickable so as that it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well maybe also read more about them and even send them a message for more recordsdata.

Why this works: Media Junction is anxious to reveal its sportive aspect on the personnel web page — photography are colourful, nice looking, and appealing for a splash of vogue that keeps users on the web page.

meet the team page: media junction example

“Meet the Crew” Internet page Simplest Practices

So, what fabricate we be taught from these unprecedented examples? Right here are some guidelines and gain supreme practices that it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well maybe also purchase away and put together to your have personnel web page:

Excessive-High quality Photos

Most company will expect your personnel web page to operate photos of your workers. Kill certain these photos are high nice and visually consistent (including dimensions). From there, it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well maybe also add as noteworthy character as you tackle to hold. Or, it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well attempt an illustrated various, as we saw in some examples above.

Employee Descriptions

No less than, every member profile might perhaps maybe perhaps well restful encompass a describe, name, and job title. For more little print, it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well purchase to add a transient bio of every worker that outlines their role, abilities, accomplishments, and interests. Right here’s terribly fitting for businesses that collaborate widely and in-person with buyers — you’ll desire to own have faith, and bios are a improbable capacity to gain there.

Social Hyperlinks

Apart from to your workers’ names, titles, and bios, it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well additionally purchase to hyperlink to their social media profiles in your personnel web page. While now no longer mandatory, it will reduction capacity buyers reach out to participants thru one other most smartly-appreciated channel.

A LinkedIn profile hyperlink is doubtless ample, because it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps even be confident that workers will withhold their posts fantastic on the positioning. On the assorted hand, hyperlink to other profiles (e.g., Twitter, Instagram) with warning, because it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well maybe also’t compose certain that their habits on these sites is firm-appropriate.


Yes, merely announcing “character” might perhaps maybe perhaps well appear tackle a cop-out resolution. We’re being intentionally vague right here due to the every firm might perhaps maybe perhaps hold its have choice to including some additional character to their “Meet the Crew” web page. Depending in your impress, this might perhaps maybe imply incorporating fun portraits, funny descriptions, or survey-catching effects.

As we’ve considered, the explicit personnel pages inject character in a vogue that aligns with their branding. Some pages lean formal but sneak in some fun substances, some are clearly aiming for humor, and others play it more serious. In all conditions, the pages retain a basic feel, even of us who are silly.

You don’t desire to head overboard right here, but including a little something additional can reveal your firm is engaging to head above and beyond for the explicit customer abilities. It additionally helps your alternate stand out within the minds of users who might perhaps maybe perhaps very effectively be wading thru dozens of competing sites.

Screen Off Your Crew in Fashion

“Meet the Crew” pages resonate due to the of us tackle to steal from real of us. The explicit put together is to search out out what your impress stands for, then construct a “Meet the Crew” and About web page that conveys that within the strongest that it’s most likely you’ll perhaps perhaps well maybe also imagine method. Whether that’s going for an elaborate, survey-catching web page or a less complicated grid expose, company will love being in a discipline to construct apart a face to your impress.

Editor’s reveal: This submit became once on the starting build published in December 2016 and has been up so far for comprehensiveness.

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