22 Facebook Stats to Know in 2023 [+HubSpot Data]

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22 Facebook Stats to Know in 2023 [+HubSpot Data]

Facebook has been around for almost 20 years, and with newer platforms like TikTok and Threads on the rise, you may wonder if it’s worth marketing your brand or organization on the social network.

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To help you decide if Facebook is still worth leveraging, we’ve compiled a list of statistics marketers should know in 2023.

Facebook Statistics

Facebook Statistics for Business

Facebook Video Statistics

Facebook Advertising Statistics

Facebook Demographic Statistics

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Facebook Statistics

Here are some general Facebook statistics marketers should know.

  • 25% of marketers list Facebook as one of the most effective platforms for building community on social media, according to our Social Media Trends 2023 Report.
  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform marketers use in 2023, and it has the best ROI compared to every other platform, according to our 2023 State of Marketing Report.
  • As of July 2023, Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users and is the most-used social network worldwide.
  • 37.2% of all people on Earth use Facebook.
  • Facebook.com is the third most visited website in the world.

Graph showing which platforms are most effective for establishing a community on social media.

Facebook Statistics for Business

If you‘re curious about incorporating Facebook into your business’s social media strategy, here are some statistics to keep in mind.

  • Regarding selling products via social media, 25% of marketers say Facebook has the highest ROI.
  • The most popular social media selling feature is Instagram Shops, which is used by 22% of social media marketers. However, Facebook comes in at a close second with 21%.
  • Facebook is used by 67% of social media marketers.
  • Influencer marketers see the highest ROI through Instagram, but Facebook ties with YouTube for the second highest.

67% of social media marketers use Facebook.

Facebook Video Statistics

Video marketing is integral to many brands. If you’re a video marketer, these Facebook statistics are important to remember.

  • Almost 50% of time on Facebook is spent watching videos.
  • Facebook is the second most popular platform for video marketing.
  • Live videos see a higher engagement rate than pre-recorded videos, though the exact number varies depending on the Facebook account.
  • People are more likely to watch a Facebook video to completion with the sound off than sound on because many people watch social media videos on commutes or in places where they must keep the volume down.

Pro-Tip: While most people watch Facebook videos with the sound off, that doesn’t mean you should upload videos without sound. Instead, you should use or enable captions so the video is accessible both with and without sound.

50% of time on Facebook is spent watching videos.

Facebook Advertising Statistics

Considering using Facebook Ads to boost your brand’s visibility? These stats paint a picture of Facebook’s ad reach.

  • Facebook’s global advertising audience is 2.249 billion.
  • Facebook has over 10 million active advertisers as of 2023.
  • Facebook ads reach 33.3% of the global population over the age of 13.
  • In 2022, Meta (Formerly Facebook Inc.) generated over $113 billion in ad revenue.
  • Facebook Ads reach 62.2% of all Americans aged 13 and up.

Facebook Ads reach 62.2% of Americans ages 13 and up.

Facebook Demographic Statistics

Who uses Facebook? These demographic statistics might give you an idea.

  • Most U.S. Facebook users (23.6%) are ages 25-34.
  • 43.5% of Facebook users are female, and 56.3% are male.
  • There are 315 million Facebook users in India and 175 million in the United States.
  • 69% of millennials prefer to use Facebook, while only 37% of Gen Zers use the platform.

Share of Facebook uses in United States according to age.As you can tell from the above statistics, Facebook still has a huge global audience and sizeable reach.

With that in mind, you may find the platform is still worth leveraging, especially if you’re marketing to a mostly millennial audience or you’re leaning heavily into influencer or video marketing.

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