31 Funny Twitter Bios & How to Write Your Own

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31 Funny Twitter Bios & How to Write Your Own


Most definitely a number of the crucial annoying parts of constructing an influence on social media is bobbing up with one thing profound to philosophize, in particular in a 280 persona Tweet. Crafting one in general leaves us staring blankly at that miniature blinking cursor, hoping for the manner to rephrase the Tweet to let up some characters for a image, a link, or that ever-mandatory hashtag.

Unsurprisingly, a Twitter bio is equally annoying. You mean to present an explanation for me that I most productive occupy 160 characters to ticket to the Twittersphere who I’m and what I attain?

What’s a Twitter Bio?

A Twitter bio is a small public summary about yourself or your small enterprise displayed below your Twitter profile image. In the bio, that you just can include 160 characters of textual snort, hashtags, emojis, and handles of profiles that you just can very well be affiliated with.

It would possibly no longer appear love a mountainous deal, nonetheless pick this in thoughts: Your bio is a number of the principle issues other folks employ to gain whether or no longer or no longer to apply you on Twitter — so what you write wants to depend. Right here are about a rapidly steps to lend a hand:

Check out our free professional bio templates + example gallery for more  inspiration. 

The precise solution to Write a Twitter Bio

  1. Proceed to your Twitter profile, click on Edit Profile, and commence writing within the Bio textual snort box.
  2. Protect the put up quick, sweet, and bright.
  3. Write a sentence or about a descriptive words about yourself or your small enterprise.
  4. Alternatively, write your job title.
  5. Be obvious about who that you just can very well be without getting too wordy.
  6. Value or hashtag companies or accounts that you just can very well be affiliated with.
  7. Consist of a link to your website or yet every other social profile.
  8. Experiment with connected emojis to construct your bio more spy-catching.
  9. That is non-compulsory, nonetheless that you just can construct a relatable, nonetheless acceptable, shaggy dog legend about your job or existence.

As we occupy mentioned, leaning on humor would possibly be a brief manner to demonstrate off your persona and construct you appear relatable to audiences. To present you with some inspiration, we’re taking a moment to highlight 31 high-quality, and infrequently a laugh, Twitter bios that obtain the job carried out.

31 of the Funniest Twitter Bios We Can also Gain

1. @Twitter

twitter profile bio

Why this works:

You cannot occupy a list of famous Twitter bios without at the side of Twitter’s Twitter bio. It reads, “what’s taking place?!” which is a suave play on the words displayed within the draft box before you form a Tweet. It’s silly because Twitter is a busy and energetic platform, so or no longer it’s no longer uncommon to long on to the app, sight a storm of tweets about one thing you do not yet heed, and internally utter, “What’s taking place?!?”

2. @TheMikeTrainor

Funny twitter bio from @TheMikeTrainor

Why this works:

Comic and creator Mike Trainor makes my interior seven-year-prone wish to search recordsdata from him to tug my finger. Also, imagining Mr. Trainor announcing, “He who smelt it,” whereas having a peep as tidy as he does in his profile image is a miniature bit cut of added amusement. Plus, we won’t lend a hand nonetheless esteem this bio’s self-deprecation, in its allusion to the truth that one of his reveals is “silent airing somehow.”

3. @topicals

topicals twitter profile bio screenshotWhy this works:

Skincare can infrequently be intimidating as there are a large number of merchandise to gain from.

Topicals’ famous aim is to take that seemingly fear by growing merchandise which would possibly be fun and involving to employ, and their Twitter bio tells us precisely that: “Skincare for funner flare-ups.”

4. @UberFacts

Funny Twitter bio from @UberFacts

Why this works:

UberFacts fills our brains with seemingly unnecessary data all day, each day. Despite the truth that with the upward thrust of fame in bar-hosted trivialities nights and video games love Trivialities Crack, I wouldn’t utter we’ll by no manner must know issues love this:

Berserk llama syndrome is a valid situation where a llama believes its human proprietor is really a llama, causing the animal to changed into aggressive.

— UberFacts (@UberFacts) August 21, 2017

5. @FranksRedHot

Funny Twitter bio from @FranksRedHot

Why this works:

Even as you’re as mountainous a fan of Frank’s RedHot as we’re, then how easy it to basically nonetheless that — ahem — [stuff] on all the pieces. For certain, as marketers, we agree that the logo would possibly to boot set it on Twitter, too.

6. @mikeindustries

Funny Twitter bio from @MikeIndustries

Why this works:

Mike Davidson, outdated VP of Procedure at Twitter, is a connoisseur of sorts — and whereas he has a ambitious background, we attain ride his ticket credential of, “For the time being chillin’.”

We would possibly’t lend a hand nonetheless wonder: Does the Twitter bio 160 persona limit occupy to realize with the aesthetics of a Twitter page’s develop? Is Mike Davidson responsible?

7. @LabMuffin

labmuffin twitter profile bio exampleWhy this works:

Dr. Michelle Wong’s mission is to educate the public on the chemistry within the lend a hand of magnificence merchandise to lend a hand consumers construct informed choices. Should you learn her Twitter bio, you obtain a easy belief of what that you just can query to sight in her Tweets.

She also involves hyperlinks to diversified social profiles, helping her produce legitimacy and force website website visitors to diversified platforms to produce her viewers.

8. @SocialDriver

social driver twitter profile bio

Why this works:

Social Driver is an agency that helps agencies with their advertising and marketing and communication wants, from net sites to tag messaging to snort creation. Their Twitter bio reads, “Expertise digital with us,” and it works because it tells audiences what they would possibly be able to query from doing enterprise with them — a partnership that brings outcomes.

The bio also involves a special enterprise hashtag, #BeADriver, letting users know that they would possibly be able to join within the conversation in their hang Tweets.

9. @Arbys

Funny Twitter bio from @Arbys

Why this works:

Arby’s puns its slogan, “Now we occupy the meat.”, by changing meat with tweets. That is a well-behaved manner of reminding other folks of your slogan whereas making a silly shaggy dog legend regarding the platform that you just can very well be on.

10. @BlkGrlSunscreen

black girl suncreen twitter profile header

Why this works:

Dark Lady Sunscreen targets an viewers in general uncared for of sun security discussions. Its Twitter bio is quick and sweet and gets straight to the level: “Modern SPF for all other folks of coloration.”

11. @popchips

Funny twitter bio from @PopChips

Why this works:

We elect intriguing popchips became once in our job descriptions — since, when they’re round, we completely relish them love or no longer it’s half of our collective tasks.

12. @sweetestsara

Funny twitter bio from @Sweetestsara

Why this works:

Sara Rubin is a outdated producer at BuzzFeed. That you would possibly thank her in half for lots of of the glorious BuzzFeed videos you sight circulating round social media and esteem are hooked in to. Even as you’ve viewed any of the videos whereby she’s, she’s an total cute and whimsical persona — no longer to mention, hilariously awkward and anxious, love a upright handful of us.

Her Twitter bio is barely as imaginative and adds a marginally of delusion that I contemplate affords a welcomed breather from about a of the worse Twitter bios available within the market.

13. @YouTube

youtube twitter profile funny bio

Why this works:

YouTube’s Twitter bio is a supreme instance of a silly assertion that gets the job carried out straight: “Luxuriate in and subscribe.” Even as you understand videos on YouTube, you’ve seemingly heard snort creators utter these words because it helps them generate engagement on their channel.

That you would possibly’t love and subscribe to accounts on Twitter, nonetheless these acquainted with YouTube will know that the bio is asking you to apply and love their Tweets.

14. @JamieAmacher

Funny Twitter bio from @JamieAmacher

Why this works:

Some other folks aim to assign pushed aside pets. Jamie Amacher goals to assign pushed aside houseplants. Buffalo, NY resident (and coworker of mine at Mainstreethost), Amacher knows the significance of keeping flowers alive indoors — in particular since, right here within the Northeast U.S., we don’t obtain to sight necessary plant existence outdoor all the diagram by iciness.

I must utter, it’s a obliging act; sacrificing a Twitter bio entrance-loaded with accomplishments. for the sake of our forgetful nature and thirsty houseplants.

15. @Canva

canva twitter profile business bio exampleWhy this works:

Graphic develop takes skill, nonetheless it’s a giant half of promoting. Canva gifts itself as a strategy to this teach as a straight forward-to-employ develop instrument for growing infographics, e-mail templates, flyers — in actuality any advertising and marketing subject subject that you just can want. Its Twitter bio expertly conveys this as a manner to entice its viewers: “Amazingly easy develop.”

16. @Pepsi

Funny twitter bio from @Pepsi

Why this works:

It’s moderately silly to have faith in a social media manager getting distracted from their job tasks for the reason that product they’re speculated to be advertising and marketing is barely so delicious.

17 & 18. @arnettwill & @batemanjason

Funny twitter bios from @arnettwill and @BatemanJason

Why this works:

First off, it’s obvious to me that BFF Twitter bios are the BFF necklace of 2017. Actors Will Arnett and Jason Bateman set on their BFF-dom proud for all of the Twitterland to sight — nonetheless or no longer it’s no longer the first time they’ve taken their affinity for one yet every other to the public spy. In 2013, they had been viewed strolling down the boulevard on a sunny afternoon in 2013 whereas having some fun with the nearby paparazzi:

19. @JohnCleese

Funny twitter bio from @JohnCleese

Why this works:

John Cleese is an English creator, actor and big particular person (in response to his website). As he is really a comedian, we’re allowed to receive it incredibly silly that he mentions in his Twitter bio that he’s silent alive, contrary to rumor. Plus, he’s doing “the silly stroll” in his app, and we invite you to sight for yourself neutral how silly it’s. (Monty Python followers, occupy a honest time.)

20. @TheOnion

Funny Twitter bio from @TheOnion

Why this works:

The Onion is perchance the most well-identified and current satirical news set apart of residing. They put up gag headlines and goofy articles for the sake of humor. On this bio, they satirically claim that they are the replacement of a shaggy dog legend set apart of residing by calling themselves the, “The united states’s Finest News Supply.”

21. @Lesdoggg

Funny Twitter by from @Lesdoggg

Why this works:

What attain we esteem about comedian Leslie Jones’ Twitter bio? It is straight forward and to the level. Plus, we won’t lend a hand nonetheless snigger on the humor in its simplicity — she lets us learn about her line of labor, with none jokes. That is ample; happily, her on-camouflage camouflage work and precise tweets present lots of hilarious fodder.

22. @APStyleBook

AP Style Guide twitter bio example

Why this works:

Even as you write plenty, you’re potentially acquainted with the AP Vogue Book. As a refresher, it’s an English manual to writing and grammar that became once created by journalists working for the Linked Press, nonetheless it’s prone in many replacement industries. Its Twitter bio reads “A stout suite of merchandise to will let you cease in vogue, whether or no longer on your desktop, pc pc, smartphone or capsule.”

It’s suave and it works for the reason that stylebook is in general tough-reproduction nonetheless Twitter brings these tricks to the digital panorama, accessible on desktop, pc pc, smartphone, or capsule.”

23. @shondarhimes

Funny twitter bio from @Shondarhimes

Why this works:

For a host of us, Shonda Rhimes is a story — and our Thursday nights would be so necessary less fascinating without her. She’s the creator within the lend a hand of such hit reveals as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal,” and certain: Other folks esteem to tweet their plotline opinions to her. She stops that madness with a concise, silly quip in her bio: “It’s no longer valid, ample?” Sure, Ms. Rhimes.

24. @Charmin

Funny Twitter bio from @Charmin

Why this works:

Charmin, as all of us know, sells bathroom paper. We’re all adults right here, and all of us know what or no longer it’s prone for. Charmin’s Twitter bio is intelligent because, fascinated by its industry, the logo gets the awkwardness out of the manner straight, letting us all know that, hey, quality bathroom paper is a upright thing … and a upright bathroom outing — or, “the chase,” as or no longer it’s known as right here — must be enjoyed.

Plus, who would not ride a upright, TP-connected riddle?


Q: Why cannot you hear a pterodactyl chase to the john?

A: For the reason that “P” is mute!

— Charmin (@Charmin) August 16, 2017

25. @ComedyCentral

Funny twitter bio from @ComedyCentral

Why this works:

Attributable to we sight what you potentially did there, Comedy Central. Also, this:

A well-behaved manner to take care of your considerations is to melt some cheese on them.

— Comedy Central (@ComedyCentral) August 21, 2017

For about a of us, cheese is ceaselessly the reply, no subject what the teach.

26. @YourAwayMessage

Funny twitter bio from @YourAwayMessage

Why this works:

Are we the most productive ones who undergo in thoughts the times of AOL Prompt Messenger, a.k.a., AIM? Inform lend a hand, for these who would possibly, to a time before Slack, Twitter, and even Fb — and perchance, neutral perchance, it’ll all come lend a hand to you.

If having a peep at this bio (and its accompanying profile image) provides you an amazing feeling of nostalgia, then you know why it’s a laugh. Keep in mind AIM profiles? And sub-profiles? And away messages?

Also, the placement being “the den” is on level. If this doesn’t hit home for you, sight this BuzzFeed article, or transfer on to the following!

27. @TheEllenShow

Funny twitter bio from @TheEllenShow

Why this works:

Ellen DeGeneres entertains us on social media, television, valid existence, and many others. She’s neutral undeniable a laugh. So it’ll come as no surprise that her precise bio on Twitter in all equity darn a laugh. Consistent with her bio, she has a second job as an ice boulevard trucker — hmm — and her tweets are every valid, and spectacular. Effectively, she’s no longer lying about her tweets. Despite all the pieces, sight below. So, what does that designate us about her second job? We obtain it.

I neutral invested in an eclipse sunglass company. Does someone know when the following one is?

— Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) August 21, 2017

28. @Alexa99

Funny twitter bio example from amazon @Alexa99Why this works:

That is the authentic legend of the Amazon Alexa impart assistant. The bio is silly because it reads as if a robotic wrote it. For these that occupy an Alexa, they would possibly moreover know that Alexa is unsuitable at puns and tells unsuitable jokes when requested. So, her interests, alongside with the sci-fi Neatly-known particular person Plug, construct sense for her.

Attributable to she is a robotic, the most hilarious thing in this bio is how it ends with “Tweets and opinions are my hang.”

29. @tomhanks

Funny Twitter bio from @TomHanks

Why this works:

Standing didn’t obtain to Tom Hanks’ head. He’s a conventional particular person, neutral corresponding to you and I, having considerations with fluctuating weight. In most cases, he gains other folks’s approval — and diversified cases, no longer so necessary. To that, we’re announcing, “Tweet on, Tom.”

30. @aparnapkin

Funny twitter bio from @aparnapkin

Why this works:

Comic Aparna Nancherla’s Twitter take care of (@aparnapkin) is seemingly a play on her title, which is silly sufficient on its hang. Per her bio I’d be interesting to bet that her Twitter feed is equally as a laugh.

31. @notzuckerberg

Funny Twitter bio from @NotZuckerberg

Why this works:

Even as you haven’t already guessed, this is NOT Label Zuckerberg. However that doesn’t stop @notzuckerberg (a.k.a., Twitter client @afterthatsummer) from tweeting as if (s)he had been the “Zuck.”

The counterfeit Label Zuckerberg in all equity silly, as proven by his Twitter bio and tweets love this:

Fb beat Wall Twin carriageway’s target again. I’m a wizard making angry coin from the most worthy thing on earth—your desire to procrastinate.

— No longer Label Zuckerberg (@notzuckerberg) January 29, 2015

Gain Your Twitter Humor

It’s good — exercising humor whereas also tweeting as a guilty enterprise is in general a blinding line to stroll. However as these examples demonstrate, or no longer it’s doable to be every self-deprecating and silly on social media, so long as it aligns alongside with your tag.

As the examples demonstrate, or no longer it’s doable to craft a connected bio on Twitter that can be silly, and silent let users know what to query out of your profile.

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