5 Digital Strategies for Human Resources: How to Get Found Online

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5 Digital Strategies for Human Resources: How to Get Found Online

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Wanna know how HR Managers can go from mere job posters to brand builders? These digital strategies will transform your talent hunting online.

As talent acquisition continues to evolve, it is becoming more important each day for HR managers to seek innovative ways to attract top talents by using digital channels.

These are 5 digital strategies for HR managers to recruit, engage and retain top talents:

  1. HR managers should build brands that is attractive on social networks.

79% of people use social media channels for job Search. This means posting job vacancies on your company careers web page is not enough to attract top talents.

HR managers can explore personal branding opportunities on Facebook and LinkedIn or showcase company culture that will encourage top talents to work with them.  

  1. HR managers should create dedicated landing pages for vacancies.

Having dedicated landing pages on the company website for vacancies will help HR managers optimize the pages for keyword.

Landing pages are typically easy to optimize for SEO and promote with Google Adwords in order to be visible in relevant search results.

Landing pages dedicated to vacancies will easily show in relevant search results if they use important terms or buzz words that job seekers may use for job search.

  1. HR Manager should profile their ‘target audience’.

Same way digital marketers are able to develop personalized content based on their knowledge of segment of the market they target, HR managers can get helpful insights into prospects they target.

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Digital marketers build buyer personas for idea customers via market research, market reality and interviewing existing customers. HR managers can model this approach in order to guide them through profile search when looking out for talents online.

With proper profiling of personality of top talents they seek to employ, HR managers can develop, share and promote engaging messages that resonate with preferred top talents.

  1. HR Manager should handle prospecting like digital salesmen.

When HR managers seek to hire truly passionate employees, they should sell why the prospect should work with them not merely ask if they would like to. This is very important for prospective employees who are not majorly motivated by size of their paycheck.

Successful salesmen know that good product does not just sell itself, neither does price justify value to customers.

Like digital salesmen, HR managers should seek innovative ways to sell the company culture, purpose, vision, future plans for employees and working conditions to prospects who are mostly driven by passion for what they do.

  1. HR Managers should use various content formats for same message.

One of the most interesting aspect of digital marketing is that one-size-fits all content does not work.

Digital platforms vary in functionalities and objectives, in response to this variation, digital marketers repurpose same message into blog post, image, video, ebook, webinar, live social media sessions and so on.

HR managers should learn from this and develop ways to pass message in formats that are most suitable to digital channels they use per time.

Using photos and videos from typical daily activities, infographics on common work-life topics, Engaging recruitment themed videos are few of several innovative ideas HR managers can explore.

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