5 Digital Strategies for IT Business: How to Get More Customers Online

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5 Digital Strategies for IT Business: How to Get More Customers Online

digital strategies for IT Business

These are 5 digital strategies for IT Business to get more new customers via digital channels.

IT business is one of the most popular online. It was top industry on LinkedIn for 2016.

Being a popular business online means you need do a lot more to get found by prospects among numerous alternatives.

These Are 5 Digital Strategies for IT Business to get Found Online

  1. Search Engine Optimization.

IT businesses typically have good websites but they mostly lack web pages optimized for relevant keywords.

With 63, 000 searches made on Google per second, no IT business should miss out on prospects from organic search.

How Can IT Business get found in Google?

  • Optimize your web pages for frequently searched keywords.
  • Add valuable content to your blog at least once a week.
  • Repurpose blog post into images and video for other channels.
  • Promote blog post and video via blogger outreach.
  • Get at least 40 back links per month to your website.
  1. Social Media Campaign.

For fast scalable lead generation, IT business can leverage on social media campaign.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are popular social networks where IT business can run campaigns.

How Can IT Business Get Found with Campaign?

  • Have a plan driven by specific business objective.
  • Define your target audience based on existing customer profiling.
  • Choose the most suitable social network for your audience.
  • Invest in good creative and copy for your ad.
  • Measure and iterate your campaign.

digital strategies for IT Business

  1. Create Video Tutorials.

How-to videos are some of most watched topics on YouTube. This provides great opportunity for IT business to become visible by helping audience solve complex problems.

Video tutorials are win-win for all, because they can be cut into different formats for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube while they can be used on the website.

Being evergreen content type, there is hardly expiry date for how-to videos, except for few updates when necessary. This means one video can get you brand visibility and leads for as many years as possible.

  1. Create Industry Guide.

Creating resource of guide for your target audience whether they use or product or not is great lead magnet.


Your guide will attract as many users as possible in your industry. With this approach, you have rare opportunity of putting your brand and products in the face of your competitors’ customers.

IT Business can create guide in form of:

  • eBook.
  • Web-based app or interactive portal.
  • knowledge sharing via webinar of Google Hangouts.
  1. Get Influencer Reviews.

Getting influencers to review your products and services will subtly increase online brand visibility.

Influencers for reviews like this can niche bloggers, social media influencers, thought leaders or popular journalists within your industry.

Depending on your the type of your product, there are directories that list IT products and write great reviews about them.

These 5 digital strategies will help your business

  • increase brand awareness.
  • get brand mentions.
  • increase web traffic.
  • generate leads.
  • sell more.  
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