50K and Counting Acquire collectively

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50K and Counting Acquire collectively


We’re nearly at 50K books sold. We now web lower than 1,000 to head as of this day, March 9th.

I’m blown away that I’m scripting this. The foundation that Gap Promoting would web ever reached 50K books became impossible.

No matter years of social media publicity, an internationally acclaimed, award-a success weblog and a dapper and rising social following, every author grew to turn out to be me down.  It became infuriating. So I mentioned, “Fuck it, I’ll dwell it myself.”

I published Gap Promoting with the belief that salespeople wished a higher, less intrusive, respectful technique to promote that in fact worked and became better than former selling approaches.

It’s working. We are able to maneuver the 50K books sold value in the following couple of weeks and so I wished to celebrate the occasion with you, the readers, and the neighborhood.

To dwell that, the crew here at A Sale Guy is going to be celebrating for the next month starting this day. And that social gathering is all about you.

We’re going to be giving freely a slew of dope prizes.  Check ’em out.

  • Free t-shirts (Search for them here: Keenan Shirts.com)
  • Free Gap Promoting Online Course subscriptions
  • Free Signed Books
  • Free Crew/Firm Talking Engagement
  • The Mountainous Prize: Free 3-months of one-on-one Gap Promoting coaching with me!

How dwell you enter and take?

Straightforward –

Publish a image or video on LinkedIn sharing your expertise with Gap Promoting, the plot in which it helped you and what you purchased out of reading Gap Promoting. Then simply exercise the hashtag #gap50ok and value me @keenan. (don’t put out of your mind the dot).  We are able to device the winners at the tip of the month.

So reveal me, what did you web out of Gap Promoting? How did it enable you to and why dwell you like it so much?

Apart from the giveaways, we’re doing a name of occasions where we can dangle and reveal.

  • A Clubhouse on Gap Promoting execution
  • A LinkedIn Live Gap Promoting Book Club
  • and more (tbd).

Whenever you ought to have part in the guide club or in the Clubhouse match, text me at: 720-455-8510

Protect tuned for dates and be the foremost to hold what’s coming. Textual insist material me here: 720-455-8510

Can’t thank this neighborhood ample!  None of this might be in all probability without YOU!

Right here’s to the Gap Promoting neighborhood! We’re changing the technique the world sells.

P.S. – because we love to portion the wealth for every person all month, we’re giving every person $100 greenbacks in direction of Gap Promoting Online Coaching. Dawdle here: www.gapsellingonlinetraining and exercise the promo code: 50kbooks.

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