A Spanish ad company wants to standardize OOH traffic metrics using satellites

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A Spanish ad company wants to standardize OOH traffic metrics using satellites

July 20, 2021 by Michael Bürgi

There’s a brand contemporary participant in traffic metrics in out-of-home media, and it’s using satellites to depend autos passing billboards.

Spanish company Cuende, which specializes in OOH dimension, launched a platform in the U.S. on Monday known as MetricOOH. The tool uses satellite imagery to evaluate all traffic in a given zone, of up to three,500 sq. miles then feeds it into machine finding out technology to depend the form of autos passing a given billboard. It in a roundabout blueprint determines which billboard areas are most pricey basically based on the propensity of the autos going previous.

Daniel Cuende, MetricOOH’s manager, said the corporate right now time is asserting its first American shopper, the Fair Billboard Operators, aka IBOUSA. IBO is a cooperative of diminutive OOH firms that encompass 90,000 rural and regional indicators (both digital and static) in 170 markets all the blueprint in which via the center of the nation.

Fortunately for Cuende, IBO’s total manager Chris Cowlbeck, sits on the board of the Media Ranking Council, the alternate body that hands out accreditation to these dimension programs that meet its criteria. And Cuende is shopping for that validation, having already carried out a pre-overview part of the accreditation process.

“Our technology is subtle, nevertheless we be particular the methodology is understated to worship,” said Cuende, who added that the corporate operates some effect of MetricOOH in countries including Spain, South Africa, Romania and Mexico. “We must originate something that’s so traditional, easy and proper that it truly works in any design, in the center of nowhere or Unusual York or L.A. Now we web a dilapidated denominator all the blueprint in which via any metropolis, metropolis or verbalize, and heaps extra crucial, all the blueprint in which via countries.”

Cuende infamous that the important thing shopper in the U.S. to review in occurs to be one which doesn’t web as noteworthy access to classy dimension tools — IBO.

For his part, Cowlbeck, who’s basically based in Oklahoma and runs among the OOH firms in the cooperative, said IBO opponents the Enormous Three OOH firms (Obvious Channel, Outfront and Lamar) in footprint. “The fundamental ingredient for me is to determine how to raise income to my [member companies],” he said.

IBO operates a listings database and place of cloud-basically based tools known as IBO Coop Speedway that represents about 50,000 indicators. “By default, we can elevate standardization” all the blueprint in which via IBO’s member firms to OOH agencies. It’s one motive IBO chose to review in as a consumer of Cuende. “We’re going with a thought to present files to agencies that permits them to design terminate the most provocative out of home areas without reference to target market,” said Cowlbeck, who encouraged Cuende to word MRC accreditation to stable validation in the alternate’s eyes.

“I wouldn’t pronounce it’s effect or smash, nevertheless MRC accreditation is the gold traditional, so whereas you web it, no one will ask of you,” said Terry Carmody, president of Unusual York procure agency Integration Media, which secures national industry for IBO and acts because the liaison to the massive OOH agencies.

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