Advertising performance in the context of conversation by Reddit for Business

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Advertising performance in the context of conversation by Reddit for Business

Digital platforms that focus on conversation provide a unique extension to performance campaigns. Because they are more trusted and authentic, conversations about consumer problems, recommendations and brands drive opinions and purchases.

These platforms hold a distinctive position as hubs where social and search seamlessly intersect and provide advertisers with a roadmap to leverage unique features for effective performance campaigns. Aside from valuable insights on the consumer, tools like keyword targeting, auction pricing and CPC strategies enhance advertiser performance.

Join Josh Zimmerman, senior manager of new business partnerships at Reddit, in his informative SMX Next session and learn more about performance in the context of conversations. Zimmerman explains how advertisers can tap into platforms like Reddit’s vast array of active communities, covering an extensive range of topics and interests. Advertisers can capitalize on these communities for targeted campaigns, aligning brands with the diverse passions and interests of the user base.

Watch the session so you can:

  • Understand how Redditors use communities and the conversations within them to make more informed purchase decisions.
  • Identify different targeting options that allow advertisers to become part of these conversations.
  • Design and implement campaigns within the context of discussions surrounding your brand.

Once you attend the session, you will have a unique advantage—targeting within the context of authentic conversations.

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