Clubhouse for Business: 4 Reasons You Should Be Using It Already

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Clubhouse for Business: 4 Reasons You Should Be Using It Already

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Influencers and advertisers move around like sugar and ants. Similar to how TikTok lured brands, Clubhouse is becoming hotbed for influencers which will in return on-board brands and advertisers. 


Is Clubhouse in your marketing plan for 2021 or you are there already?

I have closely followed how some trendsetting businesses are leveraging Clubhouse to engage millennials and Gen Z, here are some things you could learn from it:

1. Clubhouse experience combines networking, panel discussions and live podcasts. 


Clubhouse for Business: 4 Reasons You Should Be Using It Already

Should you have issues developing unique value propositions for your engagement on the platform, think of it as a place where you can educate, inform and entertain audiences on-the-go while helping them make new friends or find business opportunities.

2. Clubhouse conversations erupt fear of missing out (FOMO) in its users. 


The reason why most young adults stay glued to the platform is because they don’t want to miss out on trending topics they think that they have hot takes on. You can leverage trending topics that are relevant to your business to provoke heartfelt conversations. 

3. Clubhouse lets people currently participating in interesting conversations ping in their friends. 


Some users go as far as following up with their friends via phone calls and WhatsApp messages to join their current rooms. Use lead magnets like flash sales promos to drive immediate conversions.

If your audience finds the offer irresistible, they will invite their friends to partake.

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4. Clubhouse clubs work for online focus groups to sample opinions and feedback. 


Think of pre-launch product reviews, beta testing or user experience feedback from selected users, here is a place you can get instant response as well as capture emotions which is typically absent when done via email, paper questionnaires, etc.. 

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