5 Digital Strategies for Financial Services: How to Get More Customers Online

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5 Digital Strategies for Financial Services: How to Get More Customers Online

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With these digital strategies for financial services, businesses can build and nurture trust among prospects which helps in getting more customers online.

Business owners who run financial services and marketers who sell them know the significance of building a trustworthy brand to enhance customer relationship.

As you seek out potential customers across social networks, it is important you align your messages with building long lasting trust in the heart of target audience.

These are 5 digital strategies to build trust in financial services:

  1. Define and prioritize campaign goals.

It is not enough to have abstract business objectives, financial marketers need to start off with specific measurable goals. Specific measurable goals will help you choose the right channels, copy and creatives.

If your goal is to generate 10 leads per month for your financial services offering, create ebook or guide that will be helpful to target audience. Promote the ebook, targeting 1000 prospects with the expectation of 1% conversion rate.

This helps you measure your spend, time and resources against the number of leads gotten across online channels per month.

  1. Create Content for Funnel Stages.

Based on insights from consumer behaviour study by Google, prospects start researching their buying decisions with broad search search queries.

At awareness stage, prospects search for ‘best abc company in xyz’, ‘best abc company close to me’, and the so on.

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From broad search queries to more specific topics like comparing prices, the type of content financial services create in order to attract leads should follow this pattern.

This means you should have a particular stage in your buyers’ journey in mind while creating solutions for prospects. The more your content is tailored towards prospects’ current questions, the closer you are to bringing them to your business.

  1. Optimize for Mobile.

In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. This means optimizing your content and campaign for mobile devices is compulsory, not mere necessity.

Optimizing for mobile requires that financial services cannot afford to overlook certain critical elements that influence performance of website on mobile devices.

Critical factors that contribute to user experience on mobile devices include:

  • Image size and quality
  • Readable text across different screen sizes
  • CTA that is obvious and easily clickable
  • Site loading speed

4 Adopt Inbound Methodology.

Because of how important it is for financial services to create trust, inbound marketing will help foster the much needed rapport to nurture strangers into customers.

Inbound marketing uses information, education or entertainment to draw customers closer to a business. It creates symbiotic relationship between brand and buyers such that both parties have something to gain.

Audience may block ads or choose premium services to avoid being sold to, but people are naturally receptive to content that they consider valuable.

Financial services will be able to attracts leads who engage their helpful content and use the opportunity to pass brand message.

  1. Explore Marketing Automation.

Financial Services can leverage marketing automation which allows them to effectively market across multiple online channels and automate repetitive tasks.

To avoid repeating similar tasks in the bid to attract and convert strangers to paying customers, financial services can target customers with personalized yet automated messages across email, web, social and text.

With marketing automation, you can better generate and nurture leads by using a multichannel interactive approach to communicate with target audience.

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