Google Chrome adds search suggestions, trending searches on mobile

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Google Chrome adds search suggestions, trending searches on mobile


Google is adding four new search-related features to the mobile version of Chrome. The new features will give you more search suggestions and tell you what’s trending in Google Search.

Search suggestions related to this page. The new mobile Chrome can show a “Related to this page” section for “eligible” sites after you click on the Chrome address bar. This section will show you relevant search suggestions based on that specific webpage.

  • For example, you can see local restaurants or tourist attractions specific to Japan:
Chrome Mobile Search Asset 1 V3 600x600

Trending searches. You can see trending Google searches directly in the Chrome address bar in Chrome for Android (this feature is coming to iOS Chrome later this year).

  • How to see this: Open a new tab, tap the address bar and scroll down to see what’s trending. You can also click on a trending search to see search results for that topic and learn more about it.

Related Search for Touch to Search. Google’s upgraded Touch to Search for Android feature will now show related searches when you tap on any word on a webpage.

  • How it works: Highlight a word or phrase and Google will show you a carousel of related searches will pop up at the footer.
Chrome Mobile Browser Blog Related Searches

More search suggestions. Google added four additional search suggestions in the Chrome address bar. That means Chrome will now show 10 search suggestions, rather than six.

This feature already had been live for Android users, but it is new and rolling out for iOS Chrome users.

  • The “most relevant suggestions will appear first, and you can access more options by scrolling,” Google said.
Chrome Mobile Browser Blog Adaptive Suggestions

Why we care. You can leverage these search tools to find related topics to a specific site or phrase. Then take these ideas back to your content team to create more useful and helpful content for either your existing content pages or for new content pages. Also, these features are pretty helpful for many searchers.

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