Google Merchant Center is removing 4 attribution models from conversion tracking

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Google Merchant Center is removing 4 attribution models from conversion tracking

Google Merchant Center will remove the ability to select four rules-based attribution models when setting up the conversion source in 2024. The models being removed are:

  • First-click.
  • Linear.
  • Time decay.
  • Position-based.

Starting in April 2024, any conversion sources still using these models will be switched to data-driven attribution.

Marketers not wanting conversions that use data-driven attribution will be able to use the last-click model instead.

Why we care. This change will affect how marketers analyze and attribute conversions, crucial for identifying effective channels, touchpoints and strategies, enabling informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Why now? Google announced this change after confirming it was retiring these attribution models for all properties in Google Ads and Google Analytics in October 2023. A spokesperson explained that adoption rates were “increasingly low” with “fewer than 3% of conversions in Google Ads using these models.” They added:

  • “Switching to the data-driven attribution model typically results in a 6% increase in conversions for advertisers.”

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Deep dive. Read Google’s Select Attribution Settings documentation for more information on how to choose the reporting attribution model and conversion window for your property.

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