How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlinks Checker

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How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlinks Checker

How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker

As a newbie a few years ago, one of my greatest worries was how to get backlinks. Like how the heck will I get other people to link to my blog?

Dear reader, kindly permit me to share my link building using SEMRush backlink checker story with you today.

It has been an interesting journey with link building both for clients and my blog… there have been ups and downs but with tools like SEMRush backlink checker, life got easier over time!

Content, domains, links, web pages, and then, AI (artificial intelligence) .… What else? What else really gives us sleepless nights on the Internet? 

You really have to read this to the end…

Also read maybe 100 more by different experts just to learn how to get a couple of other websites to place blue texts on their pages that will lead readers and search engines to yours… Isn’t that crazy?

How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker 02

Why Learn How to Get Backlinks?

1. Improved Organic Search Ranking

Quality alongside quantity of backlinks to your website remains one of the top 3 most important ranking factors used by Google to display search results. Nothing much has pretty changed about that.

To rank higher and more relevant keywords, you need to learn to get backlinks, good quality ones at scale specifically.

2. Increased Organic and Referral Web Traffic

You naturally get more visits to your website for ranking higher and more relevant keywords in Google based on the fact that searchers usually trust top search results, especially top #3.

You also get more referral traffic when people click through to your website from websites linking to you.

3. Improved Brand Visibility 

More searchers will find your company in search results, become more curious and may decide to check you out on social among other channels.

This could help you  get more leads and customers. Sometimes people will refer you to prospects because they find you credible after consuming your content or visit your website a couple of times.

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4. Brand Trust

People buy from other people and brands they know. The more Google and other websites display your business, the more trust you build in the minds of  potential customers.

How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker?

Analyze Your Domain 

Before starting link building at all, it is important you know where you are currently and potential opportunities you can take from keywords you rank for as well as websites already linking to your web pages and posts.

SEMRush Backlink Checker in helping you find out your ranking keywords and identify potential link sources.

Doing Domain Analysis of my site with SEMRush, this is what I got:

How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Domain Overview 01


  • 12 keywords have majorly brought organic traffic to my site in the last 1  month.
  • There are over 7,000 backlinks to my site from over 400 websites.
  • Next thing is to find out what are the ranking keywords that currently drive the most visits to my website and the websites already linking to it.

Understand Your Current Backlink Profile

Understanding my backlink profile means knowing the quality of links my site currently has and how they could contribute to my ranking in search results.

Below is a breakdown of over 7,000 links to my site using SEMRush backlink Checker:

How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Backlink Profile 01


  • 99% of links to my website are from anchor texts while 57% of them are Dofollow.
  • This is encouraging though I need to look into how to maximize links from images on my site.
  • It is important to ensure that you do not get any kind of links. Focus on having the right mix of Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks.

I will address what is Dofollow VS Nofollow links shortly.

Identify Top Competitors in Search and Market

One of the least discussed link building tactics is how to get backlinks from websites from your competitors, whether direct or direct in organic search.

Why are competitors’ link sources important thou?

Finding out sites linking to competitors saves you loads of stress. Yes, it does. This is because they already play in your domain.

It means these websites identify with topics that are relevant to your business. And as such, they may be more open-minded to link to your content, in as much as it is of good quality preferably better than your competitors’ that they are currently linking to.

In order to select the right competitors whose link sources you may want to reach out to, it is great to have a mix of businesses that directly compete with you in the marketplace together with those that compete for similar keywords with you.

Here are the top organic competitors to my website based on my major ranking keywords:

How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Organic Competitors 01


I will export these websites and add them to the list of websites I will be reaching out to for backlinks. They are my competitors in organic search though we necessarily do not offer the same services.

Analyze Competitors’ Link Sources

After listing all your competitors, both in organic search and marketplace, it is time to find out websites linking to them. These websites are your potential link sources.

I have used this approach over and over, it has worked wonders!

The little secret behind the success of this link building tactic is that you will provide these link sources with content that is similar to what they normally share. 

How to Analyze Competitors’ Link Sources?

Simply follow the steps used to analyze above. Export the websites linking to your website and competitors.

There are a couple of link outreach tools you could use to get contact details of these websites, IF you have quite a handful of them. But if not, you could check out their contact pages and social media to their emails.

Do Link Building Outreach

Link building outreach is a type of email campaign used to pitch your content to link sources you complied in the step immediately above.

The most important thing here is to sell the benefits of your content to the link sources and their audience.

This is indirect selling which requires some tact and discretion. You do not want to sound over persuasive or indifferent when you ask for links to your content.

There are many helpful link building outreach email copy samples or templates you could learn from online. Below is one of them:

How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Link Building Outreach Copy Sample 01

To show how some other businesses are using this approach, below is the link building pitch I got while writing this piece:

How to Get Backlinks with SEMRush Backlink Checker - Link Building Outreach Copy Sample 01

PS: I get an average of 5 of these emails on a weekly basis.

Some How to get Backlinks FAQs

While you proceed in your link building journey, these are some terms you will come across. Thought to give you heads up on what they mean and how they work:

What Are DoFollow Backlinks?

They are premium powerful links that give authority from the source website to the destination website. What this means is that the more trustworthy links point to your website, the better your reputation and fair ranking with Google.

What Are Nofollow Backlinks?

They are passed from other websites that do not guarantee that they trust you, therefore not passing their authority to you. They are not totally bad because they indirectly contribute to your credibility with search engines though they may not really impact your search ranking. Some of these links come from popular authoritative sites which may also mean huge visibility for your brand.

What Is Domain Authority or Authority Score? 

This is another concern when talking about backlinks. Moz uses Domain Authority (DA) while SEMRush uses Authority Score. It actually indicates how search engines rate your website’s credibility relatively to others within your category on the scale of 100.

I hope you have learnt enough to get started your link building journey. If you have not been including your competitors’ link sources, you must have found a new technique to increase the quality and quantity of backlinks to your website.

SEMRush actually has a free version which is quite helpful for the link building techniques I explained above. It is a rich suite of online marketing tools that go way beyond Backlink Checker or SEO itself.

You may want to sign up for free today.


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