How to sell: These Are the 5 Most Important Things to Do

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How to sell: These Are the 5 Most Important Things to Do

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How to sell anything successfully today goes beyond great product, it has lot to do with character, communication skills and more.

These are the 5 most important things about selling that you must learn:

1. Who you are.

Who you are is a lot more important that what you sell. It is irrelevant whether or not you sell good products if you have a bad name.

2. What the prospect wants to buy.

What is important is not what you have to sell but what the prospect wants to buy.

Vodka is a German drink and it would never have been accepted in the US were it not for the advert “Vodka; takes away your breath”. People who buy Vodka want something that leaves no smell. If you sell them a beer, they won’t buy; even though Vodka is beer.

3. What you sell

If you do not situate your offer in the context of what the buyer seeks, you won’t sell.

How to sell: These Are the 5 Most Important Things to Do

4. Your consistency.

What sells ALWAYS is consistency, not your ability, not your charisma, not your aggression.

60% of all sales happen after the 5th call. Most of the selling would have taken place while the customer keeps coming back. -Bunmi Jembola, CEO Salesruby.

When you are consistently selling a product, you are also selling yourself into the future. This is why it would always be difficult selling when you just get started.

Don’t stop prospecting. Don’t stop finding new people to sell to!

5. What you do after you have sold.

People sell and walk away. Never do that!

If you do, you lose the future. You lose referrals. You lose return purchases. And that is what makes you successful.

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