How to use PageRank for ecommerce websites

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How to use PageRank for ecommerce websites


30-2d abstract:

  • The PageRank tranquil exists and right here’s a deeper stare upon how Google’s Cheap Surfer Model performs a key feature
  • A smartly understanding linking method both internally and externally to your ecommerce field can elevate search visibility
  • Google expert, Susan Dolan and Founding father of main company NOVOS, Samuel Hurley section an ecommerce SEO recordsdata sooner than the vacation season

PageRank is a patent Google introduced, which worn hyperlinks to relief resolve websites rankings within the SERPs. The algorithm used to be named after Google founder Larry Page.

The unique patent has now now not been renewed and has since been updated by other algorithms, which work to catch the a similar purpose. Nevertheless, by working out the classic principles, we will greater imprint the ultimate method to field our eCom websites to power traffic and revenue.

PageRank key ideas

PageRank is passed between websites by hyperlinks and is also disbursed by a single net field with inside of hyperlinks.

Some pages own a nearer PageRank than others and thus can dawdle on more PageRank to pages they link to. When a net page hyperlinks to one other, a dampening ingredient is applied. The unique patent region this as 0.85 – so a net page with a PageRank of one, linking to one other net page would dawdle 0.85 PageRank.

Key update: the Cheap Surfer Model

Google’s Cheap Surfer Model signifies that a link that is seemingly to be clicked on will dawdle more PageRank than a link that is less seemingly to be clicked on. That is obvious by a entire host of issues, including font size, coloration, and anchor text. Nevertheless, the field of a link on a net page is also something that we on the overall own adjust over as SEOs and that we will, subsequently, leverage.

Right here is a straightforward, moderately indecent representation of how clear hyperlinks will dawdle more/less PageRank based completely on the prominence of a link and how seemingly it is to be clicked on.

How link prominence determines PageRank value

Plot exterior hyperlinks by to key pages

As linking pages dawdle PageRank, it stands to reason that we’re looking to generate one plot hyperlinks to key pages that we’re looking to imperfect. For heaps of ecommerce websites, the pages that imperfect for the very supreme quantity and most revenue-riding key phrases are category pages.

Wherever that it is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe maybe also imagine, we must subsequently gaze to make employ of tactics that give a tackle to link constructing by to the pages that power revenue, which for most websites looks something tackle:

  • Category pages
  • Product pages
  • Homepage
  • Blog posts

That is clearly more uncomplicated said than done. Practicing these tactics with an general purpose to power PageRank to your key pages. This reduces the dampening factors at play.

earn previous this

One common manner to bypass this field in constructing hyperlinks to category pages is internally linking to key category pages we’re looking to push from weblog posts/Digital PR items that then earn hyperlinks themselves.

Even though the PageRank passed to the online page we ideally are looking to imperfect will endure a dampening ingredient, this can tranquil be more important than failing to earn any hyperlinks in any respect to your purpose net page.

It is price pondering how connected the category net page is to the weblog/PR part it is being included on, to boot to where the hyperlinks are positioned on the online page, being mindful of the affect the Cheap Surfer dampening create can own.

1. Plot hyperlinks from pages with excessive PageRank

As any Digital PR will know, excessive authority pages or pages that own many of PageRank to dawdle onto your individual field are just a number of the most sought-after hyperlinks to attain.

As a rule, this is truly considered at a area level, however as is demonstrated in this good evaluate of how PageRank works by Majestic, a area that must theoretically own a excessive PageRank can truly be vastly reduced at a net page level by its own inside of linking.

One caveat for Digital PR teams in this regard is now now not being too reliant on area-level metrics as a proxy for hyperlinks that dawdle somewhat just a few PageRank and are thus valid for rating. Exactly which pages own excessive PageRank is nigh-on most unlikely to know, and though an over-reliance on third-occasion instruments is now now not optimal, they also can very smartly be the closest we will earn to determining PageRank passed by a particular net page, in build of a area.

2. Plot hyperlinks from connected websites

As section of the Cheap Surfer Model, it means that a link is less seemingly to be followed if the hyperlinks are unrelated to the doc:

“This cheap surfer model shows the indisputable truth that now now not all of the hyperlinks connected to a doc are equally seemingly to be followed. Examples of unlikely followed hyperlinks also can encompass “Phrases of Provider” hyperlinks, banner adverts, and hyperlinks unrelated to the doc.”  (Source)

As a consequence, constructing hyperlinks from websites that are of greater relevance to your individual field, is seemingly to dawdle more PageRank.

3. Commit it to memory is just not smartly apt in regards to the sequence of hyperlinks

Resulting from how PageRank is calculated, the PageRank price passed by one field also can additionally be enormously greater than the PageRank passed by the culmination of 1000s of others mixed.

For this reason the reliance on the overall sequence of hyperlinks also can additionally be misleading.

Use inside of linking to spread PageRank

We desire to tackle into narrative just a few a form of methods while identifying pages that will profit the most from rating and how you dawdle PageRank spherical an ecommerce field:

  1. Link to pages it is top to imperfect from pages that own excessive PageRank themselves
  2. Link to pages it is top to imperfect more gradually all around the positioning
  3. Give hyperlinks to pages you wish more prominently ranked

1. Link to pages it is top to imperfect from pages that own excessive PageRank themselves

Pages that own excessive PageRank, from which we will catch to be the pages most linked to from exterior websites, also can additionally be worn to dawdle PageRank to – 

Homepage linking

The absolute top instance of how it is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe maybe also create this is by the homepage. The homepage for most websites tends to be one among the most, if now now not the most externally linked to net page on a field.

This components that in phrases of PageRank, the homepage has the most to dawdle on to other inside of pages.

By fastidiously selecting which pages you link to from the homepage, and subsequently dawdle the excessive stages of PageRank to the principle pages it is top to imperfect.

2. Link to pages it is top to imperfect more gradually all around the positioning

One other manner to tackle into narrative is how gradually you link to the supreme pages it is top to imperfect.

Brooding about that every net page can dawdle PageRank on – this stands to reason that if a net page is internally linked to more gradually, it is seemingly to dawdle on more as when compared to a net page less internally linked to (though clearly influenced by the PageRank of the linking pages).

Resulting from this truth, strive to be pondering where it is seemingly you’ll maybe maybe maybe also add inside of hyperlinks to verify that that crucial pages are linked to more gradually, including:

World navigation

Resulting from being birth air of the first body relate of the online page, we will moderately catch there is a dampening ingredient applied to hyperlinks within the menu. Nevertheless, given its feature in navigation, this is seemingly to be a ways lower than within the footer. 

Resulting from this truth, for the reason that world navigation is, because the name suggests, linked globally from every net page on the positioning, the sheer sequence of hyperlinks that will seemingly be passing PageRank is seemingly to funnel to those pages included within the navigation. These must subsequently be the principle pages strive to be rating.


As lengthy-time fans of breadcrumbs at NOVOS, their advantage of passing PageRank to key pages mustn’t be underestimated, attributable to the frequency with which a form of stages of pages are linked to.

The good thing about breadcrumbs on ecommerce websites (birth air of usability advantages for the prospects) is that they dawdle PageRank up to the core pages that on the overall imperfect for competitive key phrases. They are on the overall suited to imperfect the classes.

Most ecommerce websites own a pyramid construction with the homepage at the tip, followed by some core classes, an increasing sequence of subcategories, and heaps of product pages. By enforcing breadcrumbs on the positioning, you exercise the pyramid construction to your advantage (both SEO and CX luminous). Since every product net page will link up to its connected subcategories and category, and every subcategory will link by to its connected category.

On this sense, you distribute inside of hyperlinks as an inverse pyramid, concentrating the very supreme number (if we put out of your mind the homepage) on the core classes that are the pages on the overall centered for excessive quantity key phrases. On this sense, your ecommerce field stands a noteworthy opportunity of receiving good amounts of PageRank from inside of hyperlinks.

Product pages also on the overall are more uncomplicated to make hyperlinks to and likewise naturally generate them. The greater PageRank product pages can distribute upwards, the increased is the relevance – which potential lesser chances of struggling vastly from dampening factors.

Hierarchy of ecommerce site structure and how PageRank can be transferred


In accordance to the Cheap Surfer Model we will catch that the PageRank passed by footer hyperlinks is vastly impacted by dampening factors. Nevertheless, the indisputable truth that these hyperlinks are field-broad also can point out that there would possibly be just a few profit to including crucial pages within the footer for the accumulation of PageRank.

3. Give hyperlinks to pages you wish more prominently ranked

As the Cheap Surfer Model applied to the likelihood of a link being clicked on a net page, it is subsequently price pondering whereabouts on a net page. This could maybe maybe maybe also point out pondering net page templates on the overall hyperlinks.

For example, in a relate method, where multiple blogs are being written on a given connected topic to present a tackle to a category net page, linking to the category net page early within the article, with clearly connected anchor text, is seemingly to power more PageRank than smartly apt at the tip of an article. On a case-by-case basis, this distinction also can appear trivial, however, on an ecommerce field with many of and thousands of blogs, the PageRank passed in total also can very smartly be vital.

Susan Dolan is a Search Engine Optimization Manual first to crack the Google PageRank algorithm as confirmed by Eric Schmidt’s build of job in 2014. 

Samuel Hurley is the Founding father of NOVOS, World SEO Company Of The Year 2020 and 2021.

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