How to Write a Marketing Resume Hiring Managers Will Notice [Free 2021 Templates + Samples]

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How to Write a Marketing Resume Hiring Managers Will Notice [Free 2021 Templates + Samples]


Qualities of a Immense Marketing and marketing Resume

A large marketing resume might perchance perchance impartial silent be successfully-written and formatted on a single page if that it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also imagine. It will also impartial silent maintain crucial components of your employment and educations apart from your queer sign proposition. Looking out on the firm and the job, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also furthermore add abilities, certifications, and other sections to your marketing resume.

It be ironic, nonetheless despite radiant the blueprint to promote merchandise and products and providers, so many marketers personal a laborious time promoting themselves. It will on the total be hard to flip the highlight inward, nonetheless growing a standout resume is a ability all marketers want to most provocative if they want to grow their profession.→ Catch Now: 12 Resume Templates [Free Download]

Options to Write a Marketing and marketing Resume

Must always it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be a marketer whose resume might perchance perchance spend somewhat polish, form no longer anxiousness. With right about a sources and some actionable tips from hiring managers themselves, we are going to can allow you to form a surely spectacular marketing resume that’s determined to stand out to recruiters.

1. Launch up with a template.

To make things straightforward and enlarge your effectiveness, form no longer delivery up from scratch. Resume templates present you with a beginning residing for layout and formatting apart from inspiration for what to embody.

Featured Resource: 12 Free Resume Templates

resume templates

Catch 12 free designed, formatted, and customizable resume templates right here. Take a survey at them, after which spend the recommendation below to customize your resume and make it upward thrust above the leisure in the stack.

Alternatively, there are resume builder instruments obtainable that can abet as successfully.

2. Know your goal target audience.

You by no plot delivery up a marketing campaign without radiant who you wish to realize. That’s on myth of whenever you know your goal target audience, it’s more uncomplicated for the alternative choices to fall into residing.

The identical logic applies to your resume. Do you have to know who will be taught it and what’s crucial to them, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also form your message accordingly. To perform this, you wish to mediate the beget of job and firm it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be hoping to work for.

Seek recordsdata from yourself questions love:

  • Is the job purely in inbound marketing, or will it require both former and digital work?
  • Will you be a specialist or a generalist?
  • Who’s the employer — an company with a buzzing digital marketing team in residing already, or a minute firm taking a survey to leverage the vitality of social media to grow their gross sales? Or perchance it’s a marketing department within a immense and established company?

After you personal outlined what’s most essential to the firm and job it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be applying for, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also fastidiously goal your resume to them. You might perchance know what abilities or traits to highlight, what key phrases to make spend of, and which parts of your background will seemingly be most provocative to the hiring manager. (For clues about which abilities varied marketing roles customarily require, be taught this blog publish on marketing job descriptions. You can borrow phrasing from these for your personal resume.)

3. Give an explanation for your queer sign proposition.

You’ve got a varied mix of abilities, traits, and experiences that make you varied from every marketer. To form a surely efficient resume, you wish to define precisely what this queer mix is — we are going to call this your sign proposition.

To produce your personal sign proposition, mediate what separates you from other marketers. Is it your in-depth recordsdata of promoting analytics? Your ability to write irresistible headlines? Presumably it’s your skills for growing compelling videos? Or perchance you personal a ambitious file of utilizing social media to force gross sales growth? No topic it’s, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also spend it to position your resume except for the team.

To a immense extent, your sign proposition is depending on the beget of positions and firms it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be focusing on. Tall and minute firms on the total survey for completely varied ability sets, as perform firms in varied industries. So as you mediate what makes you uniquely precious, and the plot that aligns with the jobs it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be applying to.

4. Allege impact, no longer aspects.

Notion to be one of many oldest copywriting tricks in the book is FAB (aspects, advantages, advantages).

By promoting advantages over aspects, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be better ready to resonate along with your target audience on myth of it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be surely painting a describe of what existence will seemingly be love with the product or carrier.

The identical goes for your resume.

When writing your resume reproduction, summarizing your journey, or formulating your goal, form no longer merely rely on what you personal carried out. In its keep of growing a listing of duties (aspects) below every feature, outline your accomplishments (advantages). These present a clearer describe of who they’re hiring if they take care of you.

As an instance, somewhat than “Monitored web teach material positioning campaigns,” the next makes a magnificent stronger assertion: “Increased natural website website visitors by 56% in one quarter.”

As a result, the hiring manager is challenged to wonder, “What would existence survey love if we benefitted from this impact?”

5. Resolve your messaging approach.

It’s predominant to uncover your messaging approach — before you write a single phrase of your resume. That’s what you perform in the event it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be running a marketing campaign, is no longer surely it? Right here are among the things to mediate:

  • What’s the accurate structure for your resume in expose to highlight your sign proposition?
  • Which key phrases will your most provocative employer be procuring for?
  • How will you give accurate-world examples of your sign proposition in lag? (Take into myth campaigns you personal speed, social media successes, tips you developed, etc.)
  • What’s the accurate layout and perform to crimson meat up your message?

All these choices might perchance perchance impartial silent be made before you delivery up writing, and they’d perchance impartial silent all be made along with your goal target audience in mind. That plot it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also furthermore be definite that that after ability employers be taught your resume, this might also impartial straight ring a bell.

In expose for you an instance of enormous messaging in a resume, compare out the instance below. Glimpse at the event of roles and key accomplishments in these roles — it tells the applicant’s profession yarn while furthermore making them survey exceptionally noble.

professional experience and progression of roles on a marketing resume

6. Don’t overcomplicate things.

Right love the promoting adage says, “A perplexed mind says no.”

Easy suggestions to bring an opinion is… merely. Even when the topic is advanced.

With this in mind, take into myth what message you wish to ship and abet the reproduction determined and concise to spice up it.

Employ the layout of your resume to abet on this endeavor, and form no longer be unnerved to trim any needless bits.

7. Be definite that your resume gets seen.

Do you have to form no longer personal already obtained a connection at the firm it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be applying to, you will perchance want to appear at via a pc machine. This direction of is what makes it so serious to upload it in a layout that lets in all recipients to be taught it as supposed, love a PDF. That plot, no longer one of many customary formatting or spacing is misplaced in translation, making it surely yucky to be taught from a recruiter’s standpoint. Although they’re going to silent personal win admission to to your resume, confusing formatting might perchance perchance perchance distract them from the teach material.

Many overall applications personal the same set up or export alternatives that indicate it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also finally set up as a PDF. The most overall are Microsoft Phrase and iWork Pages:

  • Microsoft Phrase: Purchase File > Set as Adobe PDF
  • iWork Pages: Purchase File > Export to > PDF

If you ship for your resume, the pc carrier will perform is scan it for relevant key phrases which had been programmed in advance by the recruiter. Then, the machine will either “pass” or “fail” you, depending on how many key phrases and phrases are integrated for your resume that match what the recruiter’s procuring for.

Don’t anxiousness: Even whenever you happen to “fail,” it would not indicate your resume might perchance perchance impartial no longer ever win seen by an steady human. However it surely would not survey enormous, either — so try to foresee which key phrases the recruiter will seemingly be procuring for by making a blow their personal horns of all of the abilities you personal that are relevant to the job description.

Keywords to embody might perchance perchance very successfully be the names of the social media sites you spend, analytics or CRM systems you know, and instrument packages or SAAS systems you’re mindful of. Be definite that you just personal integrated these terms as seamlessly as that it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also imagine at some stage for your resume (where relevant), and add any outliers at the very bottom below a “Technical Expertise” or “Digital Marketing and marketing Expertise” allotment.

9 Things Hiring Managers Are Looking out For in Your Marketing and marketing Resume

Sure, computers will seemingly be mature in the preliminary screening direction of, nonetheless it’s humans — with accurate emotions, pet peeves, spare time activities, relationships, experiences, and backgrounds — who’re finally reading and evaluating our resumes.

They’re furthermore the ones who win frustrated when we form no longer keep aside our employment file in chronological expose; who right form no longer surely feel love reading paragraph-lengthy job descriptions; and who win mad in the event you went to the same college as them. So as to win a blueprint of what surely issues on a marketing resume, I asked some hiring experts what they surely care about after they scan resumes, and right here’s the within scoop on the tips they shared with me. (By the blueprint, form no longer fail to identify what they acknowledged about conceal letters at the quit.)

1. Length

Limit your resumes to one page whenever you happen to might perchance perchance. It takes hiring managers six seconds to take care of whether or no longer they love your resume or no longer. If they perform, they’re going to abet reading. If they form no longer… successfully, it’s on to the next. So, chances are, they’d perchance impartial no longer even win to page two.

In some situations, bleeding onto but one more page is OK, specifically whenever you happen to personal a great deal of surely relevant journey. However whenever you happen to hope to perform that, right form no longer exceed two pages. Keep in mind, recruiters can consistently survey at your LinkedIn profile for the rotund yarn. (Because you personal done your profile on LinkedIn, reliable?)

2. Formatting

Formatting speaks to the blueprint candidates win their thoughts and keep up their tips. As HubSpot’s VP of Sales Productiveness and Enablement Andrew Quinn explains it, “A candidate’s resume is their advert to me. How are they structuring this advert so I win a transparent describe of what they’re apt of?”

There is an spectacular line, even though, warns Marketing and marketing Team Operations & Contrivance Supervisor Emily MacIntyre. “Do you have to stray too a long way from usual formatting, it’s laborious to be taught and understand your resume. Are not getting so ingenious that your resume becomes hard to digest.”

Under is an instance resume with enormous formatting that’s straightforward to be taught. Do you have to like the layout and have to make spend of it as your personal, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also receive it amongst our free downloadable resume templates right here.

marketing resume template with great formattingThe creatives amongst it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be asking, “What about infographic resumes?” Right here’s the general consensus: Don’t make an infographic resume. Each hiring manager I spoke with advised sticking to the classic resume beget somewhat than infographics or other codecs.

“Infographic resumes are unimaginable to esteem,” says MacIntyre. “We esteem creativity, rather than when it’s overkill and laborious to apply. Withhold it straightforward. Everybody appreciates a straightforward resume. Must always it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be a dressmaker, showcase your creativity with a frigid portfolio web teach material apart from to your straightforward resume.”

Under is an instance of a ingenious layout that’s silent straightforward to be taught and understand. It used to be made utilizing the Apple desktop app iWork Pages, which can perchance furthermore be exported as a PDF so none of that sparkling formatting gets tousled in translation.

marketing resume with creative format

3. Writing Effective

Hiring managers throw away resumes with spelling errors — nonetheless writing advantageous goes past right straightforward spelling mistakes. Writing and presenting recordsdata in essential ways is a foremost ability for any space, from blogging to engineering.

Are the crucial components you wish hiring managers to know about you straightforward to spend? Attain you spend concise sentences to bring your efficiency and accomplishments? Are your verb tenses fixed (rather than for present positions)? Is your language overflowing with buzzwords, or does it sound natural? Are you making determined to make spend of first-person without utilizing “I” or “my”? (Gape #11 on this blog publish to esteem why that’s no longer okay.)

“Formatting, spelling, syntax, and structure are all proof of attention to element,” Quinn advised me. “Right here’s crucial for any job, nonetheless specifically whenever you happen to might perchance perchance very successfully be applying to a job where attention to element issues.” Must always it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be applying for a writing space, right here’s powerful extra crucial.

4. Space

Hiring managers want to know whenever you happen to’ll want to relocate. Do you have to already are living end to the firm’s office, enormous! Do you have to’ll be succesful to have to relocate, then it gets somewhat extra hard. Technically, hiring managers can’t legally search recordsdata from you straight where you are living — nonetheless omitting keep will elevate eyebrows. Even P.O. containers are somewhat iffy.

Do you have to perform want to relocate, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also impartial silent silent embody your present, out-of-city address to your resume, nonetheless be prepared to acknowledge to relocation feature questions in an interview. If the firm would not provide relocation packages, will you be ready to personal the funds for taking the job and transferring anyway? If no longer, you will seemingly be losing time.

5. College/Graduate College and Major/Focus

Which is extra crucial: Where you went to highschool, or what you studied?

It is depending on the job you’re applying for. In most situations, your diploma might perchance perchance impartial silent make sense for the feature. Hiring managers are procuring for the tie-in; what’s relevant about what a candidate’s carried out in college. That would not indicate most provocative marketing majors will seemingly be conscious to marketing jobs — marketing teams might perchance perchance perchance rent somebody who came out of ingenious analysis love liberal arts, graphic perform, or writing. An engineering team, on the alternative hand, doubtlessly might perchance perchance impartial no longer rent somebody without a pc science diploma.

marketing resume education sectionIt furthermore is depending on how successful you had been at the college you attended. Whereas there are some hiring managers who most provocative give interviews to graduates of top-tier colleges, most scream it helps to hotfoot to a top-tier college, nonetheless it’s absolutely no longer a deal-breaker whenever you happen to went to a lower-tier college or neighborhood college. A neighborhood college graduate with a 4.0 GPA will seemingly be extra beautiful than an Ivy League graduate with a 2.0.

Speaking of GPA — when to take care of end it off your resume is subjective. In case your GPA used to be below a 3.0, take into myth getting rid of it altogether. If it’s better than that, Quinn says, “The benchmark is 5 to seven years after graduation, which is when candidates have a tendency personal a stable be conscious file of employment. Do you have to did successfully in college nonetheless had lackluster job prospects following graduation attributable to, scream, a unhealthy financial system, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also surely leave it on longer.”

marketing resume education section with gpa listed

It goes both ways, he outlined: “Do you have to had enormous jobs and accomplishments following graduation nonetheless didn’t personal a right GPA, take into myth getting rid of your GPA earlier.”

Three to 5 years after college or graduate college graduation, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also switch your “Training” allotment to the bottom of your resume — except you linked with somebody via an alumni network or whenever you happen to know an govt there furthermore went to your college.

Must take care of end your marketing training to the next diploma and make your resume powerful extra provocative to ability employers? Became a licensed inbound marketing skilled with HubSpot’s free marketing certification.

6. Firms and Titles

Hiring managers will survey at where you personal labored before (perform they acknowledge the firm names or know somebody who works there?) and your titles at these firms.

“Must always it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be applying for a gross sales space at a instrument firm love HubSpot, we’re procuring for journey promoting instrument,” David Fernandez, extinct Recruiting Team Lead at HubSpot, advised me. “Must always it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be applying for a products and providers space, we’re procuring for customer-coping with journey.”

example of a marketing resume

Sure, of us tweak their titles at previous firms to extra intently match the positions they’re applying for. Do you have to perform this, your “contemporary” title might perchance perchance impartial silent be end adequate to what you surely did that if somebody had been to call and compare a reference, they would no longer be dumbfounded. Presumably “Clerk to the Surgical Ready Room” becomes “Buyer Service Clerk.” Additionally, be definite that that to interchange your titles on LinkedIn, too — hiring managers will compare for consistency on LinkedIn, Fernandez acknowledged.

7. Top Few Bullet Options in Each Fraction

Each space you personal had might perchance perchance impartial silent be accompanied by no extra than 5 to six bullet components. Keep in mind, these hiring managers are scanning your resumes surely rapid, so that you just wish to make it straightforward for them to receive and digest the relevant recordsdata by consolidating the largest components and inserting them first. Paragraphs are a expansive no-no.

Luckily, you’re employed in a profession where the total thing might perchance perchance furthermore be measured and analyzed, which plot it’s moderately straightforward to scream a ambitious yarn of success. Take into myth the total ways your work might perchance perchance furthermore be quantified via laborious recordsdata after which agree along with your resume with lag-packed bullet components that bring the sign you personal added.

Focal point on accomplishments first before tasks and duties. Do you have to had a senior administration feature, embody the series of of us you managed. Do you have to constructed a program from the ground up, call that out.

Additionally, embody targets and metrics that hiring managers can spend to review you in opposition to other candidates, and be definite that that these metrics make sense so that you just form no longer confuse the hiring manager. Jog the metrics by your mom. I am serious. If they make sense to her, then they’re all keep. If no longer, then you surely weren’t determined adequate and you wish to tweak the language.

Examples might perchance perchance very successfully be increasing social media engagement, improving web teach material positioning ROI, riding elevated website website visitors, lowering jump rates, boosting landing page conversions, etc. After you personal a listing of your results, take care of the accurate four or 5 and flip these into bullet components love these:

  • Drove 37% improvement in newsletter clickthrough rates by rewriting gross sales reproduction.
  • Grew ecommerce gross sales 23% in precisely 6 months by redesigning and A/B trying out all landing pages.

8. Dates of Employment

Hiring managers survey for job hopping and immense gaps in employment, that are both crimson flags. Job hopping is a signal of failure to commit, a top of the diversity no person desires at their firm. A phrase of recommendation: You might perchance perchance perchance also impartial silent try to shut at every job for a minimal of a three hundred and sixty five days, ideally two or extra years. In every other case, it’s a crimson flag.

And whenever you happen to took longer than six months off of labor, MacIntyre suggests you impress the hole to your resume. If it’s one thing love instructing or the Peace Corps that it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also describe love a job, then you surely might perchance perchance insert it into your resume right as you will every other space:

example resume with peace corps as a position

If it’s one thing love traveling out of the country or taking time without work for family or within most reasons, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also merely add it in italics of parenthesis. “Travelled out of the country.” “Took time without work for family.” “Took time without work for within most reasons.” Hiring managers right wish to survey a rational clarification — that you just had been doing one thing productive along with your time.

9. Interests and Hobbies

Whether or no longer you embody pursuits and spare time activities to your resume is depending on the firm and the job. Must always it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be applying for a ingenious feature, spare time activities love photography and painting will seemingly be provocative to an employer. Must always it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be hiring for an accounting feature, then a pastime love skydiving would no longer be right to embody — hiring managers might perchance perchance perchance categorize you as a threat-taker, and perform they basically want a threat-taker managing their money?

“Take into myth the conclusions somebody might perchance perchance blueprint from your spare time activities relative to the feature it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be hiring for,” Quinn advises. “Attain they crimson meat up or detract from the describe it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also very successfully be attempting to bring? Do you have to know the culture embraces queer participants that personal a colossal background and keep of pursuits, then it ought to even be precious recordsdata. However conservative organizations doubtlessly form no longer care what you perform for your free time — basically, they’d perchance elaborate delivery air spare time activities as distractions.”

Firms with cultures love HubSpot’s want their workers to personal some personality and put money into delivery air pursuits. So whenever you happen to might perchance perchance very successfully be applying to be a half of that beget of culture, an “Interests” or “Hobbies” allotment might perchance perchance befriend you. “They’re enormous conversation starters,” says MacIntyre. “‘You’re a skier? Me too! Which mountain perform you hotfoot to?’ It creates overall ground for conversation and helps us assess culture fit.”

Sooner than along side or omitting this allotment to your resume, fabricate some intelligence in regards to the firm’s atmosphere and culture. (And compare out HubSpot’s culture code whenever you happen to have not already.)

Utilize Less Time on These…

Deepest Statements/Objectives

If truth be told, we counsel skipping these altogether. Frankly, they’re beside the point — now to not point out plot too straightforward to screw up. I’ve spoken with HubSpot recruiters about quite a great deal of times where candidates keep aside the identify of but one more native firm on there — enormous mistake.

In its keep, substitute it with a “Expertise” or “Key Expertise” allotment at the head of your resume, in column layout, that highlights the head six to nine abilities appropriate to the feature you’re applying for. Create determined to interchange these abilities for every job and spend the job description as a guiding precept.

Don’t plagiarize the job description by any plot, nonetheless it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also pull out key phrases. As an instance, in the instance below, one of many listed abilities is “Deep figuring out of the user lifecycle.” That is for the explanation that job description asked for precisely that: a deep figuring out of the user lifecycle and customer hasten.

Skills section on a resume

Pro Tip: Although it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also impartial silent leave this allotment off your resume, you might perchance perchance impartial silent personal one thing in the ‘Summary’ allotment of your LinkedIn profile. Focal point this allotment on narrate abilities and achievements. It be a right residing to keep a hyperlink to your portfolio, blog, SlideShare shows, or examples of labor you personal created love delivery-source code.

Employ that home to keep up a correspondence about narrate achievements from previous roles, awards you personal obtained, or initiatives you personal labored on. The guidelines and talents on right here might perchance perchance impartial silent be appropriate to where you’re headed for your profession, no longer beside the point past abilities. (After I first heard this tip, I straight took “emergency treatment” off of mine.)

Hide Letters

Hide letters fluctuate in importance, depending on commerce, and even on particular person firm. Right here at HubSpot, we phased out requiring one — and as a substitute search recordsdata from candidates considerate questions all the plot via our utility and interview direction of. Many firms that require you to write a conceal letter will be taught it, nonetheless they’re going to focal point mostly to your resume.

With this in mind, embody crucial crucial components to your resume, love gaps in employment, in decision to relying to your conceal letter — that will perchance by no plot win be taught — to impress it. And reallocate these hours you intend to spend writing and perfecting your conceal letter to writing and rewriting your resume. Your resume is the largest tool in the first stage of the utility direction of, so spend a great deal of time on it and search recordsdata from a couple of of us to critique it.

Marketing and marketing Resume Examples

So listed below are some examples of marketer resumes carried out successfully:

1. Andrea Fitzgerald

Marketing Resume Examples: Andrea Fitzgerald

Andrea Fitzgerald uses her page home successfully with listable objects on the left and journey on the reliable. This gives the the rest of the resume somewhat further “skimmability” so hiring managers can without anguish receive the guidelines crucial to them.

She furthermore summarizes her achievements in chunk-sized sentences. This combined with the vertical layout gives a great deal of room to completely checklist out the depth of journey Fitzgerald has.

2. Sarah Casdorph

Marketing Resume Example: Sarah Casdorph Page 1Marketing Resume Example: Sarah Casdorph Page 2

There is an extinct asserting obtainable for keeping resumes to one page, nonetheless for marketers with wide journey, the one page is no longer surely consistently that it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also imagine without compromising readability and perform. On the same time, anything else on the 2d page is in probability of being no longer eminent.

Sarah Casdorph solves for this, inserting top abilities on the entrance page and pulling out “essential impacts” for every space. Now not most provocative is her two-pager without anguish navigable, nonetheless there is a transparent path of fulfillment.

3. Jess Johnson

Marketing Resume Example: Jess Johnson Page 1Marketing Resume Example: Jess Johnson Page 2

Jess Johnson applied to HubSpot with this resume, tailored to the job and firm branding. By taking this queer plot, her goal used to be to stand out from other applicants. Whereas her resume wasn’t the accurate facet in her landing the job, I imagine it obtained somewhat of attention. Finally, a hiring manager is procuring for applicants they are going to pronounce in the space.

4. Natalie Gullatt

Marketing Resume Example: Natalie Gullatt

Natalie Gullatt takes a extra former plot along with her resume, leaving behind like frills in pick on of laborious-hitting reproduction. She expertly conveys her marketing impact with metrics (e.g. “lower[d] prices by 61%” and “generated a $746k income pipeline”) so that somebody eager on her for the feature can search recordsdata from themselves: “What if she might perchance perchance perform that for us too?”

It be Right Take care of Marketing and marketing

As a marketer, you personal a skills for verbal exchange and a stable figuring out of what makes of us take care of. The right news is that by applying this recordsdata to your personal resume, it’s likely you’ll perchance perchance perchance also without anguish stand out from the team.

Editor’s blow their personal horns: This publish used to be initially published in July 2018 and has been up up to now for comprehensiveness.

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