How to Write About Your Professional Background

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How to Write About Your Professional Background


A immense plot to portion extra about your background is to agree with a prepared file, love a professional bio.

A professional bio might be shared with doubtless employers, shared with your colleagues, integrated in your social media profiles, historic for speaking engagement announcements, or historic as an author bio on a weblog.

Writing about your professional background for the first time can even simply feel demanding or awkward, but it for sure doesn’t must be.

Here, we’ll discover some solutions to might make it more straightforward to’re feeling extra satisfied when writing your contain professional background. Let’s dive in.

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What’s a professional background?

A professional background is a summary of your professional experiences — coupled with any relevant non-public data, alongside with interests or passions — that you will use for the interval of your profession as you network with alternate peers, apply for fresh roles, or quiz idea management alternatives.

Your professional background comprises old jobs you’ve had, a success tasks you’ve worked on, notable accomplishments love promotions or awards, professional networking organizations you belong to, and something else you would portion with any individual who desires to seize extra about you professionally.

No longer handiest is sharing extra about your background a immense plot to expose extra about yourself to others, moreover it is some distance a possibility to wholly mirror for your professional rush and the targets you’ve executed — plus, what you hope to attain within the prolonged flee.

Subsequent, let’s dive into the vogue you will want the flexibility to launch.

Write About Yourself

  1. Don’t launch from scratch.
  2. Know your viewers.
  3. Picture professional development.
  4. Highlight your accomplishments.
  5. Be personable.
  6. Inquire for feedback.

1. Don’t launch from scratch.

At the same time as you’re having danger understanding where to launch, try the use of a professional bio template to data you. Templates, love these featured below, form it more straightforward so that you can heart of attention for your non-public data and accomplishments, while not having to danger as a lot concerning the pattern.

Featured Useful resource: Loyal Bio Templates and Examples

Professional Bio Templates

Download the Templates

2. Know your viewers.

Protect in thoughts who will likely be studying your professional bio and cater to your reader.

It’s doubtless you’ll even simply moreover would favor to draft thoroughly different versions of your file to easiest fit particular audiences. As an instance, the model you post for your LinkedIn can even simply no longer be as detailed because the model you post for your non-public web page, and in case your reader is a doubtless employer, it could truly serve to contain significant sides that particularly spotlight why you are one of the most straightforward candidate for the role for which you’re applying.

HubSpot Founder Dharmesh Shah makes use of thoroughly different bios for a form of platforms. On Twitter, for occasion, Dharmesh’s bio is brief and sweet, which is ideal for Twitter’s personality limit.

Darmesh Shah's professional background on TwitterAlternatively, on INBOUND’s web page, Dharmesh’s bio is written in third-particular person for attendees. This bio makes Dharmesh’s current role certain whereas offering some key background data.

Darmesh Shah's professional background on the INBOUND websiteWithin the waste, in his OnStartups bio, Dharmesh’s direct is personable since he’s speaking straight to the reader. This affords readers extra perception into Dharmesh’s background straight from his standpoint.

Darmesh Shah's professional background on OnStartupsThe finest half about this form is that you will want the flexibility to procure as many versions of your bio as you would actually like, or simply recycle a normal model on every occasion you’d like it.

3. Picture professional development.

As you’re writing, take into narrative structuring your professional bio in a ability that creates a timeline to indicate your development. Picture what your thoroughly different roles had been love, and emphasize responsibilities that pickle you up for achievement in your latter roles.

It’s significant to uncover that your timeline doesn’t must be linear.

“Detect for a theme that runs for the interval of several of the jobs you’ve held, and uncover your choices in a ability that shows standard threads running thru each of your profession choices,” explains profession strategist Jenny Foss.

The purpose is to clearly present your viewers the several roles you’ve had, and the draw in which your entire experiences agree with contributed to your overall professional pattern.

4. Highlight your accomplishments.

One in all one of the most straightforward issues about writing your professional background is that it is the excellent substitute to brag about yourself — and I don’t imply humble brag.

Name to mind one of the most a success tasks you have been half of, the methods you’ve helped make and perform, the deals you’ve closed, the earnings you’ve generated, and something else that stands out as a notable accomplishment.

“A former manager once knowledgeable me to preserve a ‘brag sheet’ in a file on my computer. The premise used to be to procure a running record of great accomplishments, media mentions, awards, and letters of advice that I might well reference to form it more straightforward to put in writing about myself. It also doesn’t hurt to begin up this file on every occasion you’re having a demanding day to remind yourself what you’re suited of,” Carly Stec, HubSpot’s Crew Supervisor of Roar material Conversion, knowledgeable me.

It shall be significant to use into consideration how success used to be measured in your old roles — and the draw in which that can even simply form the vogue you write about it.

If success for you tends to be measured in quantifiable metrics, contain sturdy statistics. It will most likely per chance well gaze something love this:

  • “In my first six months, I used so to ticket up for X amount of customers that generated a median monthly recurring earnings of $X.”
  • “I helped boost customer retention by X share.”
  • “With the strategy I developed, my physique of workers used so to lower customer acquisition prices by X share.”

In case your role is essentially measured thru qualitative targets, portion a spotlight that speaks to abilities you excel at. As an instance:

  • “I successfully executed a notable project the use of sturdy time administration abilities and communicated the outcomes to C-suite stakeholders.”
  • “I used so to complete a project that used to be projected to use a complete quarter in half the time thanks to my organizational abilities.”
  • “I was selected to e book a database cleanup project because of my consideration to detail and sturdy physique of workers collaboration abilities.”

5. Be personable.

Timelines and accomplishments are immense, but being personable is even better.

Readers must mild feel love they’re getting some sense of who you are out of your professional background. This affords readers the substitute to seize extra about you beyond a professional scope. At the same time as you’ve any frigid area of interest hobbies that you revel in exterior of labor, this is able to be the time to portion.

That is a listing of prompts to might make it more straightforward to brainstorm the becoming “fun facts” to highlight:

  • What TV present are you for the time being binging?
  • Attain you’ve any pets?
  • What’s something most of us don’t know about you?
  • What languages perform you focus on?
  • What are you most ok with yourself for?
  • What’s something you’ve done that’s bucket-record tremendous?
  • What perform you perform to relax?
  • What are three of your must-agree with apps?
  • What would your favorite colleague order about you?
  • What’s per chance the most straightforward advice you’ve ever obtained and the draw in which perform you apply it to your lifestyles?

Being personable shall be a immense substitute to tackle any unconventional moments in your professional background. As an instance, presumably you’ve made a drastic shift in your profession path, otherwise you took a sabbatical eventually.

About a of these stories can form you additional relatable to your viewers, and likewise you never know who it is doubtless you’ll even simply stop up connecting with over one of your hobbies or extra non-public moments.

6. Inquire for feedback.

Optimistic feedback is key must you’re writing about yourself. While many capture to supply feedback after finishing a draft of their bio, it is lawful as vital to procure feedback out of your peers at earlier phases of your drafting course of.

Oftentimes, our peers can serve identify our strengths and where now we agree with alternatives to enhance. At the same time as you’re having danger environment up a undeniable timeline or pinpointing which highlights you need to mild point out, party with a peep to brainstorm solutions.

Replicate on a success assignments that you have collaborated on and query your peep to produce correct feedback about what you did easiest — and contain that feedback in your bio.

At the same time as you want serve getting started, here is a listing of discussion questions to make use of with your peers to expose professional strengths you will want the flexibility to be overlooking in your contain self-analysis:

  • What role perform you seen I are inclined to play in neighborhood work?
  • How agree with I helped you be extra a success?
  • What perform you seen my most impressive project has been?
  • What used to be your first impact of me?
  • What perform you seen my strengths are?

At the same time as you’re feeling stuck, don’t be panicked to leverage our free professional bio templates to might make it more straightforward to launch.

Subsequent, let’s chase over professional background examples from each tenured and early-profession professionals.

Loyal Background Examples

1. Bozoma Saint John

Professional background example by Bozoma Saint JohnBozoma Saint John opens her biography by covering her most current role at Netflix, then goes the entire plot wait on to the muse of her profession. From there, she affords an intensive overview of her accomplishments, inserting the names of one of the most notable organizations she has worked with.

Detect how she familiarizes us with her by the use of her nickname, “Boz,” for the interval of her professional background. Within the equal plot, you will want the flexibility to use your nickname for the interval of your bio (must you’re writing it in third particular person).

We’d imply writing a background love Saint John’s must you’re looking out out for speaking or presenting alternatives.

2. Jim Kowalski

Professional background example by Jim KowalskiJim Kowalski walks us thru his passions earlier than describing his work abilities and accomplishments. He makes it a present connect his esteem of the auto alternate to his ethos in his work. Some other notable characteristic of his professional background is that he mentions a put he invigorated (it used to be “nearly slow,” he asserts). He closes alongside with his spellbinding adventures around the sphere, alongside with constructing a home in Thailand.

Point out ways that you’ve prevented prospects and other corporations from failing. At the same time as you’ve had great adventures, use into consideration bringing them into your professional background as properly. A background bio doesn’t must be wooden; it could truly be fun, too, as prolonged as you stay internal motive. Plus, it affords the reader of enterprise to connect with you.

3. Katherine Gundlach

Professional background example by Katherine GundlachAt the same time as you’re a faculty student, it is doubtless you’ll even simply no longer agree with a prolonged record of professional accomplishments, but you will want the flexibility to use uncover from Katherine Gundlach’s instance and write about what you esteem to preserve out — and why you esteem to preserve out it.

Katherine Gundlach opens her professional background with her current space as a faculty student, then goes into an narrative that describes why she changed into a photographer. Within the latter half of the bio, she describes her mission when photographing others. To your contain bio, describe the motive of what you perform (or the reason why it’s essential to pursue a undeniable area).

She also says where she’s from. Pointing out non-public data in your professional bio is continuously a ability for readers, hiring managers, and colleagues to indicate to you.

4. Erick Rheam

Professional background example by Erick RheamErick Rheam’s professional background effectively outlines his path to changing into a motivational speaker. He also cements his abilities by declaring that he speaks continuously across the U.S. After, he outlines his imaginative and prescient and motive for doing what he does. Esteem among the opposite examples on this record, he comprises non-public data about himself: that he’s a runner.

This professional background is executed properly since it’s succinct and balances professionalism, abilities, and personality. Possess achieving a same steadiness in your contain background file by dedicating 1-2 sentences to the full lot of your professional and non-public lifestyles.

5. Dr. Houyuan Luo

Professional background example by Dr. LuoDr. Houyuan Luo’s professional background is a classic instance of a bio that’s inspirational, professional, and persuasive.

Within the medical alternate, education is immensely significant — how prolonged you studied can resolve your level of abilities. Dr. Luo right away lists his academic background, then significant sides how passionate he’s for his area. He emphasizes his humanitarian values most, cementing him as a great candidate for medical coaching and speaking alternatives.

At the same time as you work within the healthcare, non-profit, ethical, tutorial, or environmental industries, use into consideration emphasizing your values and ethos in your professional background. Esteem Dr. Luo, you will want the flexibility to leave point out of your current location for the final sentence.

6. Claire Buswell

Professional background example by Claire BuswellClaire Buswell right away establishes herself as a relatable persona by going over her non-public historic past first — then connecting that to her role this present day. Because she used to be once within the equal location as her prospects, Buswell is better prepared to serve them professionally. She makes that certain in her professional background and is susceptible about how exhausting it used to be to procure a job.

At the same time as you’ve created a industrial that solves a instruct that you experienced, use into consideration bringing that into your professional background. Don’t be panicked to be susceptible. Basically, being susceptible can form you additional relatable, and your level of success now will likely be testomony to your methods’ effectiveness. 

Ready to launch writing?

Protect these pointers and examples in thoughts as you’re writing about your professional bio. Your final product must mild be a written assertion that boasts your most notable abilities and achievements. As you continue to growth in your profession, use time to regulate your bio equivalent to it is doubtless you’ll per chance well your resume, and continue to place your readers.

Editor’s uncover: This post used to be to birth with published in November 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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