More Website Traffic: 10 Sure Tips to Generate Massive traffic to Your Website

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More Website Traffic: 10 Sure Tips to Generate Massive traffic to Your Website

tips to get more website traffic 01

More website traffic is crucial to everything a business does -brand awareness, lead generation, audience engagement, sales, product launch and so on. Would it rather be nice to know effective ways you can generate more website traffic then?

Trying to make more sales in this fast and furious era without making considerable effort to tap into your non-customer base is like riding a camel through the hole of the needle.

And, how do you consistently get prospects into your marketing funnel without consistent flow of website traffic?

You are about to learn effective strategy to drive more new web visitors who never heard of your business before to your website through various channels that are relatively cheaper.

Great news, some of these tactics are FOC!  You can’t wait to get free massive website traffic, can you?

How to Generate More Website Traffic?

These are 10 tactics to generate more website traffic, details come shortly:

  • Optimize WordPress Publicize Tools
  • Improve your keyword research techniques
  • Use Traffic Generating Apps
  • Use PR sites to broadcast your posts/business activities
  • Guest posting
  • Backlink Building Campaign
  • Answer Questions on Quora
  • Email Marketing
  • Participate in Niche forums
  • Repurpose popular content into new format and share
How to generate more website traffic -tips and hacks 01
How to generate more website traffic -tips and hacks 01

More Website Traffic -Optimize WordPress Publicize Tools

WordPress Publicize Tools allow you to push content from your blog/website to social media audience. And, you won’t pay for using it. Just so you know.

Thus, my first tactic for generating more website traffic for you is to distribute your posts across your social networks with WordPress Publicize feature. This will automatically tell your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, as soon as you publish a new post.  

Here is a detailed guide on how to generate more website traffic by using WordPress Publicize Tools.

More Website Traffic-Improve your Keyword Research Techniques

Everyone does keyword research. Everyone creates content based on keywords they research. But how many content creators get the desired volume of website traffic via keywords they have researched?

Maybe a handful. Imma tell you why.

Trying to get more website traffic via keyword solely because it has high volume of average monthly searches is like fetching water with basket. It takes so much time plus efforts but brings meagre results to the table.

This is how to handle it.

You need to filter your keyword suggestions further. You should consider the level of competition on the keyword, the Domain Authority of the website(s) currently ranking for it and if there are paid search campaigns on it.

If you are trying to rank for keyword that a very high Domain Authority is already ranking for, not good is my remark. If the ranking website has moderate Domain Authority but no one pays to rank for this keyword at all, not so good is my remark.

You need to find balance in keyword competition, ranking website’s Domain Authority and worth of the keyword.

Learn how to generate more website traffic from selected keywords by doing Free SEO Analysis with Mozbar tool.

More Website Traffic -Use Traffic-generating Apps

There are Traffic Generator Applications that can bring more website traffic to your posts even when you are offline or doing some other things at work.

What are traffic generating apps?

Traffic-generating apps are bots using proxies to appear as though they come from around the world, to sophisticated traffic exchange systems powered by real people and real advertising.

Apart from Traffic-generating bots that will run more website traffic to your blog like Usain, some content aggregator apps or websites accept content which they link to for people to read up.

You could hook up with some of these content aggregator platforms to fetch yourself some beautiful website traffic. 

How to generate more website traffic -trafic generator apps
How to generate more website traffic -trafic generator apps

These are Top 10 Traffic Generator Applications on the Web. Learn more about them and deploy them.

More Website Traffic -Use PR sites to broadcast  posts/business activities

To get more website traffic by using PR sites, four things are involved:

  • Create one-of-a-kind content driven by research, data or insights
  • Organize events, promotion or business activity to share with the world
  • Establish communication channel with bloggers, journalists and media  gurus
  • Provide mentions and backlinks to your website in your official press release

I know every business does public relations, but you and I know how many of them are strategic enough with PR to be able to drive followup website traffic from official press releases.

Now that many blogs operate as networks, if few of them re-publish your press release and you have armed it with mentions and back links, you will be in for some social media mentions and multiple link ups.

Too much juice, too much sauce. Too much links, too much juice. (In YCee Omo Alhaji’s voice).

Errrrm, Curata did a freaking list of awesome content promotion tools, some of them are PR Sites that can help you generate more website traffic. Check them out!

More Website Traffic -Try Guest Posting

Guest posting may not generate large volume of website traffic suddenly, but you can be sure to get targeted traffic which can turn into sales qualified leads faster than prospects from regular traffic sources.

Why do I think guest posting brings targeted website traffic?

If you are contributing to a popular website or blog in your industry, with backlinks and subtle brand mentions, you are putting your business in front of familiar audience.

Those who visit authoritative platforms in industries want cutting-edge knowledge, they are mostly not novice. Thus, guest posting can serve as big bold billboard for your business.

As you share your knowledge through guest posting, more people will know you. More people will pick interests in what you do. Some readers will actually connect with you and start following you online.

Interesting partnership offers do come from guest posting too. So, ensure you put your best foot forward when creating content to contribute on authoritative platforms in your industry.

How to generate more website traffic -guest posting
How to generate more website traffic -guest posting

And, don’t forget to negotiate for back links in your guest posts. One or two backlinks to your website won’t hurt both parties; being there, done that!

More Website Traffic -Do Back Link Building Campaign

Getting more website traffic via back link building is different from guest posting. It is different from using PR sites. This is a deliberate marketing campaign through which you prospect and get relevant websites to link to yours.

Backlink building outreach is a marketing campaign on its own, it is an art. It requires time, expertise and money (at times) to achieve great results.

Getting more website traffic from backlink building is worth all the investment though, especially if you get onto relevant websites that will direct qualified leads to you.

Regarding  backlink building campaign and how it impacts on your website, let me give you one for the road here. This is very brief but insightful.

Link building involves prospecting new back link sources -maybe sites already linking to competitors, creating content relevant to these link sources, reaching out to these link sources, asking them to loan you a link please!

Sounds pretty simple, right?

But, you need to research, plan, pitch and follow up in reality.

More Website Traffic -Answer Questions on Quora

Quora, oh Quora, my dearest Quora!

How much links you have given me, my dearest Quora!

How much exposure you have given me, my dearest Quora!

How much of a problem solver you made me, dearest Quora!

This sums it up for getting more website traffic by answering questions on Quora. People who search Quora for solutions have genuine need for such knowledge.

Nobody wants to sound stupid, but they can get more personalised answers to their worries than regular how-to blog posts. So, when you find questions related to your business on Quora, answer painstakingly.

You can research Quora questions to form content topics, it is worth the effort. It is even more than worth it because after publishing the content, you have audience waiting to devour your blog post, so far it adds value.

How to generate more website traffic -Quora question
How to generate more website traffic -Quora question

Do you know you can blog on Quora?

I won’t say too much. I am heading to Quora now, right now, to search for questions on getting more website traffic. I will answer all the questions and link back to this post.

That’s the code!

More Website Traffic -Do Email Marketing Right

You can get more website traffic by doing email marketing the effective way. I didn’t write do email marketing. I wrote, DO EMAIL MARKETING RIGHT.

And I mean it. Please, do not spam people in the name of getting more website traffic. It is not nice.

Email marketing has been over killed in billions of blog posts by those who are good at it and those who know email too much to learn how it is done effectively. I won’t join the ‘best way to do email marketing’ bandwagon anyways.

More Website Traffic? Participate in Niche Forums

Participating in niche forums in order to generate more website traffic is similar to guest posting. But, it is quite unique in its own right.

Niche forums are open to more contributors, though over time some members of the community become super users, based on their contributions and how other members engage with them.

In Niche forums , you do not go empty-handed if you really want reasonable amount of relevant website traffic. You should add meaningfully to conversations going on the threads. Ask brilliant questions and provide solutions when you can.

The more you participate and gain forum members’ respect, the more attention they give to content you post there. Of course, you don’t want to post content into active niche forums without mentioning your brand and linking back to your website.

More Website Traffic? Repurpose Popular Content into New Format and Share

I know a couple of ways you can use to get more website traffic by repurposing your content or other people’s content. But I will share only one here and now.

Just one? Yes. I’m in my house, coman beat me!

You can re-purpose other people’s content and share with them in exchange for mention or back links.

How to generate more website traffic -repurpose content
How to generate more website traffic -repurpose content

This is how it works.

Assuming you come across a blog post many people are engaging with. If you can find how to tie the popular blog post to your business, product or previous blog post, use the information on that popular content in new format and share with original owner.

You can re-purpose a blog post into infographics or video. You can even do a podcast inspired by that blog post you read. This popular content already have audience -it became popular because people engaged with it. Right?

Re-creating the same content into richer funkier format, will give you access to this audience. Seek necessary permission to reuse another person’s intellectual property so you don’t get into trouble in the name of getting more website traffic.

Hope you find these 10 ways to get more website traffic helpful. Wishing you more website traffic, more leads, more sales and more profit, today and forever. Amen!

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