Online Business Ideas: 5 Ways to Make Money Online

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Online Business Ideas: 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Online Business Ideas -5 ways to make money online

These online business ideas that require majorly internet connection, if the only reason you have not started making money on your own is capital to start.

When people say ideas are worth more than money, they are not kidding. Until you try your hands on these online business ideas, you may not appreciate how much you can achieve without ‘capital.

What’s Online Business?

Online business, or e-business, is any kind of business activity that happens over the internet,without necessarily setting up a physical office.

Why Online Business?

With daily increase in rate of unemployment, cheaper and better access to the Internet, there are unlimited opportunities for making legitimate income by solving problems for people online.

Online Business Ideas You Can Start in 2019?

Here is a list of online business ideas you can start immediately

1. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an online business whereby you are paid commission for promoting other people’s’ products and services.

With affiliate marketing, you choose a niche, carefully pick products or services to promote online and you are on your way to making steady income based on commissions.  

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners?

  1. Search for products/services to promote.
  2. Understand the sharing formula and be clear on your commission.
  3. Promote the products via as many online channels as you can.
  4. Get paid for leads or sales you generate.

2. Sell Digital Ad Space.

You can make decent income online selling digital ad space. No boss, no office required. What you do basically is to connect publishers that have Ad space to sell with advertisers.

Selling digital ad space requires that you have in-depth understanding of publishers whose ad space you want to sell (audience demography and interests), then reach out to advertisers who want to sell to these audiences.

Selling Digital Ad Space Tips for Beginners?

  1. Understand your publishers’ audiences.
  2. Create multiple ad products to sell from ad space.
  3. Constantly review publishers’ available inventory.
  4. Research advertisers online and reach out to them.
  5. Establish advertising rates that work all parties.

3. Sell Photos Online.

Selling photos online is another profitable online business less know in Nigeria. You do not necessarily have to be a photographer to sell and make from photos online.

To successfully sell photos online, you must define your niche. Whether travel, fashion, cityscapes, nature, food, etc., you must be consistent with collection of photography you want to sell online.

Beginner Tips for Selling Photos Online?

  1. Create beautiful collection of photos from your portfolio.
  2. Partner with photographers who are willing to give you right and share income.
  3. Do you keyword research to stay abreast of what type photos people want online.
  4. Register with websites that buy photos online.

Top places to sell photos online include: Getty Images, Shutterstock, iStock, 500px, Stocksy, Can Stock Photo…

You don’t have capital but want to a start business? These are 5 profitable online business ideas that require ONLY internet connection.

4. Sell Financial Products Online.

With basic knowledge of sales and good communication skills, you could sell financial products like mutual funds, quick loans, insurance policies online. You get commission on every sale you make.

As prospects take research and reviews of insurance policies, quick loans, mutual funds among other financial products online, there is opportunity for you to make money as an online broker.

Selling Financial Products Online Tips for Beginners?

  1. Research your options and choose type of financial products to sell.
  2. Take Necessary training online to fully understand chosen financial products.
  3. Start by getting referrals online and offline.
  4. Get the tools to simplify evaluation, prospecting, lead nurturing and conversion.
  5. Build strong online presence or be a subject matter expert at least.

5. Freelance Content Writing.

Against all odds, demand for content creation continues to soar high. With good writing skills, freelance writing could earn you from $5 to $50 per article.

With the growing number of small, medium and large businesses that want strong online presence, freelance writing remains one of the most sought after services.

Freelance Content Writing Tips for Beginners?

  1. Choose topics areas you are passionate about.
  2. Register with freelance websites and build inviting portfolio.
  3. Freelance writing market is fiercely competitive, so build relationships that matter.
  4. Keep an open mind, never stop learning.
  5. If you are writing from home, set a definite work hours and be disciplined about it.

Best websites to get freelance writing jobs?

Upwork, Freelancer, Proville, Indeed, Fiverr, etc…

Starting in May, freelancers will be charged anywhere from $0.15 and $0.90 to submit a job proposal, as opposed to being free. To help freelancers and employers alike prepare for the transition, here is a comprehensive guide to the Upwork Connects pricing changes with everything you need to know.

6.Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistant works remotely as a Personal Assistant in order to manage business or certain project, as instructed by the employer. To succeed as a Virtual Assistant, you must a very organized person who takes initiatives by default.

Virtual Assistant can also be self-employed expert with specific skills who can serve multiple clients and work on different projects daily from a remote location.

Virtual Assistant Tips for Beginners?

  1. Set up suitable working environment.
  2. Know your capabilities and utilise them.
  3. Align your personal priorities with your job.
  4. Understand your client and communicate accordingly.
  5. Be good and versatile enough for clients to rely on you.
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  1. Offering services of any kind is definitely the best way to get cash in your pocket soon, if not right away. Affiliate marketing is a great long term play, and super easy to get started in. A combination of both offering services and doing affiliate marketing can make for a really great business plan 😉

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