Power of Brand Loyalty among Millennials

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Power of Brand Loyalty among Millennials

power of brand loyalty among millennials

How often do you think about the labels in your closet or your home? Or, how often do you turn to labels that you’ve bought before when you’re ready to buy again?

If you’re like most people, you probably develop your brand loyalty, or your brand aversion, without thinking too deeply about it.

You might have had a great experience with a product — say a pair of shoes — or conversely you might have had a negative experience with a company, such as a bad customer service call.

All of that goes into the equation to influence whether or not you are willing to spend money on a brand over time.

But what you think about brands can also be influenced by your generation. The things that are important to Generation Z, for example, are not exactly the same things that are important to Millennials.

How does all that go into the mix for brand loyalty? This graphic explains it.

Power of Brand Loyalty among Millennials


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