Product Launch Plan: 17 Tips to Ensure a Seamless Launch

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Product Launch Plan: 17 Tips to Ensure a Seamless Launch


In case your product crew is working on the subsequent substantial ingredient, there might maybe maybe safe to aloof be an equally plentiful promotion diagram to unfold the notice.

Whereas some companies are guilty of drafting a press launch, crossing their fingers, and hoping that the users will come, there might maybe be in truth much more to it than that.

Fairly merely: If you occur to’ve substantial info, you will need a substantial approach. And that is the reason where your product launch advertising thought is available in.

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Product Launch Notion

A product launch is the coordinated effort of bringing a product to market and asserting it to the arena. The advertising thought outlines the messaging and advertising approach for doing so successfully with the end plan of getting potentialities to adopt the serene product.

From organising the upright messaging and organising the resources to enabling your sales crew and conserving momentum, there might maybe be loads that goes into inserting collectively a right product launch thought.

At HubSpot, I work on the product advertising crew, and we’re to blame for launching all of HubSpot’s serene products. Our trip has shown us that there are three distinct phases of a product launch: the pre-launch, the launch, and the put up-launch.


Earlier than you launch, steal the time to gain with out a doubt cease to the product. Work with your product crew to brand the content they’re attempting to clear up. Join them as they enact users checks. Chat with them about their product philosophy. And most of all, inquire a ton of questions — particularly within the event you’re no longer aware of the house.

Point of interest on working out their imaginative and prescient and turning into a product expert. Out of doorways of the product supervisor, the marketer launching the product might maybe maybe safe to aloof be the most an expert particular person at your company about that product.

By working out the product and performing market be taught, you’ll also align your messaging approach with the product. The first plan will likely be to bridge the gap between what the potentialities’ concern are and what the competition is no longer doing to address them.

The pre-launch stage also entails the required promotion planning as you to decide:

  • The build apart you’ll promote (e.g. engines like google, social media, veteran channels)
  • The build apart you’ll promote your message organically (e.g. social media, blog, web build apart homepage, events)
  • How you will gain picked up by media outlets (i.e. your PR approach and media outreach)
  • Who you’ll depend on to unfold the notice (e.g. companions, communities, forums, third-celebration marketplaces)


For the length of the pre-launch phase, you’ll safe determined what channels to promote on, established relationships with any companions who will relieve you enact so, and created the resources that can draw attention to your messaging on these channels.

The launch phase is merely the execution of all of your planning. This phase is far shorter than pre-launch: it can steal a day, or a week — reckoning on how lengthy you feel you will need.

As you put collectively to transfer on to the launch, you might want to want to take care of sharp on the work and be prepared to build apart out any fires.


The work is no longer with out a doubt over merely for the reason that product is launched. In the put up-launch phase, you’ll enact a retrospective, pulling collectively the tips to discover what went smartly and what did not jog so smartly.

As smartly as, a product aloof desires to be maintained and improved upon past its launch, taking into fable customer feedback in expose to take care of up adoption and retention.

Right here’s, for certain, a excessive-level overview of a product launch. Alternatively, there are some explicit tactical things that you’ll also enact to relieve your launch jog off with out a hitch.

Product Launch Guidelines

  1. Study the house in-depth.
  2. Point of interest on a single buyer persona.
  3. Write a mock press launch.
  4. Create your messaging, nonetheless compose no longer marry it.
  5. Try out your messaging.
  6. Earn obsessed on the beta.
  7. Change your messaging and obtain the most spirited hook.
  8. Situation ambitious targets.
  9. Select the time to gain the market prepared.
  10. Create compelling inventive resources.
  11. Assemble your jog-to-market approach.
  12. Bewitch the honest channels.
  13. Set off your sales crew.
  14. Keep it an match.
  15. Lean into the momentum.
  16. Revisit your jog-to-market doc for reporting.
  17. Shift your focal level on retention.


1. Study the house in-depth.

At most companies, the product supervisor will hang the content that the product solves. They’ll safe a deep working out of who the end-consumer is and what their queer desires are.

The product marketer’s job is to brand the market. They would maybe safe to aloof be in a space to answer questions like:

  • What’s the elevated fable round this dwelling?
  • How enact most stylish potentialities with out a doubt feel about it?
  • What enact other folks like and detest?
  • Is it rising and cutting back edge or veteran and getting disrupted?
  • What are the main recommendations and tactics in this dwelling?
  • What’s your company’s queer level of ogle in the case of this dwelling?
  • How does your serene product fit in?Are you a startup? See if you qualify for up to 90% off HubSpot software.

2. Point of interest on a single buyer persona.

It is probably going you’ll maybe likely also honest no longer must reinvent an existing buyer persona, nonetheless you’ll safe to aloof outline who amongst your target market is a substantial fit for this serene product. What more or less challenges enact they’ve? How enact they work? How substantial is their crew? Confer with other folks who fit this profile to with out a doubt brand their desires and targets.

In expose for you relieve organizing this info, take a look at out these buyer persona templates or this helpful instrument.

3. Write a mock press launch.

At HubSpot, we write a mock press launch sooner than we launch a product. We enact this very early on within the product’s lifestyles to make trek that every person obsessed on the launch is aligned on the messaging.

To give you with the next sense of how this narrate unfolds, right here’s an example:

Product Launch Mock Press Release

But we’re no longer the most spirited ones practicing this reach. Truly, the opposite folks at Amazon employ this narrate, too. The basis is that when you’re employed backward and birth with the click launch, it’s more straightforward to build apart yourself within the patron’s shoes.

If the click launch doesn’t sound very spirited or fails to conjure a response, it’s likely that there might maybe be more work to be accomplished.

(Need some relieve getting began right here? Test out these free press launch templates.)

4. Create your messaging — nonetheless don’t marry it.

Messaging or positioning is basically about refining your product fable to focal level on most fine the Most noteworthy aspects of the serene product by strategy of a straightforward message.

Right here’s refined.

Most product other folks safe the paddle to keep up a correspondence how substantial particular particular person capabilities are –something you might want to want to take care of up far from in launch messaging. At launch, you’ll also honest most fine safe any individual’s attention for a pair of minutes or seconds, so your messaging desires to be persuasive, straightforward, and queer. It desires to keep up a correspondence what your product in truth does and keep up a correspondence its excessive-level price.

You might maybe maybe gain this honest, nonetheless don’t over-decide to messaging. It’ll (and might maybe maybe likely honest) alternate as you fragment your messaging with internal other folks and potentialities.

Product Release Feature Page for HubSpot Ads

Aspects of correct space in most cases consist of:

  • A tagline
  • The problem it solves
  • An inventory of core capabilities
  • The price prop
  • A 10-notice positioning statement

In the screenshot above you’ll also glimpse some of these aspects in motion on the HubSpot Ads product page.

5. Portion your messaging with every person.

It’s time to steal the messaging you’ve been slaving over and gain it in front of your co-workers, potentialities, and potentialities.

Right here’s in most cases the least fun piece of a product launch. Essentially because no subject how correct your positioning is, it takes time to gain the pitch down, and no longer every person will gain it.

It’s correct to birth with participants who shall be a minute of more forgiving and honest sooner than presenting to executives. Exhaust every assembly to pitch other folks and inquire questions. You might maybe maybe fetch as much info as that you’ll also factor in right here and root out any complicated or unsuitable messages.

6. Earn obsessed on the beta.

Having a community of beta testers have in tips your product sooner than you launch it to the public is a extremely crucial step. At HubSpot, we launch products to a community of individuals — our beta testers — which safe opted-in to supply us feedback in alternate for early gain entry to.

In case your company does this, make certain you are talking to the potentialities using the instrument within the beta. Bewitch their tales, review their efficiency, and validate your price prop with them. Right here’s your alternative to take a look at your messaging and gain staunch-world proof to augment your pitch with an target market that is prepared to fragment feedback.

7. Change your messaging and obtain the most spirited hook.

After talking to potentialities and salespeople, and seeing how beta users employ the product, it’s likely that you have uncovered a ingredient or two about your messaging that you’ll also honest must alter. That is correct.

If you occur to’ve accomplished things honest, this received’t suggest drastic adjustments, nonetheless probably a tweak to the worth prop or tagline.

8. Situation ambitious targets.

It is probably going you’ll maybe safe to be deliberate and ambitious with the targets you feature, and that might maybe also be animated when you’ve a serene product with out benchmarks. To fight that, we inquire the inquire of of: “If the entire lot went exactly honest, what is the absolute top that you’ll also factor in quantity — whether that be leads, users, and so forth. — we would also pause?”

This units a ceiling for your campaign — a quantity that is realistically nearly by no reach done.

If I project that the absolute top that you’ll also factor in quantity of leads the campaign can generate is 500, and I end up with 450, I do know we got upright about the entire lot honest. If I generate 550 leads, it reach I doubtlessly didn’t enact a substantial job of atmosphere a real looking ceiling. And if we most fine generate 300 leads, we know some tactics did not work at all.

The image below might maybe also be a real looking toddle as piece of your jog-to-market thought:

HubSpot Example Product Launch Timeline in Phases

9. Select the time to gain the market prepared.

If you occur to’re launching a serene product that enters your company into a serene dwelling — potentially a dwelling where your company doesn’t safe a ton of authority — birth organising thunder material about that dwelling pre-launch.

You’ll must seed this thunder material for web page material positioning functions and to set your company as experts within the market. It’ll also give you a large gamble to ogle what more or less thunder material resonates sooner than the launch, as smartly as relieve you surface any points.

10. Create compelling inventive resources.

At this level, you’re cease to launch and it’s time to birth building launch resources. But sooner than you birth writing emails or building touchdown pages, safe regarding the patron bound:

  • How enact other folks accumulate steal choices to your non-public dwelling?
  • What enact they want sooner than buying for?
  • Is it a free trial? A demo?
  • Is it most fine for them to chat to a salesperson?
  • What enact they have to know sooner than they gain to that level?

If you’ve answered those questions, outline your conversion course. How will you first gain other folks’s attention? In all probability it’s an electronic mail, that drives other folks to a touchdown page, where users are inspired to maintain out a gain.

If you’ve this, gain to work building the real forms, build apart pages, videos, social posts, emails, and a quantity of tactics that can drive users down your funnel and to your conversion level.

(If you occur to are buying for inspiration, take a look at out this list of the most spirited promotional product videos we have ever seen.)

11. Assemble your jog-to-market approach.

Your entire aspects I’ve mentioned might maybe maybe safe to aloof come collectively in a deck or a doc — something that is determined, full, and with out effort shareable.

Right here’s your jog-to-market book: A holistic doc of all launch actions, planning, and targets. This can consist of pricing solutions, market be taught, competitive prognosis, and any a quantity of relevant info you’ll also want.


12. Bewitch the honest channels.

For the length of the planning phase, you’ll safe to aloof safe outlined the channels you might want to want to make employ of to fragment your message. Right here’s no longer a “the more the merrier” gain of ingredient — a mistake serene product marketers in most cases accumulate.

Make certain to take care of up far from channels where the target market might maybe maybe likely also honest no longer be the honest fit. Absorb cease one main channel — an match, a Product Hunt put up, or blog put up — and employ electronic mail, social, paid, and a quantity of channels to augment that main put up.

Shall we embrace, in 2018, we launched HubSpot’s free electronic mail advertising tools on Product Hunt. We safe Product Hunt since it serves as a substantial reach for startups and technology companies to introduce serene products to a community of product-centric influencers.

Product Launch on Product Hunt

Earlier than you launch, enact a final take a look at to make trek that the entire lot works — buttons are functioning, forms are working, replica and inventive seems to be correct, and so forth.

If you occur to’re at an match, make certain you’re over-talking with your crew. At this level, anything else that might maybe maybe jog substandard will jog substandard. Be prepared for that.

13. Set off your sales crew.

Work with your sales crew to coordinate conferences and outreach the day of the launch, or straight away after. And employ indicators out of your advertising efforts to drive the freshest outcomes in sales honest away.

If you occur to running an match, guarantee your sales crew has the choice to chat to potentialities in an organized reach. That might maybe maybe likely also suggest guaranteeing there might maybe be a contented dwelling for them to meet with potentialities, computer gain entry to, or a tool for reserving conferences.

14. Keep it an match.

Although your launch isn’t a dwell match with audio system, you’ll also aloof accumulate it an event.

Host a webinar or Hangout On Air, enact a Reddit AMA, or take a look at out a dwell social chat. Leverage apps for startups to assume watch over and host events free of fee. (Right here’s a real looking book to gain you began on the honest music with Fb Are living.) Invite influencers to take a look at out your product. Ship potentialities and press into your administrative heart for a dwell demo of the serene product out of your product crew.

No subject you enact, strive for an in-particular person component. It is far going to relieve propel your launch even extra.


15. Don’t lose your momentum.

You’ll reach a form of individuals with your launch, nonetheless it in most cases takes a entire lot of touchpoints sooner than any individual is pleased to birth a trial or gain a demo. Keep certain to proceed to transfer other folks who’ve raised their fingers as ” nonetheless no longer prepared to assume” down your funnel.

This reach nurturing emails, free trials, demos, and more in-depth, product-focused webinars and actions. Create extra inventive, like a longer video or social media posts that it can assign you for after the launch. This can also honest give you recent resources to fragment.

And compose no longer forget about instructing your sales crew. This can also honest steal a while sooner than all of your salespeople with out a doubt feel contented with this serene product, so it’s crucial to arm them with unheard of sales collateral (demo video, one-pagers, and so forth.).

Beyond that, you’ll also accumulate a substantial affect by joining their calls: Getting on the phone and pitching the product with them the first couple of cases will give them the boldness they have to assume the torch.

16. Revisit your “jog-to-market” doc for reporting.

With the total work that’s going into launch, you don’t must want to retroactively establish out what to anecdote on. If you occur to’ve accomplished a correct job with your jog-to-market doc, you’ll safe to aloof be in a space to compose a serene toddle and maintain to your outcomes with staunch numbers.

If you’ve had a minute of more time away out of your launch, spend some time examining the outcomes. The build apart did your campaign succeed and fail? What did you fail to await? What did you learn? Submit these to your internal wiki or as a public blog put up.

17. Shift your focal level on retention.

Now that you’ve successfully launched a serene product, shift your attention to retention. Advertising can in most cases play an even bigger feature in using serene users, nonetheless it’s crucial to work with your product crew to set up out programs to relieve assume those users round.

This reach more ongoing training like put up-launch product webinars, as smartly as sharing case be taught and success tales to reward your users what they are going to pause with your product.

Editor’s Demonstrate: This put up became at the initiating published in September 2013 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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