Quote to Cash: QTC Process Plus the Best Software

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Quote to Cash: QTC Process Plus the Best Software


In case you are seeking to optimize your sales task, shut extra affords, and enjoyment extra potentialities and potentialities, then you’ll need to maintain in thoughts the quote to money task.

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Quote to Money

Quote to money (QTC) is a vital speak of the sales cycle because it encompasses the processes that abet you power revenue.

In this text, we’ll focus on the quote to money task and which tools can abet your team of workers with QTC.

What is quote to money?

Quote to money refers to the parts of the sales cycle that power revenue. This contains all the pieces from quote creation to sharing a proposal to receiving price.

Some would impart the second that a prospect in the initiating presentations hobby on your product/ service is the first portion of the quote to money cycle — that’s because it has a relate affect on a subsequent transaction.

Why is quote to money invaluable?

The quote to money task is invaluable because it helps you prepare and analyze the relationship between every side of the sales task that’s bearing in mind enterprise transactions — and which capability that truth your revenue.

It helps you streamline and beef up upon the sales task steps (quote, proposal, and contract creation as neatly as price sequence) to create them extra atmosphere safe, exact, and simple for your team of workers participants and potentialities.

As a result, reps would possibly be ready to shut extra affords and enjoyment extra potentialities.

Quote to Money Route of and Configure, Designate, Quote

You would also neutral have also heard of configure, label, quote — or CPQ — forward of. CPQ is an component of QTC — it capability that you can generate label quotes for orders fleet and accurately.

CPQ helps sales teams effectively generate exact and personalized proposals and quotes while taking into legend factors admire customizations for person potentialities, product functions, and reductions.

Quote to Money Route of (a.k.a. Quote to Money Cycle)

The quote to money task — also called the quote to money cycle — are the steps that a sales get will work through with a prospect in impart to pass during the parts of the sales cycle that straight affect a transaction.

In most cases, the QTC task appears to be like to be admire this:

quote to cash process or quote to cash cycle

  1. A sales get determines they have to create and provide a prospect with a quote.
  2. The sales get creates a quote proposal for the prospect utilizing your QTC/ CPQ software program. These tools will abet the get personalize the quote for the prospect as neatly as be fantastic it’s exact and contains any on hand reductions. (We’ll quilt some of those tools at the moment.)
  3. The sales get items the proposal to the prospect.
  4. The chance and sales get eradicate in negotiation (if any) and advance to an agreement.
  5. The sales get creates and shares the final contract that has been determined upon.
  6. An invoice is created.
  7. Cost and receipt are gentle and generated.

Quote to Money Software

Quote to money software program is supposed to abet you prepare all parts of the quote to money task — the functions you would possibly presumably per chance originate access to with one of those tools have the energy to abet your team of workers expand productivity, effectivity, and accuracy.

1. HubSpot Funds

quote to cash software: HubSpot Payments

Simplest quote to money software program for:

Digitizing funds, increasing revenue boost, and bettering the consumer’s ride with natively built one-time or recurring price hyperlinks.


HubSpot Funds is in beta — it is for the time being supreme on hand within the US top class editions of HubSpot, with evolved functionality in Gross sales Hub for quotes.

Key Facets

HubSpot Funds gives you the flexibility to add a price link — or a recurring price link — to your quote. That map, you would possibly presumably per chance provide a prospect with an estimate as neatly as the flexibility to transact at that accurate second.

HubSpot is weird and wonderful because it is powered by your CRM — any data about a prospect that’s embedded of their customer profile is on hand to you proper during the quote to money task. Having a single command of all the pieces linked to your contacts capability that you can streamline the quote to money task and effectively personalize quotes.

You would also also without considerations gape if a customer has or hasn’t already paid after which kick off the appropriate automatic workflow. This connection also map service reps have visualizations of every customer’s old funds at their fingertips.

Pro Tip: Use HubSpot Funds to satisfaction extra potentialities with natively built CRM-powered funds.

2. Chargebee

chargebee quote to cash processSimplest quote to money software program for:

Configuring quotes with custom contract phrases that instantly flip into subscriptions upon acceptance.


Chargebee’s Endeavor thought gives quotes. Contact their sales team of workers for pricing and a demo.

Key Facets

Chargebee is a subscription billing and revenue management platform with a quote to money software program. It capability that you can create quotes with contract phrases that turn out to be subscriptions once your prospect accepts them.

Email and portion salvage hyperlinks to your quotes with potentialities that they’ll without considerations settle for. Upon acceptance, the quote instantly turns proper into a subscription. An invoice would possibly be generated at that time.

Encompass contract phrases on your quotes as neatly as renewal data. In case your prospect desires to elongate the expiration date of the quote you offered, you would possibly presumably per chance designate so without considerations and without the have to create an totally contemporary quote.

Chargebee also supports PDF quotes. Ship a quote PDF to a prospect that they’ll settle for through email — you would possibly presumably per chance then generate a subscription for that customer at the side of an invoice.

3. DealHub

dealhub cpq and quote to cash software Simplest quote to money software program for:

Developing automatic quote abilities and approval processes inner a configure-label-quote (CPQ) platform.


DealHub CPQ pricing — which contains quotes — is in step with the resolution of customers you have as neatly as your implementation. Contact DealHub for a quote.

Key Facets

DealHub is a CPQ and revenue amplification software program with quotes and proposals. The quotes software program capability that you can create custom quotes for your potentialities and potentialities on your most widespread structure (e.g. PDF, Microsoft Notice, etc.).

DealHub makes it straightforward to add reductions to quotes for fantastic potentialities as neatly as place automatic workflows for managing your quote offer and approval task.

Within DealHub, you would possibly presumably per chance also also substitute product data, quote configurations, pricing, and extra to be fantastic your total sales team of workers stays aligned, consistent, and atmosphere safe through manufacturing quotes.

4. QuoteWerks

quotewerks quote to cash softwareSimplest quote to money software program for:

Developing exact and consistent quotes for your CPQ and quote to money processes, and luminous when your quotes are opened and viewed by recipients.


QuoteWerks has three plans that you would possibly presumably per chance pay for monthly, yearly, or in corpulent, starting from $15/mo/particular person to $29/mo/particular person.

Key Facets

QuoteWerks is a sales quote and proposal software program for CPQ and quote to money processes. As soon as your quote is permitted, it capability that you can possess deposits, development funds, balances, and corpulent amounts.

Use QuoteWerks’ gape and management approval workflows to abet you be fantastic every quote is consistent and exact. Ticket your quotes and customize them with phrases and prerequisites and other contracts — then, procure notified when your potentialities have opened your quotes.

QuoteWerks also serves as a centralized quote storage location — meaning, your team of workers can retailer all quote documents in a single and accessible location to create production extra atmosphere safe.

Use the QTC Route of and QTC Software on Your Gross sales Team

Launch utilizing the quote to money task and QTC tools to create your sales cycle extra atmosphere safe and efficient — that map, reps are ready to remodel extra potentialities into paying and happy potentialities.

quote software

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