The Social Media Content Calendar Template Every Marketer Needs [Free Template]

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The Social Media Content Calendar Template Every Marketer Needs [Free Template]


Dangle you been on a time crunch to designate social media scream?

social media marketer using hubspot's social media content calendar

Most of us contain and it’s a tense inform to be in. Constructing scream in the 2nd it desires to be published is decrease than preferrred for more causes than it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover realize. No longer most high-quality is your scream less seemingly to meet the wants of your viewers, nevertheless you will moreover fail to establish the inventive social issues and events that will per chance be planned for upfront.

On this manual, you will fetch essentially the simplest social media scream calendar template and a step-by-step manual explaining use it.

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HubSpot's social media calendar template pictured in an ipad

Exercise the Above Template to Concept Out Your Social Media Vacation Posts

What’s a Social Media Calendar?

A social media calendar is a planning doc that organizes your publishing time desk by date. This lets you withhold music of points in time, higher tackle your scream creation crew, and designate transparency with stakeholders who rely on your publishing time desk.

Why fabricate I desire a social media calendar?

Constructing an improbable scream calendar is no longer as straightforward as adding a few Instagram put up solutions to your Google calendar. Let’s divulge at the advantages of getting a social media calendar.

1. Higher Organization

Having a scream calendar retains you and your crew organized, which is important when managing more than one social media channels.

Besides coming up with scream solutions on the fly, you per chance can realizing your scream around your group’s wants. It would possibly per chance per chance probably moreover present more time for constructing scream about trending issues and upcoming holidays and events. For instance, if your firm has a huge event coming up, a scream calendar will allow you strategize put it up for sale upfront.

social media content calendar example: INBOUND event social media post on Twitter

Best of all, a social media calendar retains every person on your crew told on when scream is being published. This would possibly per chance well per chance again steer obvious of doable miscommunication and confusion down the road.

2. Simpler Scalability

Every other encourage to having a social media calendar is that it’ll allow you scale your scream production with out overwhelming your marketing crew.

You would possibly per chance per chance be in a position to tempo the production around your crew’s bandwidth and diversified tasks your department is in charge for by planning the scream upfront.

As you scale, make certain you music put up analytics to gaze how your scream is performing. While there is no magic quantity for when or how most steadily you ought to silent put up on social media, preserving an sight on performance will allow you and your crew desire what scream engages your viewers essentially the most.

3. Larger Quality Notify material

Lastly, the use of a social media calendar ensures that your crew has loads of time to fabricate their simplest work.

Planning your posts upfront permits time to double check your work and make certain there don’t appear to be any typos or mistakes. It moreover permits your crew to designate a cohesive and constant imprint image attributable to it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover contain more time to strategize and work on precious campaigns.

Ingredients of a Social Media Notify material Calendar

  1. Key
  2. URLs and UTM Parameters
  3. Date and Time
  4. Message
  5. Advertising and marketing campaign
  6. Image

Perfecting your social media scream calendar doesn’t must be a chore. With these well-known parts, you will contain a basis to prepare your social media intention at a tactical level.


As you observed in earlier sections, your stakeholders will cherish having a straightforward-to-read key that they would possibly be able to use to cherish the details in the calendar.

social media content calendar key

As lengthy as your secret’s obtrusive, correct about somebody on your group can notice your social media scream calendar and understand exactly what’s going down on all platforms.

URLs and UTM Parameters

URLs and UTM parameters are the same, nevertheless they’re no longer one and the the same. URLs are the links you will must fragment from your net pages (or even yet any other net pages whilst you happen to are curating scream) on your social media platforms.

Column for inserting URLs and UTM parameters in social media content calendar

On the diversified hand, a UTM parameter is an extension of your URL. Or no longer it’s a string of monitoring code that’s appended to the slay of the URL and it helps social media entrepreneurs music how well their posts are driving net site net site visitors to their net pages. By monitoring and analyzing UTM parameters, you’ll be in a position to gaze what scream is meeting your conversion targets and what scream is more fit for engagement on social media platforms.

Date and Time

Whenever it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover contain stakeholders or diversified teams that rely on your social media scream, you will quickly survey the encourage of at the side of dates and instances on your social media calendar.

columns for day, date, and time in a social media content calendar

When teammates can notice the calendar and name exactly when a put up used to be or will be scheduled, they will be in a position to quickly proceed with their workflow which is agreeable for you, too. Which technique it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover no longer be interrupted to give standing updates about every Tweet on the docket for the day.


Transparency and context are priceless in the case of social media scream calendars. Giving a brief synopsis of the message or even sharing the caption for a put up can chase a lengthy intention in serving to others within and outside your crew understand what the intent of the put up will be.

column in content calendar for writing social media captions

Pro tip: Whenever you are adding a video to your social media scream calendar that is no longer completed, divulge into consideration adding a rapid Loom video that provides an make clear of what the video will be about.

Advertising and marketing campaign

In relation to monitoring, it’s too slack to commence up when the campaign is over. Beginning up monitoring your social media campaigns on your scream calendar. You would possibly per chance per chance be in a position to fetch this prescriptive by having a dropdown checklist of predetermined campaign names, or if your campaigns are few and much between, simply copy and paste the names subsequent to the corresponding scream.

Pro tip: Align your campaign title with the campaign part of your UTM parameter for seamless monitoring.

column in social media calendar for tracking campaigns


Your social media scream calendar will turn out to be correct yet any other spreadsheet with out some imagery. Since unprecedented of your social media scream will per chance be visual, add a thumbnail-sized version of the image that will be integrated in the published put up. Coupled with the message, stakeholders who notice the calendar photos would possibly per chance per chance contain a pretty correct belief of what’s occurring to be shared and when.

column in content calendar for inserting images that will be included in social media posts

To fetch improving your photos for every platform simpler, check out this cheat sheet for preferrred image dimensions on each platform.

How to Make a Social Media Notify material Calendar

  1. Title your targets.
  2. Align your crew.
  3. Absorb mind diversity, fairness, inclusion, and belonging.
  4. Think what social channels you will use.
  5. Resolve your publishing cadence.
  6. Put up UTM monitoring.
  7. Make an diagnosis tracker on your calendar.

Step 1: Title your targets.

The first step you would possibly per chance per chance like to divulge to invent your social media scream calendar is to name your targets. These will desire how most steadily you put up, who ought to silent be pondering referring to the scream creation project, and which channels you will must make use of.

Whenever you are no longer certain where to commence up with developing your social media targets, we conceal that here.

Step 2: Align your crew.

Along with your targets etched in stone, it is time to align your crew toward these targets. Social media scream creation is a gargantuan inform, especially for lean marketing teams, so don’t rapid yourself on sources — especially skill.

One component we know to be correct this day is that video scream is taking on correct about every main social platform. Which technique you will ought to contain on-digicam skill devoted to producing video scream to meet the wants of your social media calendar.

Whenever you per chance can, secure a scream creator who is well-versed in brief-fetch written scream, video scream, and audio scream to withhold your scream production transferring quickly and forestall bottlenecks.

Step 3: Absorb mind diversity, fairness, inclusion, and belonging.

Selection, fairness, inclusion, and belonging are issues to divulge into consideration when constructing your social calendar. You would possibly per chance per chance must make certain your scream reflects and respects the values and experiences of your viewers. Moreover, the faces, voices, and stories you fragment on social networks ought to silent be representative of your viewers and the higher neighborhood where your industry operates.

That is no longer something that can happen by chance, so that you simply will must devise for diversity and inclusion as you invent your scream calendar. Whenever you will be pleased some guidance on constructing diverse and inclusive scream, check out our fresh be taught on the discipline.

Step 4: Think what social channels you will use.

Every social channel is diversified and the scream you put up on each one ought to silent attract the layout of the platform and the users who use it.

Whenever you are a seasoned marketer or contain an improbable crew, it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover secure that the use of all of the most widespread channels and even experimenting with a brand fresh one will be agreeable to the targets you space in the first step. Nevertheless, whilst you happen to are a crew of one, or your crew is already stretched skinny, it’s OK to commence up with a few social channels and work your intention as much as more.

Step 5: Resolve your publishing cadence.

Related to starting small and working your intention to more social channels, the the same applies to your publishing cadence. Or no longer it’s no longer uncommon for brands to put up daily on platforms be pleased Twitter while posting as soon as per week on LinkedIn would possibly per chance per chance be higher than enough to withhold that viewers engaged.

Resolve a understand at the be taught for every social media platform you wish to make use of to fetch a sense of the posting cadence simplest practices. Then, compare that to the bandwidth on your crew and the targets you would possibly per chance per chance like to invent. Bear in mind: the goal of a social media calendar is to designate and put up a sustainable stride of scream to your viewers — it’s a marathon no longer a bustle.

Step 6: Put up UTM monitoring.

Undoubtedly one of a truly powerful parts of a social media calendar is on the total the part you don’t survey — analytics and monitoring. The very best seemingly intention to trace how your social media scream is performing is to make use of UTM parameters to trace it. “UTM” sounds be pleased a horrifying acronym, nevertheless they’re straightforward to space up and use.

Whilst it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover contain bought them in jam for every link on your social media posts, you per chance can review the metrics of your social media scream.

Step 7: Make an diagnosis tracker on your calendar.

For stakeholders who must shield abreast of how well your social media scream is, designate a tab that shows clicks, views, engagements, and diversified metrics you intend to trace to explain your scream a success. Monitoring analytics would possibly per chance per chance be as straightforward or detailed as your crew prefers.

For a burly checklist of metrics to trace and tools to fabricate it, divulge a understand at this twelve months’s Closing Knowledge to Social Media Analytics.

Social Media Notify material Calendar

Whenever you don’t desire time to designate your social media scream calendar from scratch, commence up with HubSpot’s free social media scream calendar template.

The calendar has all the pieces it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover contain to devise your social media scream, coordinate campaigns, grow reach and engagement, scale posting time desk, and enhance productiveness. Get it now, and apply along with the steps below.

Featured Helpful resource: Social Media Notify material Calendar Template

HubSpot's Social Media Content Calendar Template

Get Now

How to Exercise HubSpot’s Social Media Notify material Calendar Template

The following subsections will label you absorb out each of the tabs you survey in this template — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Step 1: Evaluate the Monthly Planning Calendar tab.

The tab Monthly Planning Calendar presents an overall snapshot of your monthly social media campaigns. It would possibly per chance per chance probably allow you coordinate with diversified stakeholders and withhold all of the transferring parts in inform. Right here’s what it looks be pleased:

social media holiday calendar template

There are three sections to take into story whilst you edit this template. First, the coloration-coding key. Every coloration represents a fetch of scream or campaign it’s seemingly you’ll per chance coordinate, be pleased ebooks, webinars, blog posts, product launches, etc. Though most high-quality a few of these would possibly per chance per chance be connected to you, they’re correct the commence of what it’s seemingly you’ll per chance must encompass here — so guarantee to add and divulge away classes that align with your absorb kinds of scream.

The diversified two sections you will must edit are the Month and Year at the tip of the calendar, as well because the cells below every day of the week. In these cells, you ought to silent enter the form of scream you’ll be promoting that day and coloration-code it to align with the campaign it’s supporting.

In its build of deleting all of the scream in this spreadsheet each month, I like to recommend copying this worksheet twelve instances over and constructing a separate sheet for every month. (If that gets to be too overwhelming, you per chance can repeatedly keep these tabs as a separate workbook.)

Step 2: Populate your first social channel in the calendar.

Alright, now let’s fetch to the social media scream part of the calendar. For the sake of this blog put up, we will use Twitter to illustrate, nevertheless these steps will work for every social channel tab in the template.

For instance you would possibly per chance per chance like to add some tweets to your scheduling template. Scroll over to the Twitter Updates tab in the scream calendar spreadsheet, where you will survey this:

HubSpot social media content calendar for twitter

Day, Date & Time

The principle four columns, Day, Date, Time, and Date & Time are there to your comfort, and whilst you happen to shield to make use of a third-occasion app for pre-scheduling your tweets (be pleased HubSpot’s Social Media Administration Instrument), then these columns will be agreeable. For now, correct absorb in the date for whilst you will put up updates to Twitter, and the time at which you will be pleased them to head out. The Date & Time column will robotically trade according to what you kind in the earlier two columns.


Now, let’s switch over to the Message column. Right here, input the copy you will be pleased to appear on your tweet, taking into account you ought to silent cap it at 217 characters to permit enough room for a link. (Read this blog put up for a burly personality count manual.) This spreadsheet will auto-calculate the amount of characters it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover contain entered to withhold you on level, turning yellow and in a roundabout blueprint pink as you technique 240 characters.


After it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover contain composed your tweet, paste the URL you will be pleased to encompass on your tweet in the Link column. Salvage certain to encompass UTM parameters so that you simply will know whether or no longer these tweets are driving net site net site visitors, leads, and customers. Right here is a truly powerful step to endure in mind whilst you happen to would be pleased to prove ROI from social media. You would possibly per chance per chance be in a position to moreover use the Advertising and marketing campaign column to add an associated campaign which helps with more detailed monitoring and reporting.


Finally, in the Image column, join the tweet’s image (whilst you happen to would possibly per chance per chance moreover contain one). For Twitter, we recommend photos that are 1200 x 670 pixels.

(Click on here for a burly cheat sheet of social media image sizes.)

Whenever you are having difficulty attaching your image to the spreadsheet, apply these steps:

Step 1: Click on on the cell where you will be pleased to jam your image.

How to add an image to an excel cell, step 1 click insert

Step 2: Click on Insert in the tip row, then click on the Image button, and at closing, click on Image in cell to shield your image.How to add an image to an excel cell, step 2 click image and image in cell

Step 3: In the Insert image window, shield the choice your photo will reach from. On this case, we uploaded a picture from our computer.

How to add an image to an excel cell, step 3 upload the image

Step 4: You would possibly per chance per chance now survey the image seem in the cell.How to add an image to an excel cell, step 4 final step, image appears

Pro Tip: This project is correct for organizational applications. Whenever you shield to add the spreadsheet to your social media publishing tool, this would per chance moreover no longer join — you will contain to fabricate that manually. Whenever you are a HubSpot buyer, facts for bulk add your Twitter scream to the HubSpot Social Publishing Tool would possibly per chance per chance be chanced on within the downloaded template.

Don’t Neglect to Work together With Your Followers

Whether you divulge this spreadsheet to devise your scream or add it to a third-occasion app, you will silent must complement these updates with on-the-fly scream. Breaking news hits? Whip up a brief update to fragment it with your network. Did someone on your network tweet something attention-grabbing? Give it a retweet with some commentary. Purchased a attention-grabbing comment on one in every of your updates? Acknowledge with a “thank you” for their interplay.

Constructing with and scheduling your social media scream upfront is an big time-saver, nevertheless it absolutely ought to silent chase with out asserting that you simply silent must video show and add to your social presence at some level of the day.

Finally, we attend you to experiment with your social media publishing. This template presents publishing dates and instances for every social network, nevertheless it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover secure these are intention too many updates so that you simply can absorb, or even too infrequent to your booming social presence. If here is the case, you ought to silent alter your social media publishing frequency as well-known.

Now that it’s seemingly you’ll per chance moreover contain bought the ins and outs of a social media scream calendar, download the one below with out cost and commence up planning your scream.

Editor’s fresh: This put up used to be first and main published in January 2020 and has been as much as this level for comprehensiveness.

social media content calendar

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