The State of Content Marketing in 2021 [Stats & Trends to Watch]

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The State of Content Marketing in 2021 [Stats & Trends to Watch]


Snarl advertising is the path of of planning, increasing, and sharing content material with your purpose target audience. It helps you generate notice consciousness, persuade customers to take action, and drive earnings.

There are many styles of content material advertising, like social media and blogs, however novel developments and solutions emerge yearly that commerce the methods agencies reach their audiences.

As a marketer, it’s mandatory to know what your opponents are specializing in, so that you might maybe manufacture a approach and stand out from the crew. On this post, undercover agent crucial stats to learn about the recount of content material advertising in 2021 and developments to search for out for all three hundred and sixty five days lengthy.

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Snarl Marketing Stats to Know

  • 47% of merchants gape three to 5 pieces of content material sooner than taking part with a gross sales score.
  • 82% of marketers document actively the pronounce of content material advertising in 2021, up 70% from closing three hundred and sixty five days.
  • Marketers’ primary desires for working advertising campaigns are notice consciousness, rising gross sales, and rising engagement.
  • Video is largely the most frequently dilapidated dangle of content material advertising, overtaking blogs and infographics.
  • Google’s search algorithms try to transcend textual content material to photography, utter/podcasts, and movies.
  • The top technologies dilapidated by B2B organizations to complement content material advertising are analytics instruments, social media publishing, and email advertising scheme.
  • The top three organic content material distribution channels for B2B marketers are social media channels, email, and web content material.

Snarl Marketing Trends to Peep in 2021

1. Video takes middle stage.

Media uploads elevated by 80% YoY in 2020, as patrons spent most of their time at dwelling passing time by observing content material. Customers watched 12.2 billion minutes of video in 2020 (as confirmed within the image beneath), equal to 23,211 years of content material.

graphic displaying how consumer video consumption has increased from 2016 to 2020

Image Source

Because this changing particular person behavior, video is now the principle dangle of media dilapidated within any content material approach, taking middle stage for the 2nd three hundred and sixty five days in a row.

graph displaying that video is the primary form of media used in content strategies in 2021

Image Source

As video consumption is now such an integral piece of a particular person’s droop, HubSpot Senior Copywriter and Tag Campaigns Manager Alicia Collins and Senior Motion Clothier Megan Conley recount, “This [consumer behavior] also implies that video might also be dilapidated at some stage in all parts of the flywheel…agencies dangle traditionally dilapidated it as a mode of introducing their notice and product or service offerings. But that’s now not the case anymore.”

The movies you’re thinking that to manufacture and the places you opt to portion it will depend fully in your person alternate needs. Some agencies are choosing shorter dangle movies on TikTok to elevate notice consciousness, as National Geographic has performed within the video beneath.

Wistia chanced on that lengthy-dangle video is changing into extra neatly-liked, making come for prolonged video size, as Patagonia has performed within the video beneath.

2. Leveraging multimedia every time imaginable.

To boot to to video, it’s an an increasing selection of neatly-liked approach to consist of multimedia into content material every time imaginable. Jason Lapp, President and COO of, says, “Video and portray-heavy social platforms dangle narrowed attention spans globally, forcing marketers to reach again up with novel methods to rupture up textual content material and magnify content material comprehension.”

Lapp adds, “Inserting multimedia — corresponding to video clips and interactive slides — into textual content material-heavy content material will change into a extra neatly-liked come of taking part audiences and allowing readers to path of discipline cloth extra with out issue.”

The gif beneath is an example of a weblog post that has dilapidated an interactive video to extra masks directions given within the textual content material.


Image Source

3. Strategic SEO tactics.

In 2020, HubSpot VP of Marketing Matthew Howells-Barby mentioned he desired to search for the preference of marketers actively investing in SEO rush up. His desire came staunch — 69% of marketers in 2021 document investing in SEO, up 5% simply from 2020.

Marketers are making these investments to manufacture tailored experiences for web content material customers. Nonetheless, the shift in 2021 is much less about SEO optimization in overall however as a alternative taking into consideration “Capturing niche and lengthy-tail key phrases and increasing content material that’s extra taking part than the total ‘Final Guides,’ and ‘Top 55,’ lists,” says Brooklin Nash, head of content material at Sales Hacker.

Agencies are buying for a come to simply seem in SERPs and manufacture in-depth content material that is novel, precious, and diverse from what opponents offer on these same end result pages. 71% of marketers toughen Nash’s assertion, reporting that their alternate’ 2021 tactic for SEO is taking pictures strategic key phrases.

4. Podcasting will grow immensely.

A content material advertising style to search for in 2021 is the upward push of podcasts. Capture into consideration the following statistics:

  • In October 2020, there dangle been 34 million podcast episodes and over 1.5 million packed with life reveals.
  • In beneath three years, podcast listening within the US has elevated by bigger than 60%.
  • Big-title companies like Apple and Spotify are rising their investments in podcasts and audio platforms.
  • The podcast market is expected to reach bigger than 2 billion by 2023, which plan that marketers are getting bright to devote primary time and money to the channel.

So, why are podcasts so neatly-most stylish by patrons? At the starting set, there’s one thing for every person. With 72,000 novel episodes per day (as confirmed within the graph beneath), the possibility of finding an episode that appeals to their pursuits is extremely excessive, whether it’s a mystery memoir or an exact-life fable about how their popular alternate used to be constructed.

2d, podcasts basically feel like a dialog between the hosts and the listener. Moderately than being talked at, listeners basically feel they’re being talked to and walked thru the content material in a extra natural, human manner.

Agencies are investing in podcasts because they elevate primary advantages: “Podcasts dangle the facility to drive precise outcomes and repay by come of leads and earnings,” says Zachary Bellinger, CRO at Casted. In actuality, 53% of podcast listeners in actual fact journey listening to commercials at some stage in their listening journey, and 61% of purchasers who hear these commercials on a podcast were extra liable to opt a featured product, serving to drive alternate earnings.

Holly Shannon, Producer and Host of the Culture Component 2.0, says that podcasting is also a colossal come to pronounce content material to attach your alternate as a source of alternate authority: “It will highlight you and your crew as notion leaders. This permits you to be in contact authentically and elevate your worth to the table for all to hear globally.”

Featured Resource:  The fitting approach to Begin a Podcast for Your Commercial

Be taught the entirety you might dangle gotten to manufacture, record, launch, and promote your podcast.

how to start a podcast guide cover photo

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5. Snarl personalization.

Craig Davis, Used Chief Artistic Officer at J. Walter Thompson, says, “We favor to kill interrupting what folks are attracted to and be what folks are attracted to.”

A highlight for marketers in 2021 is sharing content material with patrons that is contextually related to their pursuits and confirmed to them on the appealing time. This plan that you witness your target audience’s likes, needs, and desires and portion content material that will be in contact to them. In flip, you’ll make notice loyalty, drive conversions, and generate earnings.

An example of leveraging this style is studying user behavior in your web content material. When you leer that a browser lingers on particular product pages and places an merchandise of their cart, make them these pages or products the next time they search suggestion out of your location.

6. Handy content material trumps the quantity of content material.

As agencies pivoted to totally digital experiences in 2020, it changed into extra crucial than ever to offer precious content material to patrons. This style arises because, as patrons spent an increasing selection of time online, they witness the entirety. When you post three Instagram tales per day and your opponents simplest posted one, what does it topic in case your content material didn’t provide your target audience with any dangle of worth?

“By no plan sooner than has guaranteeing your target audience obtains staunch worth out of your notice meant so remarkable,” says Kelly Hendrickson, Social Media Marketing Manager at HubSpot. As an illustration, state your content material advertising approach specializes in your social media channels. If that’s the case, you are concerned much less about posting extra than one events per day however as a alternative about guaranteeing that the content material you elevate out portion provides honorable worth to your customers.

Lab Muffin Class Science, Michelle Wong’s YouTube channel, follows this approach. She simplest posts as soon as per week, and when she does, the movies are lengthy-dangle, precious pieces of content material that express her target audience about one thing related to their pursuits.

Lab Muffin Beauty Science youtube channel video list screen

Image Source

7. Hosting virtual events and webinars.

A webinar is a video presentation, seminar, lecture, or workshop brought to an target audience digitally. Despite as soon as being declared out of date, webinars dangle change into extremely neatly-liked at some stage within the last three hundred and sixty five days, again credited to COVID-19 neatly being and security regulations:

  • Webinar platform BrightTalk reported a 76% magnify in virtual events between March and June of 2020
  • ON24 noticed a 167% YoY magnify in utilization of their webinar instrument.

Attending events digitally allowed patrons to continue to work alongside with their popular agencies and continue to secure worth from presenters and alternate leaders. As security restrictions are lifted, webinars and virtual events are silent right here to defend — the international webinar market is expected to reach 800 million by 2023, up 253 million from 2015.

The novel ‘originate a residing from dwelling’ model makes this imaginable thanks to the convenience of attending an match from wherever a particular person is positioned. Plus, the added bonus of having the facility to score staunch of entry to content material on-search information from if they are recorded and shared.

HubSpot’s yearly INBOUND conference is always an in-particular person match, however it completely has been virtual for the past two years. Even though neatly being and security restrictions within the US are being rolled again, this match will silent be a friendly, three-day virtual immersive journey.

HubSpot inbound 2021 conference website homepage featuring event attendees sitting in the audience

Image Source

8. Repurposing existing excessive-worth content material.

As mentioned above, COVID-19 has pushed marketers against prioritizing offering precious content material over anything else, and repurposing content material is a come to elevate out so.

Nash says, “I’m most inflamed to search for how content material teams repurpose content material as a alternative of starting from scratch. In 2021, content material teams will launch figuring out learn the approach to most effectively pronounce content material from webinars, round tables, podcasts and conferences to stoke the content material bonfire…We don’t favor to reinvent the wheel, simply score it turning faster.”

Repurposing content material is re-the pronounce of your existing content material and presenting it in a novel structure. The truth is, since you’ve already created excessive-high-quality, precious content material that your target audience enjoys, you amplify its reach.

That you just would be in a position to have the opportunity to repurpose content material in varied methods, like increasing a dart presentation from a top-performing weblog post, sharing screenshots of reports from product pages in your Instagram profile, or increasing textual content material transcripts of your podcast episodes.

Holly Shannon is a fan of repurposing podcasts because transcripts might also be dilapidated as SEO-optimized weblog posts, and audio clips might also be dilapidated as subsequent social media posts. Resplendent Up Podcast has performed one thing equal to Shannon’s suggestion, and in addition they’ve repurposed their podcast by taking video of their recording session and sharing the clip on their Instagram page.

Live Up-to-date On Your Alternate

It’s always crucial to defend up-to-date on what’s going on in your alternate, and being responsive to those developments is a come to elevate out so. Whenever you opt to leverage such a developments in your advertising approach, make certain that that it’s related to your alternate needs and might maybe mean you might maybe stay your desires.

When you favor to learn extra about the advertising alternate, learn this post about overall advertising developments in 2021.

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