Threads is widely rolling out on the web

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Threads is widely rolling out on the web

Meta’s Threads is now rolling out on the web. Launched July 5, 30 million people signed up in the first 24 hours – but after the early excitement passed, the app faced user retention challenges.

Why we care. The expansion to the web could potentially enhance Threads’ active user count and provide a solution to its retention issue. While Threads doesn’t display ads, brands utilizing its paid promotion options might experience substantial growth in reach and potentially higher conversions.

How it works. The web version of Threads,, works in a similar way to the app. Upon visiting the website, users are asked to provide:

  • A username, phone number or email address
  • A password

The login details are the same as you use on Instagram.

Upon accessing the web app, the homepage layout closely mirrors that of the mobile version, showcasing an app bar with identical tabs.

The Threads website includes a dropdown menu allowing users to toggle between light and dark themes, report issues, access the about page or log out.

Usability. Web users are currently able to post a thread, scroll through their feed and interact with others in the same way that they are on mobile. However, there are certain mobile-specific functionalities that are yet to be introduced to the web version. For instance, profile editing is currently unavailable.

Meta is currently addressing these issues and expects a fix to be implemented in the coming weeks.

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What Meta is saying. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thread that the web version would be rolling out “over the next few days.”

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Dig deeper. Threads FAQ: Everything marketers need to know

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