TikTok rolls out new label for AI-generated content

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TikTok rolls out new label for AI-generated content

TikTok is launching a new label to help creators tag their AI-generated content.

Creators are advised to use this label on content that’s been fully or heavily edited by AI to comply with the platform’s rules on synthetic media.

Additionally, TikTok is planning to test an automatic “AI-generated” label that will be added to any content it detects as having AI involvement.

Why we care. Keeping up-to-date with TikTok’s guidelines is crucial to avoid potential penalties. In addition, clearly labelling AI-generated content plays a pivotal role in tackling misinformation and deceit, helping to improve trust and simplifying the process for creators to build relationships and foster credibility with their audience.

Why now? TikTok launched its new label after making it a requirement for creators to tag AI-generated content earlier this year, under its Community Guidelines’ synthetic media policy. These labels should be used on content that includes lifelike images, audio, or video. Their purpose is to help viewers understand the content better and prevent the possible spread of misleading information.

Learning tools. To help TikTok creators understand how and why they should use the AI labels, the platform plans to release educational videos and resources in the coming weeks. A spokesperson explained:

  • “We hope that with time, people will start using these labels just like they do verified account badges and branded content labels, making them another useful tool for creators and viewers to share and make sense of content.”

TikTok AI effects rebrand. To make things even clearer regarding TikTok’s AI-driven features, the platform is renaming all TikTok AI effects. Now, these effects will have “AI” in their name and label, and the platform has also instructed Effect House creators to follow suit in their guidelines.

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What has TikTok said? A TikTok spokesperson said in a press release:

  • “Our goal with these efforts is to build on existing content disclosures—such as our TikTok effects labels—and find a clear, intuitive and nuanced way to keep our community informed about AI-generated content.”
  • “AI-generated content is an exciting opportunity, and as it evolves, our approach will too.”
  • “We will continue to iterate as we evaluate the impact of these updates and work with our community to safely navigate the recent advancements of AI-generated content together.”

Deep dive. Read TikTok’s official announcement on New labels for disclosing AI-generated content for more information.

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