Remote Working: 20 Tools for Working from Home Effectively

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Remote Working: 20 Tools for Working from Home Effectively

20 Tools for Working from Home

Before 2020, working from home/working remotely was a known phenomenon, but 2020 has become a game-changing year for remote working.

Thanks or no thanks to events of this year, workplaces have found the need to introduce teleworking into the system. In light of this new work situation, this post looks at the tools you need for remote work.

Basic Working from Home Tools

To work at home efficiently and effectively, there are some tools and devices that you must have. In fact, without them, you can hardly get your work done while at home. They are tech devices that connect you to your office, your team members, and clients.

With these essentials in place,  achieving set goals becomes easier. Below are the remote work essentials you need to work from home.

1. Computer

If you’re to work remotely, then getting a PC, if you don’t already have one, is a priority. But it isn’t enough to have a laptop; your laptop/desktop needs to be equipped to take on all the duties. Also, you should be able to connect to your working place through your computer to stay on the know and other group activities and tasks.

Even if you’re working alone, you still need a computer that can easily connect to the world, whenever you need it to.

2. Keyboard and Mouse

Well, you can’t be fully functional as a remote staff without a functioning keyboard and mouse. Only with them will you be able to type and carry on with your daily work operations. A laptop keyboard can perform all the required operations, but you should have a full-sized laptop.

20 Tools for working from home

It would reduce the strain on you and help you stay active for longer. This is because its bigger size helps reduce the strain associated with smaller keyboards, especially if you are working for an extended period. When your comfort is in place, your overall productivity will also increase.

3. Connection Cord and Adapter

If you’re to work from home, you sure need a place to plug in your computer, monitor, phone, and other electrical devices. This is why you need a connection cord and an adapter.

If you are to connect multiple devices around your workplace, you should buy more than one cord and adapter. This will help reduce the rowdiness around your working area. People tend to neglect connection cords and adapters when seeking remote working tools, but your connection cord and adapter are just as important as other tools.

4. Printer and Scanner

Not all jobs require printing or scanning of hard copy documents, but if your job requires this, you should put it in place. You should have your printer and scanner set up within your working space to take away the stress of going outside your home just to get printing and scanning done. Also, you will achieve flexibility and more productivity this way.

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5. Router/Wi-Fi (Stable Internet Connection)

Asides the hardware, you also need a strong and fast internet connection to get you through your job operations. An unstable or feeble internet connection can frustrate your work, communication with team members and clients, and even more. This is why you should ensure to set up a good internet connection in place for your working space.

Communication and Engagement Tools

When working from home, the most important thing is to learn how to communicate and engage effectively with your team members, boss, and even clients.

Since you don’t get to see your co-workers and clientele physically, how well you communicate and engage with them virtually determines your individual and collective productivity. The following are some tools that will help you in this regard.

1. Headset and Microphone

If you would need to constantly do conference voice or video calls with your team members, the management, and even your clients, you should get a headset and microphone.

This will enable you to communicate with them effectively. They’d hear you clearly, and you would hear them just as well. If possible, get a noise-canceling headset, it limits distractions.

2. Chat and Conferencing Software

Apps like Slack, Asana, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts/Meet, aid communication at work even if the staff aren’t together at a physical location. Having these chat software will enable you to work effectively with your boss, team members, and even clients.

They have been designed to aid communication and collaboration: thus, they do absolutely well. Overall, these apps will aid your productivity while also helping to build your professional relationship with your team and co-workers.

3. Shared calendars

The use of shared calendars has continued to aid engagement and collaboration ever since its introduction. It encourages employees, team members, and even the management to prioritize their time and duties appropriately. Also, it helps the managers and the supervisors to assign tasks and roles appropriately.

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Accountability Tools

What is work if accountability is not in place? Productivity will reduce drastically. It is easy to have reduced productivity while working remotely compared to working at a physical office space. This is why accountability tools are there to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved.

1. Time Tracker

The Time Tracker is an app or software that tracks the time employees spend working on their operations and duties. It helps the employees stay time-efficient and productive.

2. Goalie

The Goalie is another topnotch software tool that is effective for monitoring the progress of projects and specific operations. It is usually set by the supervisors, managers, team leaders, and the likes to ensure that the subordinates achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner.

4. Report Taker

Report Taker is another tool that aids effectiveness and efficiency while working remotely. If set up by your company, this software reports your performance and productivity to the high ups. It then enables them to compare your performance to that of other workers.


Who says productivity while working remotely is unachievable? It is. The tools above will help you stay efficient and productive while working from home, whether you are the employer or employee.


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