5 Types of Entrepreneurs and Their Personality Traits

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5 Types of Entrepreneurs and Their Personality Traits

Types of Entrepreneurs

Do you know how best to relate with your boss, team leader or business partner? Learn from these 5 most common types of entrepreneurs based on personality traits to help you understand them better.

These are 5 types of entrepreneurs based on personality traits found in animals that have been carefully studied over the years.

Types of Entrepreneurs -Eagle

Eagles fly with eagles. When eagles mix with other birds, they do so to find something to eat and then take off.  The altitude at which eagles fly makes it difficult for them to keep company of other birds.

Eagles have strong vision. They see their prey from a very far distance, focus on it until they get it. Eagle’s body sits still while her head tilts side to side to observe what is happening around. They are very attentive.

Eagles do not eat dead things. They may be flying at altitude as high as 10,000 feets, they can land on the ground as quick as possible to get their preys.

Eagles test before they trust. They train their children to maturity. They retire until new feathers grow.

5 Types of Entrepreneurs -eagle
5 Types of Entrepreneurs -eagle

Characteristics of Eagle Type of Entrepreneurs:

  • are fearless and face problems head on
  • are very focused and value clarity in what they do,
  • keep company of similar people,
  • are problem solvers and don’t give up their goals easily,
  • don’t sit around and grumble, rather happily take on challenges
  • test before they trust and build leaders out of others

Eagle type of entrepreneurs are open to new ideas but do not fall for it easily. They always re-invent themselves, shed old feathers and come out better

Types of Entrepreneurs -Horse

Horse is very hard working and doesn’t mind being a servant. They are born with zeal and passion. They are being warm-hearted, enthusiastic, and positive.

Horses make lots of friends because they are generous to others. They have interpersonal skills that can easily liven up their environment.

Horses are typically lively and active. They run in broad areas without getting tired. They love independence and freedom. Male horses are romantic, and like to create surprises.

Characteristics of Horse Type of Entrepreneurs

  • Are energetic and passionate,
  • Are Upright and aspirant
  • Are eloquent natural leaders.
  • Have insight into people’s mind
  • Respond sensibly to people

Horse type of entrepreneurs have great work ethic. They are humble enough to serve their team members.  When they kick, it hurts badly. So, be careful not to hurt them.

5 Types of Entrepreneurs -horse
5 Types of Entrepreneurs -horse

Horse type of entrepreneurs are rarely prepared for unexpected circumstances. Some of them cannot keep secrets, so be careful with what you share with them.

Types of Entrepreneurs -Shark

Sharks have skeletal system that is made of cartilage. This makes them more flexible than regular fish.

Sharks breathe through a series of five to seven gill slits located on either side of their bodies. This is why they are super sensitive and can spot their blood of their preys from afar, together with their acute sense of smell.

Sharks have multiple rows of teeth, they grow new set of teeth often as they lose teeth regularly.  They have many layers of scale on their skin which helps with movement and energy conservation.

With different skin colours at upper and lower parts of the body, sharks are able to camouflage in order to deceive their preys inside the water.

Sharks mature slowly, and reach reproductive age anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

Characteristics of Shark Type of Entrepreneurs:

  • Are risk takers, identify and take new opportunities quickly
  • Are very aware of their environment
  • Have big or loud character
  • Like to dominate because of their big appetite
  • can overshadow everyone around
  • Are well socially-connected,
  • Relate with different people differently
  • Can be thick-skinned

Shark type of entrepreneurs can be desperate when they need something. All they care about is profit, nothing else. They care for you for as long as you help them make profit.

5 Types of Entrepreneurs -shark
5 Types of Entrepreneurs -shark

Shark type of entrepreneurs care less about relationships, they want to make money and that is all that matters.

They treat different people in different ways based on their perception of such person, so you want to study them carefully to be able to know how to relate with them.

Types of Entrepreneurs -Rhino

Rhinos grow up to 6 feet tall, weigh as much as 8,000 pounds; only elephants are bigger than them. They are cantankerous beasts that allow no animal or anything to stand in their way.

There are Black rhinos, White rhinos, Sumatran rhinos, Javan rhinos, and Indian rhinos. They have lips and teeth that are strong enough to break down vegetation. They use their lips as if they were fingers, to grasp branches and twig.

Rhinos wield their tusks as weapons to inflict deep, life-threatening wounds.

Rhinos have thick grey skin which is wrinkled and almost entirely devoid of hair.  They have tendency to deposit their dungs in communal heaps, forming mounds up to twenty feet across and four feet high.

Rhinos are mostly killed by poachers to get their highly-valued horns. Their horns are made of tubular fibers secreted from the skin of the nose and cemented together

Characteristics of Rhino Type of Entrepreneurs

  • Brawny and self-assured
  • Don’t trust strangers and are always bulking up
  • Are strong and loyal
  • Can be very creative and romantic
  • Can be a  bad loser
  • Can be a persuasive smooth talker
  • Swear and curse in conversations
  • Are not particularly intelligent
  • Have charming character and are well-respected

Rhino type of entrepreneurs put their heads down -typically stubborn. They pull down, break whatever stands in their way. They are not the type that fits into an environment or team.

Rhino type of entrepreneurs act bullish periodically and gives them excuse that it is caused by the circumstance.

Inability to curb their violent or overly aggressive attitude earns them bad public image but their friends love and understand them because they know them better.

Rhino type of entrepreneurs prefer spending quiet time with their families or taking long walks with close friends. People who don’t know them well enough give them lot of space. They would rather stay in their comfort zone. They rarely go looking for trouble.  

However, they can turn out to be a dangerous creatures with uncontrollable anger.

5 Types of Entrepreneurs -rhino
5 Types of Entrepreneurs -rhino

Rhino type of entrepreneurs bully their ways to success, if they find reason to do so. Be careful with entrepreneurs who bully or blackmail people into doing things for them.

You know any abusive boss? He/she may be a rhino!

Types of Entrepreneurs -Monkey

Monkeys are hairy animals with long, fur-covered tails and hands with thumbs. They kinda act silly most of the times!

They have grasping tails that help them stay balanced when moving from branch to branch. They are rarely on the floor (of the the forest) as they are either jumping from one tree to another or clinging and swinging in between branches of trees.

Monkeys have different body sizes, ranging from small to medium which helps them with leaping that they are known for. Those with big body sizes live on the ground though.

Some monkeys have colorful patches of bare skin on their bodies. They mostly live in the jungle, love to eat fruits (banana preferably) and anything that smells good.

Monkeys help and nurse each other when they are wounded. They hold each other’s hands and groom their offspring with affection.

Characteristics of Monkey Type of Entrepreneurs

  • Are curious and adventurous
  • Are mischievous and intelligent
  • Are strong and swift
  • Are caring and helpful
  • Are cheerful and emotional
  • Are witty and smart
  • Are sneaky and can catch feelings
  • Are fast learners and crafty opportunists
  • Do enjoy being bad because it’s fun

Monkey type of entrepreneurs do not settle quickly into relationships, because they are curious and always jumping in and out. But, once they find someone to trust, they commit themselves as much as possible.

Monkey type of entrepreneurs are the less serious type that procrastinate a lot. You sometime wonder within yourself how this type of entrepreneurs got money to start business or how they manage to survive in business.

They are charismatic, fun-loving type of entrepreneurs who put up a show at every opportunity. It is easy to get distracted when working or doing business with such people, though they may manage to stay focused and keep going because it is their lifestyle.

Monkey type of entrepreneurs do great in business. They keep fantastic relationships. It is not bad doing business with them, you only need to put on your guard so you don’t get carried away by their showmanship.  

Chinese people believe that those who were born in 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016 are predominantly monkeys in behaviour.

Check that entrepreneur’s date of birth (or your boss’) to be sure he/she is not a monkey. I’m not anyways. LOL!

Hope you can identify what type of entrepreneur you or you can identify that your boss is, so you know how best to relate with him or her. More types of entrepreneur with their personality traits are coming. Fingers crossed!

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