‘We can start to build that relationship’: Why Simple Mills is leaning on CTV and digital video to boost brand awareness

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‘We can start to build that relationship’: Why Simple Mills is leaning on CTV and digital video to boost brand awareness

August 13, 2021 by Kristina Monllos

Straightforward Mills is asking to use associated TV to cement its designate title with patrons. Founded in 2012, the snack designate has a presence in 25,000 brick-and-mortar areas and, over the leisure year, invested in rising its e-commerce alternate. 

Now, Straightforward Mills is aiming to continue that order by boosting designate consciousness with its first nationwide ad marketing and marketing campaign by its inventive and media company FIG. The “majority of the finances” for the promoting and marketing campaign used to be spent on video on Hulu, Roku, Samsung and YouTube, in step with Jamie Rubinstein, senior designate supervisor at Straightforward Mills. 

“As we continue to grow as a designate, as we continue to innovate and begin new merchandise, we in actual fact would in actual fact like to make certain that that patrons are connecting the dots that we now beget more than one product lines, and that Straightforward Mills as a trademark designate,” acknowledged Rubinstein. “This prime of the funnel [advertising] is how we are in a position to open to manufacture that relationship with these patrons.” 

While the firm has designate recognition for customers searching for out pure or organic meals brands — the firm used to be based mostly as a gluten-free muffin mix alternative and grown to provide other gluten-free snack alternate choices — Straightforward Mills is asking to increase its client disagreeable. The goal of the firm’s first nationwide ad marketing and marketing campaign is to “introduce ourselves to new customers,” acknowledged Rubinstein. 

It’s unclear how Straightforward Mills divides its ad finances or exactly how great the firm is spending on associated TV and digital video as Rubinstein declined to allotment these figures. Nonetheless, Rubinstein did reveal that the firm “more than doubled” its ad finances this year over remaining year. 

Shifting beyond the speak-to-client playbook of Facebook and Instagram ads to television and associated TV to preserve designate consciousness is a frequent ability for entrepreneurs. Currently up-and-coming brands admire Kajabi and Smalls beget turned to TV to diversify their ad purchasing for as successfully as enhance designate consciousness. 

Doing so “provides legitimacy” to the designate in a mode that promoting on social channels doesn’t, in step with Allen Adamson, designate consultant and co-founder of Metaforce. By utilizing more traditional promoting “patrons will mediate you’ve got gotten dimension and scale,” acknowledged Adamson, that can likely well fabricate them more at possibility of attempt that designate. 

Straightforward Mills will be monitoring reception of its ad marketing and marketing campaign by associated TV and “if rising into traditional TV is something that makes sense” the firm will produce so, notorious Rubinstein.

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