What Does it Mean to Use Concatenate in Excel [+ Why It Matters]

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What Does it Mean to Use Concatenate in Excel [+ Why It Matters]


Copy and paste shortcuts are helpful till that you would possibly well presumably also fair own hundreds of files aspects to manually combine and reformat.

Fortunately, that you would possibly well presumably also utilize the CONCATENATE Excel honest to assign time (and curb carpal tunnel) when joining files from cells, rows, or columns.

That diagram “to affix together” or “to mix,” concatenate is a formula to unite the contents of two or extra cells into one cell.

The honest enables you to mix files from columns, cells, ranges, and rows into no topic format you wish, making it easy to swiftly be part of names and addresses or effectively screen dates and times.

There are varied systems to blueprint up the CONCATENATE formulation in Excel, so we will stroll in the course of the steps required to utilize this honest and cease your worksheet needs.

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How one can Concatenate in Excel

While there are several systems to mix textual whine in Excel worksheets, we will be focusing on the CONCATENATE honest.

It combines the contents of two or extra cells into one cell with out bodily altering the form of the cell and is on the full conventional to affix items of textual whine (known as textual whine strings or strings) from particular person cells into one cell. The following textual whine string is the combo of all strings on your CONCATENATE formulation.

Right here’s a survey at how one can concatenate in Excel:

For instance that you would possibly well presumably also fair own a checklist of potentialities whose first and closing names are separate. You will need all americans’s full names to originate a retargeting campaign, so that you make a selection to affix textual whine from column A (First Title) with the textual whine from column B (Final Title).

Sooner than using the CONCATENATE honest, that you would possibly well presumably also fair make a selection to originate a brand new column for your mixed textual whine. Within the instance below, it is column C (Stout Title).


Now, that you would possibly well presumably also be ready to concatenate the important thing and closing names. To carry out that, you make a selection to realise both the syntax of the honest and how one can format the textual whine strings that make up the formulation.

Excel Concatenate Formula

Like any Excel capabilities, the CONCATENATE formulation begins with the equals impress (=), followed by the honest title, an beginning parenthesis, and the textual whine arguments. No make a selection to web heated – in this context, arguments simply expose the formulation what cells to mix.

=CONCATENATE(text1, [text2], …)

=CONCAT(text1, [text2], …)

text1: Right here’s the important thing argument to affix and is on the full a quantity, textual whine, or cell reference.

text2, text3, and plenty others:  These are the additional items to mix. The CONCATENATE formulation will probably be part of as a lot as 255 items, with an complete of 8,192 characters.

Display:  In all versions of Excel 2016 and former, the CONCATENATE honest has been modified with the CONCAT honest. This honest works in the right same formula, with the added ability to mix textual whine over a unfold of cells (i.e., =CONCAT(A2:D8)). While that you would possibly well presumably also accrued web admission to the CONCATENATE honest for compatibility reasons, Microsoft warns that CONCATENATE can also fair not be on hand in future versions of Excel.

Excel Concatenate with Residence

Double quotations (” “) encompass a neighborhood between the textual whine arguments wherever you wish one to seem. Proper undergo in mind to insert a comma earlier than and after every blueprint of quotations or else an error message will pop up and the formulation gained’t plod. You are going to perceive your formulation is appropriate whenever you happen to hit “Enter” and the brand new textual whine string seems exactly the style you wish.

Within the title instance, you make a selection to mix the textual whine in cells A16 and B16, so add these arguments to the formulation. Be sure that to blueprint the arguments in the dispute you wish them to seem. To web “First Title Final Title,” blueprint up the CONCATENATE formulation devour this:

=CONCATENATE((B16, ” “, A16)

Display: If at the least one in all the CONCATENATE honest’s arguments is invalid, the formulation will return a #VALUE! Error.


Now it is time to apply the CONCATENATE formulation to every title in the checklist. Merely fly over the mixed cell till a plus impress (+) seems in the bottom actual-hand nook. Then click on and defend while dragging the cursor down column C, highlighting the full cells you make a selection to affix.


While you launch the cursor, voila! The formulation is utilized to every cell. This prevents you from having to kind out the formulation for every cell by letting you concatenate dozens of textual whine strings in an on the spot.

Excel Concatenate Strings

Whether you mix textual whine and numbers, the outcomes of the CONCATENATE honest is repeatedly a textual whine string. The naming instance above is a rather easy instance, however it completely’s that that you would possibly well presumably also factor in to originate longer, extra well-known textual whine strings in Excel. Basically the most well-known to doing so is to be particular that your outcomes present price to whoever is using the details.

For instance that you would possibly well presumably also be engaged on an e-mail campaign and make a selection to personalize the field line with every buyer’s title. As a replacement of manually typing out title after title, that you would possibly well presumably also utilize the CONCATENATE honest to mix the textual whine strings. For this situation, I conventional a catchy e-mail field line from Warby Parker.


I write the following formulation, making sure to encompass commas and areas where I need them to seem.

=CONCATENATE(B2,” ,”, A2, “,”,” “, C2)


I then apply the formulation to the full column to generate my checklist of personalized field traces.


As you experiment with longer textual whine strings, know that every cell reference in the CONCATENATE honest should accrued be listed individually since it will not acknowledge arrays. As an illustration, your formulation should accrued survey devour =CONCATENATE (B1, B2, B3, B4) in blueprint of =CONCATENATE(B1:B4).

Combining textual whine is easy ample, however throwing dates and times into the combo can also fair end up in a messy formulation and mistake-ridden outcomes.

Concatenate Date and Time in Excel

That you too can prevent issues with time and dates by embedding the TEXT honest into the CONCATENATE Excel formulation. This can mean that you would possibly well presumably also defend watch over the formatting when combining textual whine with a quantity or a date.

Let’s survey at how one can combine all of this files. On this worksheet, I own to account the date and time every weblog put up went reside so I will reference the details all over my month-to-month performance analysis.


The formulation wanted to affix these three strings can also fair survey sophisticated, however it completely’s easy if you elect how one can format the date and time. I own to leave the dates and times as they’re, so I encompass the date (mm/dd/yyyy) and time (hh:mm:ss) formatting into the CONCATENATE formulation.

=CONCATENATE(A2, TEXT(B2,”mm/dd/yyyy”), ” at”, ” “,TEXT(C3,”hh:mm:ss”))

The final consequence is a textual whine string that affords well-known context by sharing what date and time the posts went reside.


Notice the honest to the rest of the worksheet using the same steps as earlier than. Crawl the plus (+) impress in the bottom actual-hand nook of the mixed cell down the column, highlighting the cells you make a selection to concatenate.


Excel Concatenate Vary

If you happen to will probably be brooding about your new Excel abilities, that you would possibly well presumably also fair own the urge to jump in and put together worksheets with hundreds of files aspects. The utilization of the CONCATENATE honest can trail up your work, however know that there are barriers.

Excel easiest enables you to mix 255 items, as a lot as an complete of 8,192 characters, using the CONCATENATE honest. So that that you would possibly well presumably also fair make a selection to work in sections in dispute for you to originate hundreds (or hundreds) of most novel textual whine strings.

The CONCATENATE honest doesn’t accept arrays (A3:E5), so guarantee to checklist out every argument you make a selection to encompass in the formulation. In dispute for you to mix a huge range of tens or hundreds of cells, try out one in all these shortcuts.

Use the CONTROL key.

  1. Form in the important thing segment of your formulation =CONCATENATE(
  2. Preserve down the CONTROL key and take the actual person cells you make a selection to mix.
  3. Birth the CONTROL key, kind a closing parenthesis, and hit ENTER.

Use the TRANSPOSE honest.

In dispute for you to mix hundreds of cells, you manufacture not make a selection to waste time clicking on every cell. As a replacement, utilize the TRANSPOSE honest to originate an array earlier than swapping it out with the actual person cells.

  1. Settle on out the cell you make a selection to utilize the CONCATENATE honest.
  2. Form in the TRANSPOSE formulation to generate an array of cells. This can survey comparable to this: =TRANSPOSE(A1:A10)
  3. With the TRANSPOSE cell chosen, press the F9 key in the formulation bar to interchange the array with the actual person values to be concatenated.
  4. Delete the brackets around the values so that that you would possibly well presumably also be left with easiest a checklist.
  5. Enter the CONCATENATE formulation earlier than the values, and shut the formulation with a parenthesis.
  6. Hit enter to seem your new textual whine string.

While particular heavy Excel users whisper the CONCATENATE honest is changing into outdated, it is accrued a marvelous shortcut for combining textual whine strings with out impacting the rest of your worksheet. If you happen to will probably be new to this diagram, dangle the time to be taught extra about how one can utilize Excel and take a look at out these marvelous keyboard shortcuts. You are going to be whizzing your formula around worksheets and dealing extra efficiently very swiftly.

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