What is Flat Rate Pricing? [+5 Examples]

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What is Flat Rate Pricing? [+5 Examples]


I will roar one thing that most likely would possibly perhaps perhaps well most likely now now not shock you — customers despise surprises. To be more particular, they despise depraved surprises.

A frequent “depraved shock” for customers is receiving a higher-than-expected invoice, or one with hidden prices. Both of these scenarios are avoidable with flat price pricing — a capability the place you price a single, up-front price for a mission despite the time, effort, and materials it takes to total it.

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The model has been round for decades, but a increasing quite loads of of contractors are readopting it. Let’s get a more in-depth glimpse at the model, uncover its professionals and cons, and gaze it in action with some examples.

What’s flat price pricing?

Flat price pricing includes charging a single, fixed price for a selected carrier. This price does now now not fluctuate despite the time or effort it takes to total.

Flat price pricing is attention-grabbing to each companies and possibilities as a consequence of its no-nonsense blueprint. As soon as a customer is of the same opinion on a price and signs the dotted line, the relaxation is easy — no deserve to meticulously display screen or myth your time. And, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well accurately mission your earnings per job.

As an illustration, for instance you’re a freelance graphic designer and price a flat price of $400 for a symbol fabricate. No matter whether or now now not it takes you one hour or 20 to total, or if a customer asks for a whole lot of revisions, you are going to get home $400.

In step with the instance above, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well most likely guess that flat price pricing is marvelous for swiftly and repeatable companies and products. This puts you in a spacious place to blueprint extra cash in much less time. In other words, while you happen to total a mission quick, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well switch on to 1 other one and generate more profit.

How can I calculate a flat price? [Formula]

Flat price price = (Hourly price Hours of labor) + (Materials price Markup proportion)

Flat rate pricing formula

Whenever you happen to price issues accurately, a flat price will duvet the mumble and oblique prices with a healthy profit leftover. Nonetheless calculating an optimum one requires a solid plot — and a shrimp bit of guesswork. So while you happen to hope to decide a spot price that will give you the results you want, prepare these steps:

  1. Commence by estimating the assorted of hours it would get to total a mission. Whenever you happen to are in doubt, exercise your work history as a e-book —or research what your rivals price for similar initiatives.
  2. Multiply the assorted of hours it’s likely you’ll perhaps well work on the mission by your hourly price. The following amount is your total labor price.
  3. If applicable, calculate the cost of materials for the mission.
  4. Multiply the cost of materials by your markup proportion. The following amount is your total materials price.
  5. Lastly, add your total labor price and total materials price to search out your total flat price.

Challenges of Flat Charge Pricing

Flat price pricing comes with its half of disadvantages. For one, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well hunch into trouble if customers seek data from above and past the usual scope of labor. With out managing customer expectations, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well overdeliver on a mission without dazzling compensation.

To meet more demanding customers, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well deserve to consist of a provision that enables a definite quite loads of of adjustments or revisions at some stage in a mission — setting up determined expectations and protecting your backside line.

For flat price pricing to work, you furthermore deserve to accurately estimate your hours. Whenever you happen to are a beginner, this amount will likely be demanding to calculate. Even seasoned professionals can furthermore fight with this step, particularly when a mission experiences unexpected setbacks, delays, or challenges. If some aspects of the mission get more time than expected, you won’t be paid for the extra hours.

Examples of Flat-Charge Pricing

1. The Original York Times

Many digital subscriptions make exercise of a flat-price pricing model. For event, the Original York Times affords unlimited gain admission to to the digital version of its newspaper for $17 each four weeks. Whether you be taught finest one or 100 articles a week, the payment stays the same. Customers furthermore gain precisely what they pay for – no more and no much less.


Postal companies and products admire USPS and FedEx provide flat-price shipping. With this model, the load or shape of an merchandise does now now not decide the shipping price. Instead, it’s per how noteworthy it’s likely you’ll perhaps well stuff true into a flat-price box or envelope. For customers, this up-front price affords a spacious deal of predictability when estimating shipping prices.

3. Scentbird

Scentbird is a monthly physique spray and cologne subscription box. For $15.95 a month, subscribers are despatched a 30-day provide of fragrances to their mailbox. The subscription price does now now not alternate in the case of the whole payment of the merchandise in the box. In other words, there are now now not any hidden prices or surprises for customers.

4. Provider Work

Provider personnel ceaselessly invoice by the hour. That blueprint, customers assemble now now not know the blueprint noteworthy a mission prices unless the invoice arrives weeks later. Diversified tradespeople, including electricians, plumbers, and auto mechanics, turn to flat price pricing to streamline the billing job and steer determined of battle with unhappy customers.

5. True Estate

A staunch estate company, agent, or broker can also merely provide a flat price for closing a sale. The flat price remains the same, despite whether or now now not you raze up selling higher or decrease than the preliminary checklist price. This model differs from the usual proportion-based price that most realtors price.

Final Tips

A flat price is indubitably one of the most important easy pricing devices. Customers know the cost upfront, and companies can elevate earnings and put time from tracking work hours. Nonetheless for this model to work, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well even be pleased to gauge how long initiatives will get to total. In case your estimate is mistaken, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well also merely plot up quick.

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