What Millennials Look for When Searching for Jobs

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What Millennials Look for When Searching for Jobs


Welcome to Inc.’s Planet Plan podcast–the save we stare how companies can focal point on their aim and remodel their producers. Be a part of co-hosts Scott Goodson, Yolanda White, and Chip Walker as they save aim-pushed companies under the microscope while offering insights and diagnosis. On this week’s episode:

A Look Which contrivance

Popping out of the Covid-19 pandemic, more of us are having a peep for greater that contrivance–both in their day-to-day lives and their jobs. Particularly, millennials are having a peep to total work that serves a more in-depth aim than simply paying the funds. There may be a rising expectation among youthful generations that aim must be integrated come what may or one other along with your profession, whether you judge in the work that you’re doing or the corporate you’re working for.

Firms equivalent to Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s get figured out success in building producers with aim-pushed reputations. Millennials are more alternate acutely aware than ever earlier than: Preserving companies responsible no longer easiest for what they philosophize available in the market, nonetheless moreover how they inspire, inspire, and attract skill.

Co-hosts Scott Goodson, Yolanda White, and Chip Walker talk with Like a flash Firm‘s social media producer Christina Royster and Like a flash Firm‘s companion editor Yasmine Gagne about easy the vogue to search out a sense of aim, the adaptations between the vogue that older and youthful generations reach work, and how companies can decide to being aim-pushed.

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