When I Spent All My Money on an Apartment, a Leaky Pipe Taught Me an Essential Business Lesson

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When I Spent All My Money on an Apartment, a Leaky Pipe Taught Me an Essential Business Lesson


When something is in actuality your bother, you resolve repair it.

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I spent all my money procuring my first flat — which supposed I had no money to repair my first home owner’s bother. This used to be 2007, and I was a broke 20-something who’d pushed himself to the limit. I was sleeping on an air mattress because I couldn’t afford furniture. Boxes were in every single space. Then I seen a leaky pipe under the tub, which created a soggy puddle. I couldn’t afford a plumber but didn’t desire to introduce myself to the neighbors by crashing via their wet ceiling.

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What to total? I took the bus to a close by store and talked with the superb chap within the abet of the counter. He explained repair it, let me strive it out on some junk they’d mendacity spherical the distance, and sold me a pipe cutter and a diminutive bit of pipework. I went abet home, pushed my head under the tub, and — admittedly, with a diminutive bit of swearing — bought the job done.

It taught me a lesson that has since change into a diminutive bit of a mantra for me: Give a carry to your considerations.

Having a soggy relaxation room ground is a bother — and the day earlier than I sold the distance, I would possess had a landlord to call.

However as soon as the distance used to be mine, this became my bother. I seen this as growth: It be well-known to have your have property to place up this model of bother.

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Years later, when I founded my expert services and products company, Ovyo, with my alternate accomplice, Adam, this mantra became core to how we reach the alternate. There were many considerations, and there will proceed to be fresh ones. Nonetheless, we keep in mind the cause now we possess these considerations — it’s because we escape our have alternate! A dead-paying buyer is a bother, but it indubitably’s one we bump into ultimate if now we possess paying potentialities. A mistake at our Bengaluru space of job is a bother, but it indubitably’s one we bump into ultimate because now we possess offices internationally.

That is why I restful reduction my pipe cutter on my desk as of late. It rings a bell in my memory that, regardless of my stage of frustration, I’m lucky to face the considerations I pause. The more I clear up them, the more I improve to even better ones. 

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