Why Customers Don’t Engage with Social Media Your Posts

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Why Customers Don’t Engage with Social Media Your Posts

Like any other business owner, you rely on social media to engage with many of your customers. You created your accounts and share content regularly – you even did hashtag research.

But you notice that you don’t receive nearly as much interaction as competing small businesses.

Why aren’t they engaging with what you post? We’ve gathered the three most common reasons why you aren’t getting views, likes, or shares.

Even better, there are easy fixes to each of these dilemmas. Read on to start repairing your social media standing.

Why Customers Don’t Engage with Social Media Your Posts

They’re asleep when you’re active

The first reason on our list might seem innocuous, but it’s quite influential. If you’re like most entrepreneurs or small business owners, you have a lot to do. More work translates into late nights. You take the time before falling into bed to review the day and share business highlights to your account.

Unfortunately, very few of your followers are awake. We know what you’re thinking: most platforms don’t organize feeds and timelines by the most recent content anymore. It shouldn’t matter when you post – right?

Not exactly. While many sites organize posts according to popularity, their popularity starts somewhere. Initial notes come from dedicated social media users.

They go through content regularly enough that every time they hop online, they only see recent posts.

The solution here is to use a free automation tool for social media posts. For example, Hootsuite lets account holders schedule upcoming posts. Even if you’re attending meetings or deep in the account books, you can guarantee a steady stream of content.

Your posts aren’t grabbing their attention

Even the best posting schedule won’t help here. The issue? Your content is, in a word, boring. There are three categories of boring posts. (There are actually more, but we’re starting with the basics).

1) Posts that resemble each other too closely

2) Posts that are visually unappealing

3) Posts with large text blocks

 You might be able to identify right off the bat which of these categories your posts fall into. If so, excellent. If not, address all three issues.

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It’s important to mix text posts with infographics, social media contests, live videos, and polls to give your followers the variety they want. When you do post text, try to keep it minimal and break up the text for easy reading.

In the same vein, add visual elements to every post. You can use stock photos or edit your own photos – as long as they look clean and professional. Well-placed images can make a world of difference in length text.

Why Customers Don’t Engage with Social Media Your Posts

They don’t recognize you

It’s highly unlikely that yours is the only account a customer follows. Perhaps you create a post sharing your latest product. One of your potential customers sees it, intends to buy it, but doesn’t make a purchase. What happened?

Scenario one: they clicked on the product, visited your account, and wondered “who’s this?” Lack of strong branding makes your company seem less professional.

It’s also forgettable. Perhaps that would-be client did intend to purchase later in the day. Without a clear image or phrase to hook their attention, customers never make it back to your page.

An easy fix for this problem is to create a bold, unique logo. A tool like Logo Creator makes it simple to design your own and use it across all your accounts. The professionalism will be noticed by customers who are more likely to share your content with others and buy products.

 These three problems are common, but they’re also easily solved. Go ahead and start shaping up your social media account. You’ll be flooded with followers, likes, and comments from soon-to-be customers.

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