Who calls the shots at TechStars-backed GetEquity?

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Who calls the shots at TechStars-backed GetEquity?


GetEquity describes itself as a marketplace for investment products provided by investment managers globally. The TechStars-backed startup lets users pool their funds to reach the minimum amounts typically required for investments. It previously focused on facilitating VC investments in startups, however, after facilitating $3 million in VC investment, GetEquity has expanded its asset portfolio to include investment options like bonds, commodities, and other fixed-income options that are less risky than investing in startups.

Jude Dike and Temitope Ekundayo founded the investment platform in 2021. Chigozirim Ugochukwu, a risk and compliance expert, joined the co-founding team in January 2023. Before joining the team, she informally advised the company at a time when a viral article questioned the legal compliance of the crowdfunding the startup facilitates. She is currently the chief operating officer (COO) of the startup, and she reports directly to Dike, the chief executive officer (CEO). Ekundayo is head of growth and also reports to the CEO.

The startup claims to have about 15 staff including the cofounders. There are no team leads by title. However, some team members are often counted on to make strategic decisions for the company.

This TechCabal org chart details the leadership structure of GetEquity.

The leadership team at GetEquity
The leadership team at GetEquity

If you would like to showcase the leadership structure of your startup in this way, contact the author of this article: ngozi@bigcabal.com.

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