Building the Future of SEO and Demand Optimization: Searchmetrics acquired by Conductor

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Building the Future of SEO and Demand Optimization: Searchmetrics acquired by Conductor

building the future of seo and demand optimization searchmetrics acquired by conductor

Today, I’m delighted to announce that Searchmetrics has been acquired by Conductor, the leading SEO and organic marketing platform.

For a long time, we’ve competed strongly in the SEO marketplace, working both to win customers against competitors whilst collaborating with the industry as a whole to demonstrate SEO’s inherent value and untapped potential.

Of those competitors, Conductor has long been in the forefront due to their steadfast focus on innovation, commitment to customer success, and fostering of a people-first corporate culture. For years, they’ve approached the market much like us and have been fierce competitors for enterprise business. As such, we have always respected them and admired their efforts.

Now, as Searchmetrics steps into a partnership with Conductor, we will work alongside them as colleagues to offer our joint customers and prospects a more comprehensive, innovative SEO solution.

The Growing Importance of SEO

There are over 25 billion searches every day across the web. Each of these is a potential opportunity to reach your customers, to connect, to build on your brand, to understand demand and seasonality, and, of course, to convert.

SEO is a channel which has, to some degree, been the Cinderella of Digital Marketing. But 25 billion is too big a number and search is too big a channel to ignore. If we then also consider that SEO typically offers better ROI than paid search and many other digital marketing channels, it’s clear why more and more enterprise brands are pouring resources and investment into SEO.

During these uncertain economic times, marketing budgets are being squeezed and marketers are expected to deliver better performance—driving an even greater impact for every dollar/euro/pound invested than ever before. How are marketers supposed do more with less? SEO has become a critical answer to that conundrum, helping deliver better results for lower cost.

Creating and executing a successful SEO strategy takes the right people, the right processes, and the right technology. Our vision is to build the single best global SEO technology platform to enable marketers around the globe to create customer-first content. As part of a deeply innovative, well-resourced team like Conductor, I am confident we will deliver on this vision for our customers.

Driving More Value

With our combined experience and resources, together Searchmetrics and Conductor will deliver more value, more innovation, and better services than was previously possible.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, we will not introduce any immediate changes to you, our valued customers, but will keep you updated as we continue on our journey (especially as we can start introducing you to Conductor’s incredible products). Looking out further to our long-term plans, we will integrate the two companies to deliver the best enterprise SEO platform in the market—encompassing all the experience, data, and knowhow from our combined operations.

I’d like to thank our many Searchmetrics customers and dedicated employees as we reflect on how far we’ve come before we embark on this new journey. The one thing that will remain unchanged, always, is our commitment to you and your organization’s growth, and I know that Conductor’s partnership will only bolster our existing efforts.

Great things ahead!


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