Microsoft Ads introduces faster and easier access to performance data

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Microsoft Ads introduces faster and easier access to performance data

Microsoft Advertising launched a new tool called Insights Navigator, designed to provide faster, easier access to key data insights and performance reports.

Using this tool, you can analyze metrics like click-through rates and conversions to make informed decisions about optimization, ad placements, messaging and targeting.

Why we care. Being able to quickly see how your campaigns are performing enables rapid brand strategy adjustments, facilitating swift adaptation to market trends and consumer behavior for improved campaign outcomes.

The details. Insights Navigator is a new tool from Microsoft Advertising that allows users to quickly access:

  • Category Insights: This dataset showcases online behavior trends, providing a thorough retrospective view of marketplace dynamics within the Microsoft Advertising Network.
  • Query Insights. This dataset provides a deep dive into the top queries actively searched by consumers across Microsoft Ads’ extensive network.

Additionally, you can use Insights Navigator to generate data reports that are delivered to your inbox within a matter of minutes.

Accessibility. Insights Navigator is currently an internal tool exclusively accessible to Microsoft Advertising representatives. If you are eligible to utilize Insights Navigator, reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account team for more information.

What Microsoft is saying. Microsoft said in a statement:

  • “With Insights Navigator, we can now discover the key performance data driving fluctuations in online performance at record speeds. However, this is merely a prelude to what lies ahead. Our vision for the future takes the core capabilities of Insights Navigator and extends them into ‘smart narratives,’ which will provide even more context beyond the insights.”
  • “With smart narratives, generative AI will be able to not only provide the data itself, but also provide generated summaries, callouts, and talking points that unveil the underlying data’s significance and insights that will help advertisers further elevate their campaign outcomes with Microsoft Advertising.”

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Deep dive. Read Microsoft’s announcement in full for more information.

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