Threads enables post-scheduling in live API pilot, plans to add analytics capabilities

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Threads enables post-scheduling in live API pilot, plans to add analytics capabilities

Threads is testing post-scheduling capabilities as the platform’s API enters its initial phase of live testing.

The app also plans to introduce reply moderation and analytics insights capabilities for select third-party partners as part of the pilot.

Why we care. Post scheduling on Threads allows brands and publishers to manage and expand their presence on the app more easily, while analytics provides businesses with more insights into Threads engagement enabling brands to optimize their content more effectively.

What Threads is saying. Jesse Chen, an engineer working on Threads, said in a post:

  • “Over the past few months, we’ve been building the Threads API to enable creators, developers and brands to manage their Threads presence at scale and easily share fresh, new ideas with their communities from their favorite third-party applications.”
  • “The API currently enables users to authenticate, publish threads, and fetch the content they posted through these tools – and soon, we will enable reply moderation and insights capabilities.”

Accessibility. The test is currently limited to a small number of partners as well s a few indpeendent developers. However, while access to the Beta is limited at this time, Threads is planning to make the API broadly available by the end of June.

Why now? Threads has long maintained that it wants to keep conversations on its platform free from excessive brand presence, aiming for a more engaging and friendly atmosphere compared to X. However, to grow, the app acknowledges the necessity of diversifying its content sources. Since only a small portion of X users (10%) generates most of the content, Threads recognizes the value of offering more posting options to enhance its platform’s appeal and growth potential.

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