TikTok expands monetization opportunities and rewards for creators

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TikTok expands monetization opportunities and rewards for creators

TikTok is encouraging creators to post more high-quality content by expanding its incentives, including:

  • Allowing all creators to offer subscription packages.
  • Bringing its Creativity Program out of beta.
  • Upgrading its Creator Academy.

Why we care. Encouraging creators to share lengthier videos not only expands advertising opportunities for brands but also enhances engagement. Higher-quality content tends to captivate audiences more effectively, offering advertisers a valuable chance to connect with a more engaged viewer base.

Subscription packages. TikTok confirmed it will start allowing all creators to offer subscription packages in the coming weeks. Previously, the LIVE Subscription feature was restricted to live creators. However, the platform is introducing this change to incentivize creators to share more content.

Benefits. By offering subscriptions, creators can enhance their community by offering added value through exclusive content and benefits, such as:

  • Badges.
  • Personalized Emojis.
  • Exclusive Content.
  • Subscriber-only chat.

TikTok said that by offering followers such benefits, creators are able to “form dynamic relationships with their community while increasing their monthly earnings.”

Accessibility. Initially, subscriptions will be limited to invite-only creators. However, in the upcoming weeks, eligible creators will have the opportunity to sign up.

Creator Program rolls out. TikTok also confirmed that it is bringing its Creativity Program out of beta, and has rebranded it as the “Creator Rewards Program”. The incentive encourages creators to post longer clips that are high-quality and original in exchange for rewards. As TikTok explained:

  • “This program offers higher cash incentives with earnings based on qualified views, giving you the potential to earn 20 times the amount previously offered by the Creator Fund.”

Creator Academy upgrade. Additionally, TikTok is enhancing its Creator Portal in the “Creator Academy” platform. The upgrade includes more and improved courses, articles, videos, and insights to help creators make the most of their efforts on the app. The goal is to offer valuable resources that support creators in improving their skills and achieving success on the platform.

What TikTok is saying: TikTok said in a statement:

  • “We’re excited to continue seeing creators find success using our monetization offerings to turn their passions into careers, unlock life-changing opportunities, and drive meaningful impact.”
  • “We’ll continue listening to our community for feedback to help inform our decisions, fueling our innovation to provide better ways for our creators to earn and grow, and build an experience that adds value to creators and viewers alike.”

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