TikTok launches monthly trends round-up series, including content tips

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TikTok launches monthly trends round-up series, including content tips

TikTok is providing a roundup of the latest trends gaining traction in the app with a new Trends Digest series.

The monthly updates offer content ideas and practical tips on integrating these trends into your videos to boost reach and engagement.

Why we care. TikTok’s Trends Digest series offers an easy and cost-effective way to find out what’s trending, however, the advice obviously will not be tailored to your brand or channel, and so some information may not be relevant.

Defining trends. TikTok explained that its new Trends Digest series focuses on grasping the main ideas behind trends to create more relevant content, rather than trying to follow every daily trend. A spokesperson explained in a statement:

  • “When it comes to defining trends on TikTok, there’s a difference between what’s trending now and being on-trend: we refer to these as ‘Trend Moments’ versus ‘Trend Signals’.”
  • “Numerous small Trend Moments make up a larger Trend Signal. Focusing on Trend Moments can be a challenge as keeping up with trending content requires a high level of reactivity.”
  • “On the other hand, Trend Signals represent a more accessible entry point for brands to stay on-trend by building a solid foundation and understanding of trending content.”

Key elements. TikTok added that trends comprise four key elements:

  • A trend message.
  • Associated hashtags.
  • A sonic identity.
  • A visual narrative.

In Trend Moments, these elements are more specific, making it trickier for brands to engage swiftly. On the other hand, Trend Signals has broader elements, providing more flexibility for brands to participate, which is why, the platform says, it is concentrating its efforts on helping creators to better understand Trends Signals.

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Deep dive. Read TikTok’s announcement in full for more information.

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