When Everyone is Your ICP, Where Do You Start?

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When Everyone is Your ICP, Where Do You Start?

when everyone is your icp where do you start

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The old adage “more the merrier” doesn’t quite apply when defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Clarity in your value proposition, persona, and ICP not only streamlines your sales process but also facilitates the quick disqualification of non-ideal prospects.

With a broad ICP, it can feel like you’re staring into a blue ocean.

Workato, and integration and automation platform, faced the challenge that many companies dream of: their product could potentially serve any industry that uses technology. This “blue ocean” scenario posed a unique dilemma, however—how do you focus when “everyone” could be your customer?

How do you carve out “swimming pools” within an expansive ocean?

GTM leader Stephen Farnsworth expertly navigated these waters for the RevOp Solutions team Workato, achieving a 4X growth in revenue across their target personas in just the first year. Now, as he spearheads go-to-market strategies at Armada, he is applying the same principles of success.

This week, we dive deep into the strategies that helped master a broad ICP and drive success – let’s get into it.

How this Workato Business Unit Grew Revenue 4X in the First Year with a Broad ICP

The strategy and playbook for handling a broad ICP 👇

The first 12 months: establishing identity and going after new logos

The primary goal was to engage new logos with revamped messaging that resonated more specifically with potential buyers, moving away from the generic pitches previously directed at IT buyers.

The task was to see whether they could take a generic product and launch 4-5 clear things that it enabled, to then take to market.

Tactically, in order to identify the areas that the product enabled and the new potential buyers they looked at two areas:

  1. What existing customers were doing and how they were being successful.
  2. Where other companies in the market, often more point solutions, were finding success.

Now, to speak effectively to different buyers a deep dive is needed:

  • What are the specific needs of these new buyers?
  • How do their purchasing behaviors differ from our known customers?
  • Should we consider different pricing strategies?
  • Is the sales motion different for these segments?

By sourcing the new potential buyers and analyzing the potentially varying requirements of them, all of the strategies and tactics for these new buyers could be taken to market and tested.

The Workato team was lean but efficient, consisting of Stephen, 2-3 solutions engineers, and support from a strategic SDR team. They used a dedicated marketing budget to craft content to take to market around the new messaging.

With this approach of targeting new logos with revamped messaging, Workato grew their revenue 4X. The new logo acquisition also set the stage for the next year (and following years) of growth.

Months 12-24: doubling down on customer expansion

Despite having the same resources of just a few people and actually a reduced budget, the following year the RevOps Solutions team grew revenue 2X.

Identifying the specific plays to use to go after the existing customers, leaning heavily into customer expansion.

There were two main objectives:

  1. Engaging overall buyers: exciting IT departments about new solutions to old problems.
  2. Targeting specific buyers: educating departments like revenue operations and marketing operations that they could leverage existing tools within their organization for their needs.

Customer expansion remains the core focus for this Workato business unit today.

Replicating success at Armada and key learnings

At Armada, Stephen is applying the playbook and lessons learned from Workato. With a similar broad ICP, Armada can sell containers of servers that companies can use in whatever way makes the most sense for them.

The overall playbook is:

  1. Focus on acquiring net new logos.

A key learning from the process being applied is equipping SDRs with the questions that should be asked to disqualify buyers.

“If there are no questions, that’s a recipe for a really inefficient funnel”

During the first year at Workato, it was difficult to disqualify prospects. This led to a pipeline filled with a high volume of leads that seemed promising but ultimately lacked real value. The takeaway from this experience was the focus on clearly identifying who is not the buyer and being very explicit about it, which is crucial for maintaining an efficient sales funnel.

For acquisition, drive inbound through content and events.

  1. Focus on the broad buyer persona.

Master the core broad ICP sell.

  1. Upsell other buyer personas.

Take SDRs and provide them with the “plays” for specific buyers, while leveraging solutions engineers to guide this pipeline through the funnel.

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That’s it, that’s all.

By honing in on a targeted ICP, companies like Workato have demonstrated that you can transform a seemingly limitless market into manageable “swimming pools” for going to market.

While nuances will always be layered in for every company, a true mark of a successful playbook is its replicability. The playbook Stephen created at Workato is now being effectively applied at Armada, and the impact is evident.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Barker ✌️

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