The Definition of a Buyer Persona [in Under 100 Words]

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The Definition of a Buyer Persona [in Under 100 Words]


Now not too long ago, Lululemon introduced its program “Treasure Fresh”, an initiative aimed at collecting gently-used Lululemon gear and reviving the clothes to re-promote on Lululemon’s on-line resale store:

lululemon buyer persona-min

To begin with build verify, the transfer might maybe maybe well seem moderately random coming from the athletic attire rate — but it makes quite a bit more sense when you specialize in purchaser personas. 

Bigger than likely, Lululemon has identified its purchaser persona as anyone who lives an brisk blueprint of life and enjoys getting out of doorways. Lululemon’s purchaser persona doesn’t elegant accept as true with one interest or rate; she has many. And I’m prepared to bet the cost has identified that their purchaser persona cares about nature, and the importance of sustainability. 

This is why purchaser personas matter: They permit you to allure more authentically and personally to your customers, lengthen your reach, and make lifelong rate advocates. 

Right here, let’s dive into what a purchaser persona is. 

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What’s a purchaser persona? 

A purchaser persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideally tremendous customer in keeping with market evaluation and valid details about your reward customers.

When rising your purchaser persona(s), protect in mind at the side of customer demographics, conduct patterns, motivations, and dreams. The more detailed that you simply might maybe effectively be, the greater.

buyer personas

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Purchaser personas provide immense structure and perception for your firm. 

A detailed purchaser persona will enable you to resolve where to focal level your time, e book product pattern, and enable for alignment all over the group. Which capability, it is far seemingly so that you simply can to entice the most purposeful friends, leads, and customers to your industry.

Ready to put apart this definition into practice? Be taught the kind to make a detailed purchaser persona for your industry.

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