Are you ready for Google Analytics 4? Have your say in our poll

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Are you ready for Google Analytics 4? Have your say in our poll


Time is running out to migrate your website from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

Even though Google has been telling marketers for months to make the switch “as soon as possible“, most websites around the world ignored the warnings and were still using UA as of June 21. That’s a decision many may regret starting Saturday morning when UA officially sunsets.

On the other side of the coin, some brands have followed Google’s guidance and adopted GA4 – but it seems many marketers aren’t getting along with the new tool. In fact, some are even starting to look for alternative platforms.

“There are definitely reasons to look elsewhere, depending on your budgets, depending on the type of tracking that you need,” says Sharon Mostyn, CEO of Mostyn Marketing Group. “The one that I’m seeing with a lot of healthcare clients is that Google has said blatantly we are not HIPAA compliant. So that’s a good reason to consider alternatives.”

It would seem that GA4 hasn’t got off to the greatest start – but we want to hear your thoughts! Have you made the switch yet? Are you not going to bother? Or have you already and absolutely love it?

Whether you’re a marketer on the frontline at an agency, in-house or working as a freelancer, let us know whether you feel ready for the forced adoption of Google Analytics 4 – and why.

Be bluntly honest. What do you think of GA4? Do you think this was a good move by Google or is it going to make your job necessarily harder? Are you tempted to look for an alternative platform or does GA4 tick all your boxes? This is your chance to have your say!

Submit your answers below and we may include your response in a write-up of our poll results!

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