Google Analytics 4 rolls out new reports for linked 360 campaigns

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Google Analytics 4 rolls out new reports for linked 360 campaigns

Reports that enable users to evaluate the traffic-driving and conversion effectiveness of campaigns implemented in Google Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager 360, and Display & Video 360 are now available in Google Analytics 4.

Search Ads 360 is a search management platform. It supports campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Baidu, and Yahoo Japan.

Campaign Manager 360 is a campaign management tool for ads placed on websites and mobile platforms that manages ad serving, targeting, verification, and reporting.

Display & Video 360 facilitates ad creation, audience data management, purchasing inventory, and optimizing campaigns.

Why we care. Analyzing the effectiveness of campaigns should be easier by integrating these reports in GA 4. That should lead to better results for advertisers.

Getting started. Once you integrate your 360 ad platforms, you can find the new GA4 reports by choosing the specific integration summary card in the Acquisition overview report. For instance, if you integrate with Display & Video 360, you’ll find “View Display & Video 360 campaigns,” leading to the new Display & Video 360 report:

If you unlink a buying platform from your property, you can still access the relevant report through the Acquisition overview report to continue analyzing historical data.

New traffic source dimensions. For the new acquisition reports, Google has introduced additional traffic source dimensions. These dimensions are accessible when the 360 platforms are linked and applied at the event, session, and user levels.

This update enables you to utilize cross-channel dimensions for comprehending cross-channel acquisition data, such as:

  • Source.
  • Session source.
  • First user source.

Additionally, you can leverage integration-specific dimensions like SA360 source, SA360 session source, and SA360 first user source to examine acquisition data for a specific buying platform to help you better understand where your traffic is coming from.

GA4 AdSense integration improvements. You can now link GA4 properties with AdSense accounts within Analytics. If you’re using GA4 subproperties or roll-up properties, you can establish links between those properties and AdSense accounts, separate from the source properties.

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Deep dive. Read Google’s Search Ads 360 integration guide for more information on the process and benefits of linking your GA4 property to your Search Ads 360 advertiser.

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