Google rolls out about this image and more SGE links

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Google rolls out about this image and more SGE links


Google is now rolling out the about this image feature that it announced back in May and is also adding new links to the SGE AI powered answers, the company announced.

Google said it is now adding to the Search Generative Experience‘s AI-generated AI answers
“descriptions of some sources, supported by information on high-quality sites that talk about that website.” Google added new links to these sites in the AI-generated description of the source.

It does look and feel familiar to the links we saw earlier but these are different. Google said “These AI-generated descriptions of the source will show up in the “more about this page” section of About this result for some sources where there isn’t an existing overview from Wikipedia or the Google Knowledge Graph.”

“At this stage, we’re starting small in exploring how this technology can be useful to support and supplement our existing information literacy efforts,” Google added.

Glenn Gabe seems to have spotted these and posted some screenshots on X:

Sge Links

About this image

Google is now rolling out the about this image feature in Google Search. Google said, “today, this feature is rolling out to English language users globally in Google Search.” The about this image feature tells you more about the image, specifically:

  • History of an image: About this image shows you when an image or similar images may have first been seen by Google Search, and whether it was previously published much earlier on other webpages. “This can be helpful if an image is being taken out of context and shared in relation to a current event, but it’s actually much older,” Google explained.
  • How sites describe and use your image: You can see how an image is used on other pages, and what other sources, like news and fact checking sites, have to say about it. “This information can be helpful to assess the claims being made about an image, and to see evidence and perspectives from other sources,” Google added.
  • Image metadata including AI: This feature will also show you metadata, if it is available, that image creators and publishers have added to an image, including fields that may indicate that it has been generated or enhanced by AI. “All Google AI-generated images will have this markup in the original file,” Google added.
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