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Organic SEO industry benchmark report by Digital Marketing Depot


This overview of organic SEO traffic and SERP trends across industries includes an analysis of over 82,000 searches.

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Identifying organic SEO KPIs and evaluating your organic traffic’s performance can be quite challenging. This difficulty arises from the lack of industry-wide organic benchmarks due to fluctuations in organic traffic caused by Google’s algorithm updates. Moreover, publishers have limited access to back-end performance analytics for numerous websites.

To address this challenge, Conductor undertook an extensive analysis of over 600 enterprise domains from renowned brands. Their aim was to identify industry-specific benchmarks for organic search in 2023, which will enable enterprise organizations to assess the effectiveness of their organic SEO efforts better.

See how your site compares! This comprehensive report includes an analysis of over 82,000 searches, revealing industry and subindustry organic traffic benchmarks, the most frequent top result types, and the domains leading the conversation in each result type.

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download Organic SEO Industry Benchmarks from Conductor.

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