How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish [Free Ebook Templates]

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How to Create an Ebook From Start to Finish [Free Ebook Templates]


In Q1 of 2021, e-book gross sales increased 38% for publisher Harpercollins, following a construction of increased earnings earnings for the firm. Despite the undeniable reality that here is a snapshot of 1 publisher’s success, it speaks to a bigger motion in opposition to digital thunder consumption among marketers.

Lead magnets are in the market in in lots of kinds, however the e-book composed reigns supreme. They give the reader:

  • In-depth digital thunder in an environment largely overrun with instant headlines and soundbites
  • Visible info that compliments the editorial thunder
  • On-ask earn entry to to the e-book thunder

Your replace benefits from publishing an e-book, too. Turning a earnings, buying contemporary customers, producing buzz, and turning into an industry blueprint leader are valid a pair of of the benefits of this form of thunder.

However what exactly is an e-book and why contrivance they suppose such sizable outcomes for marketers?

Click here to download our collection of customizable ebook templates.

18 Free E-book Templates – Procure Now

Procure HubSpot’s 18 free e-book templates to compose an e-book on PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Adobe InDesign.

What are the benefits of an e-book?

To illustrate you have an fabulous blog pudgy of long-originate thunder. Why on this planet would it is advisable need to give your readers an e-book? Is it even worth your time?

Listed below are some benefits ebooks provide thunder creators:

  • Unlike long-originate printed publications which could be bought in-store or shipped, an e-book is straight away accessible the 2d you’re sharp to read.
  • It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance build it at the support of an decide-in of some type, incentivizing your web page customer to develop into a lead if they want the suggestions.
  • In many ways, ebooks have originate capabilities esteem in-depth charts, graphs, and pudgy-page photos that you cannot be ready to attain for your blog.
  • After the initial advent of the e-book, it’s good to to additionally distribute the file a huge form of cases without a extra manufacturing fee. They furthermore wouldn’t have any associated transport prices.
  • It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance embed links to assorted media in the e-book file, encouraging the reader to extra rob with your thunder.

Perchance extra importantly, ebooks provide a preference of benefits for your viewers:

  • Ebooks are extremely transportable, ready to be kept on a preference of devices without a physical storage dispute associated.
  • The reader gets the preference to print the e-book out if they need to exhaust the suggestions in a outmoded physical structure. In some other case, the digital structure is environmentally marvelous.
  • Ebooks are accessible having the ability to amplify font sizes and/or read aloud with text-to-speech.
  • They’re furthermore without effort searchable if the reader is shopping for one thing instruct.

Are ebooks winning?

They’d also furthermore be. Ebooks are excessive-volume, low-gross sales-fee affords. This approach you’ll need to promote a bunch of them at a somewhat low fee point in impart in confidence to compete in the market and switch a most valuable earnings. Depending for your industry, ebooks can vary from free to greater than $100.

Sooner than setting a cost for your e-book, contrivance some analysis. Resolve who your viewers is, what they’re sharp to pay, and how many individuals inner your target market can be sharp to capture it. Then, decide the platforms you’ll promote your e-book by draw of. Amazon? Apple Books? Your hold web page? It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance analysis how critical ebooks every every so regularly plod for on these websites and incorporate this perception into your pricing approach.

How is an e-book structured?

There will not be any position rule for organizing your thunder into an e-book. It every every so regularly mimics the structure of a contemporary or textbook (relying on what it is you is also writing about). However, there are some aspects of an e-book you desires to make certain you adhere to.

Ebooks normally have a machine of chapters and supporting photos. Similar to a blog put up, they furthermore contrivance nicely when extra segmenting their text with subheaders that fracture down the discussion into instruct sections. Whenever you occur to is also writing about knowledgeable sports, as an example, and one among your chapters is ready Main League Baseball (MLB) in the U.S., it is commended to set subchapters about the a limiteless preference of groups belonging to the MLB.

What can an e-book be about?

One thing. Smartly, inner reason. Ebooks are simply a marketer’s draw of handing over an entire bunch severe info in a originate their doable customers are most sharp to read. An environmental firm could also write an e-book about water conservation. They’d also furthermore focal point an e-book entirely on how their water-saving product is feeble, or the draw in which it helped a customer resolve a field. Peep extra e-book suggestions at the conclude of this article.

No matter what topic your e-book takes on, analysis is a most valuable sever of e-book advent. Contrary to instant-originate thunder esteem articles and movies, the thunder of an e-book depends on trust and evidence. An particular particular individual that obtains (or requests earn entry to to) your e-book desires the pudgy account, not valid the bullet parts. That entails the general thunder and testing you went by draw of to type the e-book.

Can you edit an e-book?

Nope. An e-book cannot be edited as soon as it has been saved in a single among the main file codecs, so it’s finest to make creep that you’ve got got an editable model saved in a program esteem Microsoft Phrase.

However why would it is advisable have your e-book to be uneditable? Making ebooks uneditable ensures the thunder stays unchanged — every the structure and the suggestions — as it’s shared between multiple makes exhaust of.

It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance edit ebooks if they’re saved the usage of an editable PDF, a honest that’s instruct to Adobe Acrobat — the founding program of the PDF file type. Be taught edit PDFs in this blog put up.

How contrivance you read an e-book?

It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance read an e-book on many different devices: iPhone, Android smartphones, a Macbook, PC, and e-readers such because the Nook and Kindle. The latter two devices are normally feeble to read novels in digital originate. Nook and Kindle owners can store thousands of books (literally) on a single Nook or Kindle.

However making an e-book could also furthermore be overwhelming. No longer handiest contrivance it will probably per chance be wanted to jot down the thunder, however you furthermore need to originate and structure it into a well informed-wanting doc that of us will desire to download and skim. With lead expertise being the pinnacle purpose for thunder advertising and marketing, alternatively, ebooks are an wanted portion of a winning inbound advertising and marketing program.

On this put up, we’ll stroll you by draw of the ins and outs of constructing an e-book by, nicely, constructing an e-book. And whereas you occur to is also skittish about your lacking originate expertise, worry not …

free ebook templates from hubspot

18 Free E-book Templates in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and InDesign [Free Download]

Obtained your free e-book templates? Ready to make an e-book? Mountainous — let’s earn to it.

What e-book file structure need to composed you use?

Ebooks could also furthermore be saved in a single among plenty of codecs. Depending for your conclude-particular person, even supposing, it’s good to to additionally rep a exhaust for any of the following file kinds:


PDFs are seemingly the most renowned file type. The “PDF” extension stands for “Transportable File Layout,” and is finest for ebooks which could be intended to be read on a computer (digital marketers, it’s good to to desire to take care of in mind this one). We’ll talk about extra about put your e-book as a PDF later listed here.


This file type stands for “Digital E-newsletter,” and is a extra flexible e-book structure. By that, I mean EPUB ebooks can “reflow” their text to adapt to assorted cell devices and tablets, allowing the e-book’s text to transfer on and off assorted pages based completely on the scale of the tool on which an particular particular person is reading the e-book. They’re namely precious for viewing on smaller screens, comparable to smartphones as nicely because the Nook from Barnes and Appropriate.


The MOBI structure originated from the Mobipocket Reader tool, which was as soon as bought by Amazon in 2005 however was as soon as later shut down in 2016. Nonetheless, the MOBI file extension stays a in vogue e-book structure with compatibility across the main e-readers (aside from the Nook).

While the structure comes with some boundaries, comparable to not supporting audio or video, it does give a enhance to DRM, which protects copyrighted materials from being copied for distribution or viewed illegally.

More contemporary Kindle codecs are based completely on the contemporary MOBI file kinds.


Right here’s an e-book file type designed for the Kindle, an e-reader tool by Amazon. Nonetheless, customers can furthermore originate this file structure on smartphones, tablets, and computer systems.


ODF stands for OpenDocument Layout, a file type intended primarily for OpenOffice, a series of originate-source thunder advent programs similar to Microsoft Voice of job.


IBA is the proprietary e-book structure for the Apple iBooks Creator app. This structure does give a enhance to video, sound, photos, and interactive facets, however it is handiest feeble for books written in iBooks. It’s not appropriate with assorted e-readers.

introduction to data visualization for marketers download

Recordsdata Visualization 101: Design Charts and Graphs [Free Download]

Write an E-book

  1. Pick a topic that matches your viewers’s wants.
  2. Outline every chapter of your e-book.
  3. Ruin down every chapter as you write.
  4. Design your e-book.
  5. Employ the marvelous colours.
  6. Incorporate visuals.
  7. Highlight quotes or stats.
  8. Voice appropriate calls-to-action inner your e-book.
  9. Convert it into a PDF.
  10. Damage a valid touchdown page for your e-book.
  11. Promote your e-book and music its success.

1. Pick a topic that matches your viewers’s wants.

Endure in mind: The aim of your e-book is to generate leads for your gross sales crew, so take care of a topic that can make it straightforward for a prospect to head from downloading your e-book to having a dialog with your gross sales crew.

This approach your e-book mustn’t deviate critical from the issues you screen for your assorted thunder advertising and marketing channels. Reasonably, it’s your opportunity to contrivance a deep dive into a field you’ve got handiest evenly coated till now, however one thing your viewers desires to learn extra about.

To illustrate, in being attentive to gross sales and customer calls here at HubSpot, I’ve learned that constructing ebooks is a gargantuan obstacle for our viewers, who’re marketers themselves. So if I’m capable of present not handiest this blog put up, however resources to make e-book advent more uncomplicated, I’m specializing in the marvelous topic that can naturally end result in a gross sales dialog.

To earn your ingenious juices flowing, listed here are some example e-book titles to withhold in mind. (Camouflage: Change “x” with an acceptable number.) It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance furthermore exhaust our free Weblog Subject Generator instrument to come support up with extra suggestions. Most blog issues could also furthermore be made entire ample to function longer originate e-book issues.

  • X Ideal Practices for [Insert Industry/Topic]
  • An Introduction to [Insert Industry/Topic]
  • X Frequent Questions About [Insert Industry/Topic] Answered
  • X [Insert Industry/Topic] Statistics For Higher Decision Making
  • Be taught From The Ideal: X [Insert Industry/Topic] Experts Half Insights

For this blog put up, I will make exhaust of the PowerPoint model of template two from our assortment of 5 free e-book templates. By every share of this put up, I will present a aspect-by-aspect of the template breeze and how I custom-made it.

Beneath, it’s good to to gaze my custom-made screen with my gross sales-connected e-book topic. For aid with writing compelling titles for your ebooks, strive the guidelines in this blog put up.

an ebook template side-by-side with the customized version of that template

2. Outline every chapter of your e-book.

The introduction to your e-book need to composed every position the stage for the contents of your e-book and blueprint the reader in. What’s going to you screen for your e-book? How will the reader take care of conclude pleasure in reading it? For guidelines on write an positive introduction, strive this put up.

Some e-book creators narrate that an e-book is purely a series of blog posts stitched collectively. While I agree it’s good to to to composed treat every chapter esteem an particular particular person blog put up, the chapters of your e-book need to composed furthermore circulation fluidly from one to the assorted.

How one can outline your e-book is by pondering of it as a atomize direction on the gross sales-connected topic you selected. In my example of constructing an e-book, I know I need to screen :

  • Write positive copy
  • Design an e-book
  • Optimize ebooks for lead expertise and promotion

While my example has a pair of chapters, take care of conclude into story that your e-book would not need to be prolonged. I’ve one golden rule for e-book size: Write what is wished to effectively educate your viewers about your preferred topic. If that requires 5 pages, sizable! If that requires 30 pages, so be it. Factual don’t spoil phrases pondering it will probably per chance be wanted to jot down an extended e-book.

With that, let’s transfer on to the actual copy you is also writing.

an example of ebook copy within an ebook template

3. Ruin down every chapter as you write.

Fetch writing! Right here, it’s good to to additionally draw every chapter the draw in which it’s good to to additionally write an extended blog put up — by compartmentalizing every chapter into smaller sections or bullet parts, as shown in the image below. This helps you write simply and clearly, barely than attempting to make exhaust of sophisticated language to suppose every point. It’s the simplest draw to coach readers and aid them perceive the contemporary materials you’re providing.

Form certain to take care of a fixed structure across every chapter, as nicely. This helps you set pure transitions between every chapter so there could be a clear progression from one chapter to the subsequent (simply stitching blog posts collectively can decide you of this high quality).

These practices need to composed protect marvelous for your entire assorted advertising and marketing efforts, comparable to e-mail advertising and marketing, name-to-action advent, and touchdown page construction. “Readability trumps persuasion,” as Dr. Flint McGlaughlin of MECLABS normally likes to suppose.

Wish to be definite you is also maintaining your e-book animated for readers? Listed below are some key guidelines to take care of in mind:

  • Employ keywords in the title that emphasize the cost of your provide. Examples encompass adjectives esteem “fabulous,” “awesome,” or “final.”
  • Preserve your structure fixed so you compose a mental model for readers and toughen their blueprint of the materials.
  • When appropriate, make exhaust of formatting — esteem bulleted lists, audacious text, italics, and font size changes — to blueprint of us’s eyes to your most valuable thunder or emphasize definite parts it is advisable have readers to take care of in mind.

an example of ebook formatting

4. Design your e-book.

Our downloadable e-book templates are equipped in every PowerPoint and InDesign. For this example, we’ll video display you contrivance it in PowerPoint, since extra of us have earn entry to to that tool.

You can model we handiest have one “chapter page” in the template (breeze three). To compose extra chapter pages, or any pages indubitably, simply marvelous click on the breeze and take care of conclude Replica Traipse. This can make a duplicate of your breeze and enable you to drag it to its just proper achieve for your e-book by capability of the sidebar or Traipse Sorter share of PowerPoint. It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance then customize it for any subsequent chapters.

an example of duplicating ebook pages in a template

5. Employ the marvelous colours.

Ideally, our free e-book templates would magically match your effect colours. However, they potentially don’t; here is the achieve you earn to indubitably personalize your work. Nonetheless, due to ebooks provide extra proper property for color than your logo or web page, it is a excellent advice to withhold in mind secondary colours inner your effect’s color palette. Ebooks are the accomplish that color procedure can truly shine.

To learn so that it’s good to to add your effect’s colours to PowerPoint, strive this blog put up. That draw, it’s good to to additionally customize the color procedure in our e-book templates to match your effect!

6. Incorporate visuals.

Photography and graphics in ebooks are arduous to earn marvelous. Basically the most valuable to making them match nicely is to take into story them as complementary to your writing. Whether you add them someday of or after you’ve done writing your e-book’s copy, your visuals need to composed serve to focus on a truly worthy point you’re making or deconstruct the that approach of a idea in an straightforward-to-perceive, visible draw.

Photography shouldn’t valid be there to make the e-book straightforward on the eyes. Reasonably, they desires to be feeble to toughen the reader’s blueprint of the materials you’re conserving. Whenever you occur to want aid gathering visuals, we now have three devices of free stock photos that could also enable you alongside the draw in which:

And whereas you occur to is also compiling a info-heavy e-book, it is commended to download our free info visualization e-book for guidelines about designing compelling charts and graphs for your thunder.

an example of using visuals in ebook template

7. Highlight quotes or stats.

One unsuitable draw to toughen your e-book is by highlighting quotes or stats inner your originate. Factual make definite the quote or stat you is also the usage of truly adds cost to the thunder.

Whether you is also emphasizing a quote or adding a visual, withhold your entire thunder inner the identical margins. In case your copy is continually one-move indented for your page from every the left and marvelous aspects, withhold your designed facets aligned the usage of that identical spacing.

an example of a highlighted quote on an ebook template

8. Voice appropriate calls-to-action inner your e-book.

Now that your thunder is written and designed, it is time to optimize it for lead expertise, reconversion, and promotion.

Take into story how you have here — you clicked on a name-to-action (CTA) in an e-mail, on a social media put up, or some achieve else. A CTA is a link or visible object that entices the client to click on and advance on a touchdown page that can earn them extra engaged with your firm. Since your e-book readers have potentially converted into leads in impart in confidence to earn their hands for your e-book to start with (extra on this in step below), exhaust the CTAs inner your e-book to reconvert your readers and propel them extra down your advertising and marketing funnel.

To illustrate, a CTA can end result in a single other provide, your annual convention’s registration page, or per chance a product page. Depending on what this subsequent action is, CTAs could also furthermore be an in-line rectangle or a pudgy-page teasing the subsequent provide (gaze every photos below).

To hyperlink the CTA for your e-book (or any image or text for your e-book) to your destination URL, simply plod to Insert >> Hyperlink in PowerPoint.

examples of using hyperlinks in ebook template

example of including a call to action within an ebook template

Now we have even designed 50 customizable calls-to-action in PowerPoint it’s good to to additionally download and exhaust for your ebooks. It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance exhaust them here.

Now, we wouldn’t have a valid CTA template breeze in the PowerPoint e-book templates for you to customize … however it’s composed straightforward! All it will probably per chance be wanted to contrivance is replica breeze four (the Header/Subheader breeze) and customize copy or add photos as wished. It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance furthermore plod to Insert >> New Traipse and work from there.

9. Convert it into a PDF.

When you’ve got done writing your e-book — CTAs and all — it is time to convert it to the marvelous file type so it’s transferable from you to your recipient.

To convert your e-book to a PDF, click on File >> Save As in the e-book template you have originate. Beneath File Layout, take care of out PDF and take care of out a destination for your computer for this contemporary file.

Why cannot you valid connect what it will probably per chance be wanted to a touchdown page and be done with it? Phrase paperwork, PowerPoints, and the same templates are most attention-grabbing for constructing your e-book, however not for handing over it. Because these templates are editable, the contents of your e-book are too without effort corrupted, distorted, or even misplaced when shifting from your computer to the hands of your future leads. That is the achieve PDFs are in the market in in.

It’s possible you’ll well even have gotten viewed these letters at the conclude of information sooner than. Immediate for Transportable File Layout, the .PDF file type truly freezes your e-book so it will also furthermore be displayed clearly on any tool. A in vogue different to PDFs is the .EPUB file type. Look a comparison of EPUB to PDF here.

10. Damage a valid touchdown page for your e-book.

Your e-book desires to be in the market for download by draw of a touchdown page for your dispute. A touchdown page is a online page that promotes/describes your provide and affords a originate that guests need to have out with their contact info in impart in confidence to earn entry to your e-book. Right here’s how you are ready to convert your guests into replace leads that your gross sales crew can ultimately prepare up with.

To illustrate, you went by draw of this touchdown page in impart in confidence to earn entry to this e-book template. To learn extra about optimize your touchdown pages for conversion, download this free e-book.

how to create an ebook - header customization

11. Promote your e-book and music its success.

Once your touchdown page is all position, it’s good to to additionally exhaust that destination URL to advertise your e-book across your advertising and marketing channels. Listed below are 5 ways it’s good to to additionally contrivance this:

  • Advertise your contemporary e-book for your web page. To illustrate, honest a CTA or link to your provide’s touchdown page for your resources page or even your homepage.
  • Promote your e-book by draw of your blog. To illustrate, withhold in mind publishing an excerpt of your e-book as a blog put up. Or write a separate blog article on the identical topic as your e-book, and link to it at the conclude of your put up the usage of a name-to-action to support readers to take care of discovering out. (Camouflage: This very blog put up is the actual example of promote a proposal you created with a blog put up.)
  • Ship a segmented e-mail to contacts who have indicated an hobby in receiving affords from your firm.
  • Leverage paid advertising and marketing and co-advertising and marketing partnerships that can enable you promote your e-book to a brand contemporary viewers.
  • Submit posts to social media with a link to your e-book. It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance furthermore amplify social shares by constructing social media portion buttons inner your e-book, comparable to those at the bottom marvelous of this e-book.

After your thunder is launched and promoted across your advertising and marketing channels, you’ll furthermore want advertising and marketing analytics in achieve to measure the success of your are dwelling product.

To illustrate, it’s good to to to composed have touchdown page analytics that give you perception into how many individuals downloaded your e-book and converted into leads, and closed-loop analytics that video display how a bunch of those of us ultimately converted into alternatives and customers for your replace. Be taught extra by draw of HubSpot’s Landing Pages App.

And with that, we’ve got constructed an e-book, of us! It’s possible you’ll per chance per chance strive the packaged model of the example I constructed by draw of this put up here:

an animation that scrolls through several pages of an ebook template

After your thunder is launched and promoted across your advertising and marketing channels, you’ll must have advertising and marketing analytics in achieve that measure the success of your ebooks. To illustrate, having touchdown page analytics that give you perception into how many individuals downloaded your e-book, or video display how a bunch of those downloaders converted into alternatives and customers for your replace.

E-book Tips

So, what need to composed you write about for your e-book? I will resolution that ask with one other ask: What contrivance it is advisable have your readers to earn out of this e-book? To title an e-book idea that suits your viewers, withhold in mind the form of e-book you is also attempting to compose. Listed below are a pair of suggestions.

New Compare

Conducting an experiment or replace glance? Right here’s a huge draw to originate proprietary info and develop into a blueprint leader for your industry. However how will you portion your findings with the of us that care about it? Damage an e-book that describes the experiment, what you intended to search out out, what the outcomes of the experiment had been, and what these findings mean for your readers and the market at magnificent.

Case Appreciate

People cherish success tales, namely if these of us are on the fence about buying one thing from you. Whenever you occur to have a shopper whose replace you is also namely proud to have, why not expose their account in an e-book?

E-book case experiences video display your merchants that assorted of us trust you and have benefited from your providers and products or merchandise. On your e-book, list what your client’s predicament was as soon as, how you linked with them, and how you had been ready to aid your client resolve their predicament and develop into winning.

Product Demo

The extra complex your product is, the extra info your customers might want to make exhaust of it precisely. In case your providers and products or merchandise could also furthermore be feeble in multiple ways, or it’s arduous to position up on my own, devote a transient e-book to exhibiting of us the draw in which it’s done. Within the first share of your e-book, as an example, indicate open your providers and products or merchandise. Within the 2d share, fracture down the actual particular person aspects and capabilities your product is finest feeble for.


Drawn to interviewing a huge name for your market? Perchance you’ve got already sat down with an influencer to take care of their brain about the draw in which forward for the industry. Bundle this interview into an e-book, making it straightforward for your customers to read and portion your inner scoop.


A “playbook” is a doc of us can exhaust when taking on a brand contemporary venture or idea that’s international to them. Take into consideration it esteem a cheat sheet, pudgy of guidelines and strategies that aid your customers enhance at what they contrivance.

When done marvelous, a playbook equips your customers with the suggestions they’d need to excel when the usage of your product. To illustrate, a tool provider for IT professionals could also compose a “virus protection playbook” that makes give a enhance to groups greater at preventing viruses at their respective companies.

Weblog Post Series

Every every so regularly, the actual e-book for your replace is already strewn across a series of blog posts. Whenever you occur to’ve spent the final month writing articles all on the identical field for your replace, imagine how these posts would peek stitched collectively?

Every article can start a brand contemporary chapter. Then, as soon as this e-book is created, it’s good to to additionally advertise on a touchdown page, link to this touchdown page from every particular particular person blog put up, and generate leads from readers who desire to download the general blog series in a single convenient e-book.

Half Your Abilities in an E-book

Ebooks are one among the pinnacle changing lead magnets a replace can provide to its viewers. Setting up an e-book is all about handing over excessive cost at a low fee video display generate a excessive volume of gross sales. Ebooks work nicely for contemporary businesses shopping for effect awareness and established companies securing a draw as an industry blueprint leader. As long as you and your crew have outlined what success looks to be to be like esteem for your e-book open, you’ll reap the rewards of this stand-on my own asset for months — or even years — to come support. Fetch began for your hold e-book the usage of the free template in the market in the provide below.

Editor’s expose: This put up was as soon as in the beginning printed in November 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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