Omnicom Media Neighborhood formally endorses UID 2.0 in a tell to cross the post-cookie future forward

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Omnicom Media Neighborhood formally endorses UID 2.0 in a tell to cross the post-cookie future forward


July 9, 2021 by Michael Bürgi

Omnicom Media Neighborhood (OMG), the media arm of retaining company Omnicom, has formally endorsed Unified ID 2.0 as the post-cookie resolution simplest agreeable to its potentialities and publisher partners and will beginning up to advocate publishers adopt that fashioned, Digiday has realized.

“We mediate endorsing UID 2.0 will lead to greater scale,” said Megan Pagliuca, chief activation officer at OMG, who said UID 2.0 will be integrated into Omnicom’s Omni data platform, though other cookie replacement solutions, along side Google’s Privateness Sandbox solutions and LiveRamp’s Portrait, will be integrated as properly. “For it to be section of the puzzle and be impactful for marketers, it doesn’t desire to own alternate-vast adoption, however we desire to inspect more adoption than it has this day.”

The Alternate Desk played a key feature in increasing UID 2.0 — which launched final year however grew to turn into an beginning-source, interoperable identifier when it shared its code with the IAB Tech Lab earlier this year. That said, there are peaceable lingering questions about which company will manage and administer UID 2.0.

Nonetheless the service’s benefits for patrons and marketers were amongst the explanations in the help of Omnicom’s formal recommendation accelerated by Google’s decision to delay its elimination of third-event cookies.

First, Pagliuca argued UID 2.0 will toughen the user trip, given the unintended consequences of regulation appreciate GDPR that compelled patrons to repeatedly accept or reject cookies on any website online they visited. “That’s edifying no longer a merely user trip,” she said. “With UID 2.0, this can endure in solutions you — it’s a sturdy privateness abet watch over that affords patrons abet watch over and improves the trip.”

2d, she said, UID 2.0 affords marketers what she known as “a high-fidelity ticket,” handiest on the beginning net and beginning app, that can let marketers customize and personalize connections with their patrons. Despite the indisputable truth that YouTube and Facebook can provide related one-to-one, first-event data ticket readability, it’s handiest within their walled gardens, renowned Pagliuca.

“Given our predicament in the ecosystem, we’re no longer in a dwelling where we can disclose, ‘Hello marketer, handiest exercise this.’ We’d by no technique operate that,” said Pagliuca. “Nonetheless we imagine in [UID 2.0] and will be pushing our publisher partners to adopt it.”

No longer every publisher will, alternatively. The New York Times honest these days said this is no longer going to explore alternate identity tech solutions, along side UID 2.0, and as an change work to refine its beget first-event data.

Omnicom has been working to coach its potentialities about the beautiful details of cookies and the post-cookie future, as own the opposite retaining companies. In one instance, before inserting a cookie-replacement task pressure together, one main OMG consumer had to first put the selling team through a 101 education on how cookies in truth work.

The larger hassle for the alternate, though, is that Google’s most modern delay in eradicating cookies will motive advertisers to trot their toes in addressing the difficulty. That’s why IAB Tech Lab supports seeing an agency group step up to cross the difficulty forward, said Alex Cone, its vp of privateness and data protection.

In an emailed assertion to Digiday, Cone said IAB Tech Lab is “wrathful to inspect alternate leaders appreciate OMG lean into standards work. It’s important that agency perspectives are section of the combine of voices guiding designs and the trot to market of a portfolio of contemporary standards that manufacture a solid, sustainable foundations for future addressability.”

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